Chris Brown Not Retiring Despite Rumors

Posted on July 3rd, 2012 at 10:16 am

Chris Brown is retiring ... at least that's what some people think after the singer made a confusing comment while accepting an award at the BET Awards.

"I'd like to thank Team Breezy, everybody who worked on any one of my albums," the singer said while on stage, adding, "My last album that's coming out in two days ... I just want to thank all my fans. It's dedicated to y'all. This one's for y'all, man, I appreciate everything."

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That part about his "last" album led some to believe the singer was indicating his plans to retire, but a rep for Brown explained things to RumorFix. "When [Chris] won his award, he thanked everyone who worked on his 'last' album -- last meaning current. MTV ran a story saying he is retiring as they misunderstood what he said or implied. He is not retiring."

And there you have it. Chris meant his past album, not his last. And that album is titled, Fortune, and is in stores everywhere today.

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      • YourDaddy says:

        Yawn. Maybe if you spent more time breaking stories instead of bashing a superior product, people would read that atrocious looking thing you came here to spam us with.

    1. Guest says:

      Yeah he is farrr too young to be retiring already

    2. Fatima says:

      Not sure what the breaking stories is about, but all I know is I read them and I read you and you do stuff they’ve done days ago. May be why they have something like 75,000 twitter followers and you have some like 15,000.

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