Alex McCord: Why RHONY Bows To Carole Radziwill

Posted on July 3rd, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Carole Radziwill, who is a distant relative of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, is a princess -- and that's why she's on reality TV, says former Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord.

Alex, who is our RumorFix Housewife expert, says, "Carole has a title, and I guarantee you the producers were doing back flips."

PICTURES: Alex McCord On The Red Carpet

Over the last four years there have been lots of people who have titles who tried to get on the show, but they were turned away because they wouldn't talk about their titles on TV. But, Alex says, Carole probably had to talk about her princess title as part of her full-time Housewife contract.

In this week's RHONY recap, Alex also talks about the drama surrounding who will go to London, what she thinks is reality TV gold and a secret every cast member should know: the producer is not your friend!

Check out her full video blog.

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    1. SuQ says:

      Yet again Alex, you hit it out of the park!  I like your comments better than the show:)

    2. ParkPlace says:

      You’re still golden! Are you gonna ever talk about Simon and Andy feuding?

    3. Pam Dryburgh says:

      Great take on the latest and not so greatest episode of #RHONY.  Good take on how Lu is being a “ghost” member so far this season.  Good insight! 

    4. Missnca says:

      Awesome!  I love you Alex.  You cut through all the drama and get to the issues and what is really going on very well.

    5. That's not my name says:

      I kept checking Rumor Fix to see if your recap was uploaded.  I LOVE this!  My only complaint is that I wish the recaps were longer.  You rock, Alex!!

    6. Alex, you’ve found your niche in this!  I found myself elbow on the desk, hand upward, holding up my head, barely blinking through the entire webcast. The other show with the two other mothers, I felt as though they were pooh poohing whatever you said … boo!  I only watched that once.  This, I will watch every time you film a new update.  Someone in the comments said this was better than watching the show itself.  They’re not wrong!  I do love the insider tidbits you offer up.   Great job!  Keep it up!

    7. D. Porthault says:

      This has less to do with her title than the fact that Carole is a longtime friend of Andy Cohen. They used to work together.

    8. plainviewsue says:

      Great job, as always!!  Curious if you’ve heard from Bravo and/or Andy about this. 

      This is definitely your niche.

    9. Anonymous says:

      This could be longer. I like this location in your house too, I can hear clearly. I still don’t like the new women that much and some of the drama is seeming forced. Once the OG’s left, they really could have cancelled it.

    10. Kimberly says:

      On Point, AGAIN !! Love Love Love this.  Can you do an hour?  Or, do this for all the RH

    11. Mobak2 says:

      Good Job….Love Love Love it Alex!

    12. Dsj0656 says:

      Alex I miss you so much! You were the most authentic rhony and the kindest! Guess that’s why they sought not so nice new cast and lord forgive me- but some of them are less than attractive

    13. Heather B says:

      Alex I’m so glad you’re doing this because this is the first time were able to get “color commentary” from someone who’s had previous direct experience on a popular Bravo show. I’ve often wondered, guessed, and tried to figure out what actually goes on while the show is in production and what’s running through the minds of producers, cast members and so on. Don’t stop Alex, your updates are a lot of fun!

    14. Rod Hart says:

      Alex – You looked great in this video.  Lindel likened you to Candace Bergen!  XOXO

    15. GlennDrakeREI says:

      This show sucks without you Alex!  Plain and simple- it sucks!  I’d rather watch paint dry!!!  Would you come back if they begged you and offered to give you a raise?

    16. Suite410 says:

      This has become ‘must see’.  Wish it were longer, too.

    17. Msteel says:

      Love how you’re flipping the tables on this show. Good for you being the new producer of this blog cast!

    18. Nicole says:

      I love having the view of a past cast member.  Great job – love the details!!

    19. Nancy says:

      I love hearing all this background stuff! Thanks for doing this.

      PS You look gorgeous Alex. You must be happy and healthy.  

    20. Guest says:

      Alex, you are awesome now! I used to want to take the stick out of your…ear. Now you are relaxed, chatty, appear approachable and a person I’d like to know.
      Did the stress of the show make you someone you weren’t or did the show teach you to be you whatever the cost or are we just seeing the real Alex? I like you…I really like you!!! Love the way you break it down and explain what the producers/directors do. I like your catch phrases like “kiss and slap” (or was it the other way around?) And the reference to an “Evergreen” which I guess means it’s filmed to be a filler.
      Why are we Americans are so taken by the titled?
       When will the Bouvier/Kennedy worship ever stop??
       It’s much quieter now that only Caroline, God bless her, is left to represent the family which shes seems to do as a true HWONY should do.
      The fact that her cousin? is flaunting a title must make her cringe. I don’t see much “old” money on this show.The true “old” $$ by American standards (brought from Europe/granted by queen or king) is somewhat laughable to the truly titled. The joke of that is it was usually the 3rd son that had to come to America-1st inherited all land and big titles, 2nd became a clergy member, 3rd had to leave bec they were left nothing; turns out 25000 acres in Delaware or Va could prove profitable) or “made”/nouveau riche $$ (grandpa worked very hard and built an empire 3 gen’s ago or gun-running, booze, drugs, now-humbled banking, etc) money from the upper East Side wouldn’t be caught dead on this show. But you can’t always stop your kids from embarressing the family name or girls just want to have fun. Was the premise of this show to find representative upper crust NYHW or just to find a broad swath of wealthy  and connected enough to make us drool plus some of their friends who are upper upper middle class HWONY?
      Of course, Americans have a hard time removing the entertainment industry fortunes who mingle on Madison. Love what you are doing on Rumorfix!! What else are you doing?

    21. Guest says:

      PS You look gorgeous? Will you tell who is doing your hair/make-up?
      You also mentioned your stylist…???

    22. Jimannwright says:

      Grat job Alex! I realized how much I missed you from the show when watching your insider recaps. I’ll be watching YOU throughout the season. You are a great girl!

    23. Mleeza says:

      you’re waaayyy to smart for reality TV.  You should have your own talk show:)

    24. Anonymous says:

      Alex, I love these recaps and insight.  You’ve answered some questions I always wondered about.  I watch for updates all the time.  Can’t say I miss Kelly or Jill, their personalities were just obnoxious.  I was floored when I heard you were leaving I was disappointed in Bravo.  I’ve been disappointed in Bravo alot!

    25. Elizabettacg says:

      I would be interested to know Carole relationship with her mother-in-law, Lee.  If I am not mistaken, Lee, is not doing well.  Does Carole spend time with her?

    26. carmella says:

      I know she’s a princess.  Isn’t being on the RHONY kind of reaching low?

    27. Villegirl says:

      Hi Alex — could you squeeze in your next commentary why (in your opinion) the RHONY ratings are tanking this season? I’m also curious if you watch other franchises and, if so, which is/are your favorite(s)?

      Keep your recaps coming!

    28. moetchandon says:

      I’d love to see longer recaps, Alex, but also your opinions on the cast members! After all, you filmed extensively with three of these women — what’s your take on them all? You were always an extremely insightful blogger, let’s hear more of that insight! Love you and miss you on the show!

    29. Curt says:

      Carole isn’t a distant relative of Jackie Kennedy. She isn’t a relative at all. Her late husband was a close relative of Jackie Kennedy, her only sister’s son.

      • Laura Milam032185 says:

        It still counts in the eyes of a viewer.

        • Chris says:

          No it doesn’t. You are not related to your husband’s dead relatives.  Reality check time.  She’s not a kennedy.  ps. Considering the family’s track record, even if I was truly related to that sorry clan I’d keep it to myself.

    30. Anonymous says:

      Alex you should make extended recaps on your own channel! 5 min isn’t enough!! 

    31. CW says:

      Alex, you look great and appear relaxed, something we did not always see on RHONY.  You have definitely found your niche. Hope you have someone who is savvy enough to market your skills and help you thrive.

    32. Canarrimail says:

      I enjoy your take on the show being a seasoned veteran-  It is such a refreshing view and
      your intelligence and social insight adds a deeper lens when I watch it.  good for you
      I know you are doing well.  thank you Alex

    33. Jliscorpio says:

      As usual this is my favourite part of the show….and it isn’t even part of the show! Another great job Alex!

    34. YORKIE says:


    35. Pharmtechkay says:

      Oh Alex you have found your calling! Love it! Like another comment this is much better than the indiddual interviews!! Excited to watch them each week..

    36. Anonymous says:

      I wish Alex was still on the show– I miss her level-headedness…

    37. cuddler66 says:

      Alex,you’re the best!  You’re a natural when it comes to this, and you would do amazing on your own farm,I show, I hope some big wig in the industry sees this clip.

    38. Riffells says:

      I am so happy to see you again and I for one have thoroughly enjoyed having you entertain us with your insights on the RHONY and your informative comments about filming reality TV. I do hope this is a permanent thing.

    39. Ctodust says:

      I’d like to hear the behind the scenes story from Carole herself if it was a “condition in her contract” to talk about her title on the show?

    40. Iwavemusic says:

      Alex,  Are the cast members prompted to complain about each other?  I often wonder if anyone cares that the insults given in a “private” interview will eventually get back to the person and hurt them.


    41. blondielulu says:

      Love your comments.  You are gold!

    42. RHONY says:

      Why don’t you move on and get a new job? They fired you for a reason. You should probably let it go, instead of obsessively watching the show and giving your boring opinion, which to be honest, we never liked when you were on the show! 

      • Riffells says:

        Of course you are entitled to your opinion but if you don’t like her, why watch her new gig and complain? Why not just hush up and move on.

      • BravoJunkie says:

        Jill, you are jealous because Alexis was asked to vlog and not you!

    43. Serena says:

      Alex you are wonderful and intelligent. I’m enjoying this commentary

    44. Cdarrett says:

      I like you better here than on the show! Forgot how smart you are!

    45. Pia nyc says:

      Wow! I always thought Alex was too real for reality TV because she is open minded, sane and fair!! I love your commentary!! I am a nyc makeup artist and have worked on a few “reality” shows, so I get how contrived and manipulative things really are. I love you Alex!!

    46. Jane says:

      Alex, you were always, always my favorite person on the RHONY.  You use correct English (no “him and me” from you instead of he and I)  Are these wealthy ladies undereducated?  I think Princess Carole is another smart one. I read her book and she was not afraid to tell all which made me respect her. I keep checking for your blog but its never available.  I check on most weekdays. Whenever someone tries to reason with LuAnn the info goes right over her head.  Is she that narcissistic or does she walk around with her head in her b___?  I’d love to see you do a spin off of your own called The Real Women of New York City because nobody is real on RHONY.  Kelly is seriously retarded, Jill is mean and LuAnn is a fake and is not pretty, has an amazon physique which is not attractive.  If I had LuAnn’s huge ugly feet I would not have let the cameras in the room for my acupuncture. You, Alex, on the other hand have the body for couture and are gorgeous.  I am a 73-year-old grandmother so remember you have all kinds of people out here who love you.

    47. sarasally says:

      nice riffing & we always learn something new!  I like to see you as a confident & informative woman.  I wish your videos had a higher profile & were easier to find.  Soon enough I’m sure.

    48. truthteller says:

      well done alex  keep up the good work

    49. Steph says:

      Alex…you are awesome….between you & Reality tea..i don’t have to watch Bravo…LOL

    50. Jen713 says:

      The previous comment echos my sentiments precisely!!  I was just thinking as I was watching this, “Alex, you have found your calling!”  (the previous remark said “niche,” pretty close!) 

      I love these recaps.  Very succinct, plus, you always throw in some juicy, behind-the-scenes, production secrets that I LOVE hearing about.  I just read Bravo may not be too happy about that but I hope they don’t squash this series.  So fun for the viewers!!  I’m always behind and then watch 3-4 in a row but they’re still great, even late.   I have to admit, in the later years of RHONY I wasn’t always a fan but thanks to these vlogs, you’ve got me again.  Team-Alex, yay! 

    51. Ckeav says:

      Carole is not a “distant relative” of Jackie O, she was married to Anthony Radziwill, son of Lee Radziwill, Jackie’s sister. Lee Radziwill in her own right was one of the original members of the “Jet Set” — A list before and beyond A list. And Carole in her own right is the author of one of the acclaimed memoir “What Remains.”

    52. Guest says:

      Love your insight.  Keep it up!

    53. SweaterGrrrl says:

      Alex–Miss you! You seem so happy and relaxed here, compared to how tense and nervous the show depicted your persona. I love that you are giving us the dish on what we all suspected was behind the so-called reality shows–and Bravo is getting their just desserts for first, not making you sign a no-tattletale contract, and second for firing you! Out of all the housewives, you and Bethany are the most likeable, and this season is unwatchable.

    54. Lucy Elizabeth says:

      Great job alex!

    55. Sam says:

      Alex i like you better this way 🙂 I cannot stand Carol she is so phoney, name dropping anorexic narcissist very boring.

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