EXCLUSIVE: Clark Gable III’s First Film — Sexual Harassment & Abuse

Posted on July 30th, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Clark Gable's grandson is following in the Hollywood legend's footsteps, but according to court documents, his first film was a disaster filled with alleged sexual harassment and dangerous situations.

A sordid tale of abuse and sexual promiscuity is documented in court papers filed by executive producer Adriana Trevino in a lawsuit against soap stud Victor Alfieri, who served as director of Gable's first film, Looking For Clara.

PICTURES: Soap Stud Victor Alfieri

Alfieri, who starred in Days of our Lives and The Bold And The Beautiful, is painted as the madman who put Clark J. Gable in these harmful situations.

During torture scenes for the movie, court documents allege that Alfieri went too far by keeping "Clark Gable in a cold wet bathtub tied up, for hours. Gable was unable to move." And documents alleged Alfieri held a real operating drill to Clark's abdomen.

Another encounter alleges that "Clark J. Gable overdosed on Lemoncello, an Italian liqueur with extremely high alcohol content. Alfieri forced Gable to drink the entire bottle while filming a scene." The next day he complained of anal bleeding, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, shakes, illness and pains.

According to the documents, Alfieri created a sexually charged environment on set where he would allegedly say (to male and female actors) "Maybe if you suck my c**k, you will improve your performance."

"During one of the recorded takes of a scene, Alfieri directed [actor] Joel Moody to touch Clark J. Gable's penis. Yelling, Alfieri said 'Touch his c**k! Rub his a**!'" documents state.

The amended cross complained was filed by Trevino, who is suing Alfieri for fraud, breach of contract and defamation. Alfieri had originally sued Trevino, who was allegedly his lover and business partner, for libel and breach of contract. He later dropped that suit. Trevino claims Alfieri's lawsuit was a preemptive strike -- getting all the headlines and damaging her reputation.

Clark J. Gable is now the host of Cheaters.

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    1. Adrianat says:

      And this is the guy, Alfieri, who sued his producer for sexual harassment???  He was sexually harassing the actors? 

    2. Nelly says:

      Clarke Gable was a G!

    3. danobano says:

      another day at the office in hollywood !

    4. carmella says:

      In the days of Clark Gable non of this information would get out to the public. Times have changed.  Clark Gable was definitely no angel

    5. seattle girl says:

      What a way for Clark Gable III to start an acting career! I guess this is a learning lesson for him.

    6. Anonymous says:

      In old Hollywood, actors where willing to do anything for realism, and years down the road in documentaries, only then would you hear of what they went through to get a certain shot.  Now, it like no really great pictures being made because of the complaining, and rush to make money.

    7. BJJJJJJ says:

      This story is just one more sad attempt where Trevino tries to get at Alfieri for not being attracted to her.  It’s sad when mature women feel the need to sink this low.  And to use Gable as a ploy is even more pathetic.

      • Beautiful Cinderella says:

        Alfrieri smells like onions all the time.  He needs to rub some baking soda under his arm pits

      • Alessandra says:

        You are clearly Victor Alfieri. Hahahahah!   It has never been stated how old this female producer is or what she looks like. Victor, you are a gay con artist.

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