EXCLUSIVE: MJ Bodyguard – I Don’t Want To Take Blanket Away From Katherine Jackson

Posted on July 2nd, 2012 at 4:00 am

Ever since Michael Jackson's former bodyguard Matt Fiddes announced he might be the biological father of Prince Michael Jackson II (aka Blanket), speculation has been rife as to what his motives might be.

In an exclusive interview with RumorFix, Matt sets the record straight about the Jacksons and his relationship with Blanket.

PICTURES: Michael Jackson Bodyguard Matt Fiddes

"I have spoke to them [the Jacksons] since Michael’s death and stay in contact with some of them," Matt says. "I like Katherine a lot; she has been to my home in the UK and is very sweet. But she is misinformed, she even believed that Michael did not take drugs. You have to face reality sometimes, Michael was a drug addict and needed serious help."

Matt is also adamant that he will not attempt to take Blanket away from his grandmother Katherine, even if the DNA test he is planning proves Blanket is his son.

"He looks like me and there is no denying that," says Matt. "If he were in trouble I would always do my best to help him. At the moment I am happy as he is being looked after well by his gran. But I will travel to the USA soon to find out for sure if he was fathered by me or not, with my fiancée Monique Foxx."

Matt says that despite public perception of him, he is not trying to exploit Jackson's memory.

"I loved MJ and would do nothing to hurt him," says Matt. "I did what I did as he was a close friend. No one knew he was going to die. I used to remind him how Elvis died and he used to scream at me, 'I know about Elvis! I mas married to his daughter and it will never happen to me.' As far as I am concerned Blanket’s father is Michael. I am tired of reading incorrect stories about me and and my shy friend. MJ was always here for me, and my mother who died a month ago of cancer. He was a great man and very misunderstood.

People have to remember when he died I was worth more than he was. I never talked for 14 years. And only talk now due to leaked court documents and to clear up his reputation that some want to ruin. He was a kind, very intelligent man who was surrounded by idiots. It’s a shame how things come to an end."

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    1. Adam says:

      TOO bad for this money seeker that first off the CORONER CONFIRMED THAT MICHAEL JACKSON WAS NOT A DRUG ADDICT!  Read the autopsy report… oh no.. he’s making money through the papers…! Sorry my bad…!

      Second: this guy was a URI GELLER’s bodyguard and accompained Michael Jackson TOGETHER WITH Uri Geller ONCE, after that Michael Jackson did not have any other contact with him. NO way Katherine even stayed at his home.. it’s SCIENCE FICTION!

      Blanket looks like him?? Really? Then put on a pair of glasses  and go to a good ophthalmologist because Blanket is the SPITTING IMAGE Michael Jackson HIS FATHER and more he grows up more it is evident.  Speak about  REALITY!

    2. Wendy Coeman21 says:

      Matt fiddes know he havent talk to katherine.the family say he harress them on twitter.also latoya say
      That they know if blanket is her brother son they have blanket doctor ha
      s his dna makeup and knows if he has michael dan triat.this man is delusional because he will never get a dna on blanketjackson and no judge will grant him one.were have u been since he was born.matt can say what he want to about michael but everybody know the truth about him and his motibe spotlight.

    3. MyImmortal329 says:

      Matt will never get a DNA test.  By California law, Michael Jackson was the father of those kids, and there is no need for a test.  Besides there is no proof that Michael and Matt even knew each other until AFTER Blanket’s birth.

    4. Adam says:

      Let alone that Michael Jackson wanted to have his own children and so he did. There was NO one reason he asked someone else to give the sperm since he had HIS OWN!

      • MyImmortal329 says:

        Exactly.  Plus, the fact that the oldest child has the same skin condition Michael had is pretty much proof enough for me.  As for Blanket, slap an afro on that kid, and he’s little MJ all over again.

    5. MyImmortal329 says:

      I think it’s sick that he wants to sit there and say all these things, cutting Michael down in certain ways as he goes. Does he REALLY think he’s ever going to get a DNA test?  I kind of hope they do allow one just to put these rumors to rest, but we know that’s never gonna happen.  Michael was that little boy’s father, and THAT is what matters.  Does he really think Blanket would even WANT a relationship with him?  He’s not even thinking about Blanket. He’s thinking about himself.

    6. Oh please. He said he was going to get a DNA test in January 2011. Then again he launched a massive media stunt over saying he’d be there in June 2012 and would visit Michael’s family and Forrest Lawn – never happened. Pathological liar. Nothing he says is true. He worked for Michael once in 2002 (after Blanket was already born!), for free, because he begged Uri Geller to let him hold Michael’s umbrella once. He was worthless when Michael died – you can see the financial records of all his companies – all dissolved or liquidated as of 2012, with one left, and the liquidated one was worth less than $100,000k. If Michael had liquidated his assets in 2009 he would have been a billionaire. Read everything abut him on Youtoobrutus. If he was worth so much money, ask yourself why he is so desperate for tabloid money?

    7. I mean, why would a bazillionaire be out here acting so pathetic for cash? Have so many of his lies exposed? It’s humiliating and degrading – you’d think he’d care about his reputation, instead his lies are costing him his business, the martial arts world thinks he’s a joke. Even TMZ thinks his story is worthless and called him out on it  – TMZ!

    8. MyImmortal329 says:

      With all he’s said, he has yet to do one thing, consider Blanket.  He’s considering himself, how he feels, how his children feel, how his (now deceased) mother felt, but he has shown no consideration for the child involved.

      Matt was spotted working for Michael months AFTER Blanket was born.  Michael had to be reminded of who Matt even was.  You’d think if you used the man’s sperm to help create your child, you would know what his name was.

      I think the “athletic child” theory that Matthew was toying with is lame.  He said Michael wanted an athletic child, but just because you have an athletic parent, or two athletic parents, doesn’t mean the child is going to be athletic.

      I think it’s funny…out of all 3 of MJs kids, the one who seems to be the most athletic is Paris, and he’s definitely not claiming her. 

      Michael was their dad.  That’s all that matters, and people need to stop with these hurtful lies.

    9. Sue Jackson says:


      This is HOW many times this pathetic slimeball, Fiddes, has gone over the same old sad story! ONE ‘job’ for MJ in 2002 spins into 10 years +++ or more of “knowing” Mr Jackson – WHATEVER!!!

    10. Pinkjammys says:

      CAUTION: Michaels Magic”” Is Really Powerful and Always Will be!!!!

    11. IluvMichael says:

      I love Michael with all my heart, but please people!  Those children of his are not his biological children.  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  Absolutely not his sperm.. You’re all in denial, as was I, but after doing research on this, I believe it to be true.  It doesn’t matter to me, as he is their father regardless whose sperm it was.  He raised them, it is what it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        OMG we are not in denial! This guy is telling the same old lies for years, we all knew that. Aside from that, there is NO one reason for which Michael Jackson wouldn’t use his own sperm since he could and wanted to have his own children. Furthermore, as many said, this guy met Michael Jackson ONCE and was not his bodyguard but Uri Geller’s bodyguard. He met Michael Jackson, who did not even remember who he was, in June 2002, when Blanket was FOUR MONTHS ALREADY. That’s the TRUTH.
        Case CLOSED

      • ellie says:

        you must be really god at research as I can not find one single evidence to support MJ not being the father. Blanket is the spitting image of MJ but children do not have to look like one parent for it to be their biological offspring. Any of his children looks more like a Jackson then the men the tabloids claim to be their father.  I agree that non of this really matters as Michael is the person who raised them but please stop believing the tabloids!!!! ( unless you too was a “close friend of Michael and once hold his umbrella under which he shared his most intimate secrets”..) 

        • michelleh says:

           Spitting image of Michael?  You’re really desperate and stupid aren’t you.  He looks nothing like Jacko.

          • Sam says:

            Your comment is absurd like you who evidently are just made of the same stuff of this money-hungry willing to do whatever for money.

          • MyImmortal329 says:

             Really?  LOL.  Open you eyes, sweetie.  Put an afro on Blanket and you have a light skinned Michael.

            • michelleh says:

              You want Michael to be those children’s bio dad so much, it is really sad.

            • Sam says:

              YOU are sad

            • MyImmortal329 says:

               Why do you want to believe so badly that they aren’t?  Michael Jr. has vitiligo like his dad.  Michael had it.  He has it.  You have a higher chance of getting it if a parent has it.  That right there is enough proof for me.  There’s nothing about those kids that says they aren’t mixed.  Paris has her grandpa Joe’s green eyes, Prince and Blanket have dark brown eyes like Michael, plus, Blanket looks very much like Michael did when he was little.  You don’t have to be a carbon copy of your parent or even look like them at all to be their biological child.

      • MyImmortal329 says:

         If anyone is in denial, my dear, it is you.  Do you realize that only .5 to 1 percent of the world’s population has vitiligo, and Michael had it?  Do you realize you are more likely to get the condition if it runs in your family?  Prince has the condition. That right there speaks volumes.

        • michelleh says:

          Oh yeah, Prince looks so much like Klein, his real father.

          • Sam says:

            Your comment is absurd like you who evidently are just made of the same stuff of this money-hungry willing to do whatever for money.

          • Ellie says:

            You’re really desperate and stupid aren’t you.  He looks nothing like Klein.

          • MyImmortal329 says:

             Klein himself has already pretty much denied it.  Besides, unless Dr. Klein has vitiligo (he does not) then he’s probably not the dad. Michael had vitiligo, and Prince does too.

          • Klein has multiple sclerosis, he cannot have donated sperm to anybody. Prince on the other hand has vitiligo, a disease that occurs in 1-2% of the population but has a 50% family incidence rate. He is Michael’s son.

    12. michelleh says:

      I don’t think this guy is the father of Blanket.  But neither is Michael jackson.  The first two children look just like their real father Arnold Klein, Blanket looks nothing like Jacko, and is not even the same race.  But good luck to Matt in whatever he is trying to do.

    13. Hummingbrd73 says:

      Oh pleeezzzz

    14. dgorgo says:

      This guy is really pathetic.  Why doesn’t he earn a living on his own instead of defaming Michael’s character.     He is a lier!!  First of all, I do not believe for one minute that this poor excuse of a human being is the father of Blanket,  He is doing this for publicity and money.  Secondly, Michael was not an addict.  This guy is holding a grudge  and the only way he can get back at him is by assassination of Michael’s character.    I do not know why KJ went to his home.    She should just ignore him..  What is wrong with her., I am surprised that she has been swayed so easily by this creep. 

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