Exclusive: Boxing Promoter Claims Drake Is Scared To Fight Chris Brown

Posted on July 22nd, 2012 at 6:52 am

RumorFix has learned exclusively that a boxing match between Drake and Chris Brown will not be happening, according to boxing promoter Damon Feldman, because Drake wants no part of Brown in the ring.

Feldman and wealthy entrepreneur Alki David offered Brown and Drake $5 million each to box each other three rounds in a Las Vegas fight. And Brown told RumorFix last month he was open to the idea of boxing his music rival, but "Drake won't box," Feldman tells us.

"He said he doesn't want to go that route. So basically he punked out. There will be no fight now," he continued.

Brown and Drake's entourages were involved in a scuffle inside a New York nightclub back in June. Since then, Brown has publicly dissed Drake in a song. "The boxing match would have settled the grudge and helped charities. I'm pissed because Chris Brown wanted this and everything was set!"

A rep for Brown maintains that his client was never formerly offered a deal by Feldman or David, and says that even if he was, Brown would not have boxed in the match.

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  • 21 Responses

    1. Marissadalittlequeenb says:

      It’s not about him being scared its about him refusing to look pathetic over this pathetic ‘beef’ with Chris Brown.

      • John says:

        Excuse me? He’s already looked pathetic after injuring over five people and then hiding in the bathroom after causing all the havoc. Just a little reality check hun 🙂

        • SHUT UP says:

          You’re the one who needs a reality check. How do you know that he hid in a bathroom?? Were you there? No. You should have been because you deserve to be hit by a stray bottle. Get a life and stop getting your news from idiotic blogs. I ‘m glad Drake ignoring these requests and the diss song. It shows that he is not about violence unlike Chris Brown’s violent ass. 

          • Janruss73 says:

            Drake not violent? you know you done phucked up don’t you. You know you done phucked up. You said t he bottles didn’t come from you however witnesses over 10 said that they did. You know you done phucked up don’t you. And the fact that witnesses are trying to sue drake and not chris you know you done phucked up. Drake may not be this violent person (actually a wanna be thug) and I don’t think he is cus he to soft, but it is what it is. You were not there either but those who were have spoken. Some of ya’ll put your panties on the line for these negros instead of your brains.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I was hoping for a fight!

    3. Alhagie says:

      A drunk Drake ran to the bathroom when he realized squaring up to Breezy was bad news, a sober Drake would be stupid to go there. CB is too quick,flexible & strong for budding bodybuilder Drake!!!

    4. Kiara_monroe says:

      Um Drake is to grown for beefing with somebody and it had nothin to do with him, Drake is doin right stay focus in your career and make money don’t let the bullshit hold you back!

    5. Shontia says:

      .i feel chris brown is way on a more stupider level than drake really your gonna beef over a eoman you allegedly beat,and doesn’t mean drskes a punk for not fighting maybe i give him his props for not being youngminded like chris brown !

    6. Diane says:

      fight was never going to happen either way.  even if both wanted to fight, their management would never allow it. chris already has a rep for having anger issues so this would just be bad PR for him and no way drake’s side would ever let him fight.  also, a boxing match going towards domestic abuse has to be the stupidest most ignorant idea ever dreamed up.

    7. Reality says:

      There are so many contradictions here.  Nothing is the article says Drake is scared.  Brown’s rep said he was not even offered a deal to fight.  This article is nothing more than BS.  Rumor Fix seems to be desperate or in the least, trying to stir things up between CB and Drake.  Way to go Rumor Fix!  Keep promoting violence!  BTW, if Chris is complaining that Drake won’t fight and they could have helped charity, why doesn’t Chris use this as a platform, donate some of his auto tuned money and somewhat redeem himself!  He would turn a lot of haters into lovers if he acted like a real man.  Guess charity for battered women isn’t all that important to Chris.  Go figure………..

    8. I think Chris Brown is just an immature asshole. like really how old r u 15? This proves he is a extremely violent and stupid: he already beat up Rihanna and now Drake? I think drake is doing the right thing to not fight him, if he did he would look like Chris, a child. Drake is focused on his carreer not fighting some mental violent dumbassed motherfucker.

      • SKM404 says:

        The only person who is a immature asshole is you Oneisha Cabrera P. He didn’t even beat up Drake. Drake was too immature to while CB was trying to make peace with after that twitter war they had. And Drake had the nerve to respond back to him. And by the way Chris is not a child it is you and the rest of white america because of what he did in 2009 that does not concern you. And Chris is focused on his career but you guys are trying to start mess with him to go to jail and doesn’t need that because number 1 he is not violent like you. And 2 the same thing what you guys did to Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston is the same thing you guys are doing to CB all because of 1 mistake in their past and when they are dead you guys want to feel sober. No the real reason why they are gone because of ya’ll hatred and ya’ll racism that has got to stop now!

    9. Ayuensimon says:

      all u have to know is that Chris brown is right cuz he was innocent about the bawl that took place, so if at all stupid scared ass drake was not stupid he would have accept  fighting in the ring,,,,shame on u silly ass drake,,,,,,if like that, zen leave them couples alone, leave them in peace,,,,,,,,f-ck off thy way.

    10. DeShaunpeterson34 says:

      Why are yaw tranna play Chris out wen drake started the whole thing like really. Like u gotta admit throwin bottles really, but naw wen it come to fighting with ur hands he wanna be a lil punk n try to let ish go. Thts not how it goes bra sorry. This is the real world n if u got the balls to throw a bottle then u should have the balls to fight wit ya fist. JS

    11. :) says:

      this whole thng is stupid lmao.

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