Chris Harrison: I’m Not Madly In Love With Emily Maynard

Posted on July 19th, 2012 at 11:38 am

Chris Harrison is laughing off reports that he had an affair with The Bachelorette Emily Maynard.

The rumors began after former The Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi went on the record with Star magazine, "confirming" the alleged romance:

“From the beginning, I always said there was no way Emily was really going to end up with one of the guys because she really wanted to be with Chris, and it was obvious he wanted to be with her too. I vacationed with Chris and his family in St. Lucia and know him well. He was never with his wife. He’s such a flirt. I guarantee Emily and Chris will end up together in the end. If she gets engaged to another man, the show will probably spin it as a love triangle.”

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But Girardi's claims did not sit well with The Bachelor host. Harrison tells RumorFix that Jake Pavelka's ex is full of malarkey:

“I haven’t talked to her [Vienna] in years. One thing that really bothered me about that entire story was I don’t want anyone to ever believe that Vienna and I have ever been on vacation. That I can’t have floating around. I, nor my family, nor my wife, have ever hung out with Vienna. That was a shocking, horrible thing to come out of that story. They [media outlets] just give Vienna a pay check and take a quote."

Ok, that's believable. But what about Emily? Is there really a secret relationship brewing between the two? Harrison tells RumorFix, “I read one magazine that says we hate each other and don’t talk, and the other says we're madly in love. It’s somewhere in that spectrum for sure [laughs].”

That doesn't really sound like a total denial, hmmm...

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      wow i feel like hes a better choice than the other two schmucks now that they kicked sean off. i mean HELLO dumby. you wanted a father figure for ur son not a big brother still crossing through puberty (Jef)

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