Alex McCord: LuAnn de Lesseps Milks Title, Has No Self Awareness!

Posted on July 17th, 2012 at 11:56 am

In Alex McCord's latest recap for the Real Housewives of New York, we find out just what Alex thought of the London trip, and her personal opinion on the Housewives themselves.

This week, Alex is focusing on her old nemesis 'Countess' LuAnn de Lesseps' competitiveness and obsession with royalty.

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"Does she milk her title?" asks Alex. "Yes she does, like no one I have ever met in my entire life - and I've met a lot of people with titles.  Nobody in New York does that, nobody that I've ever met in Europe does that but LuAnn does it."

Alex also reveals that a former Housewife is pregnant - watch the video to find out who!

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    1. Dawn Lily says:

      Haha I LOVED that! I agree with everything she said! It’s so refreshing to hear the opinion of someone who has been on the show. She explains the behind the scenes details that I would have never thought of, and brings a new perspective. Witty & entertaining! LOVE HER!

    2. Guest says:

      LOVE her insight!

    3. Miami Mom Fan! says:

      Awesome Alex! I will not watch the RHONY! But I will listen to your updates! Thanks

    4. @BrickSLyrickS says:

      That was soooooooooooooo not a great band. lol!

    5. Crbattjes says:

      Love your take on things.  You always speak honestly and I love hearing your behind the scenes knowledge!  Miss you on the show though!

    6. Mtmulcahy says:

      Great job! I so look forward to you updates!!!! Frankly…I think they are they best part of Season 5:)

      • Shi Chen says:

         So agree w/ you Mtmulcahy! Alex’s updates are real treasures! Whoever thought of this was brilliant 🙂

    7. Pam Dryburgh says:

      Alex your comments as always are spot on!  You have peaked my curiousity on what you think about the “new” girls, will be fun hearing all about that in future videos. 

    8. I grew up playing croquet in my grandmother’s yard in New Jersey and this past Sunday CBS Sunday Morning did a piece on croquet.  Croquet is alive and well Alex.  

    9. Anonymous says:

      Whoever hired Alex McCord for this gig is a genius who deserves a raise! These videos are fantastic! Thanks for posting them. 

      • Heather says:

        Alex Sweetie, Take a note from the your fired cast mates and let the
        housewives stuff go. But I guess fame is hard to let go of. It would
        look better if you had nothing to say about it at all.  But hey, I’m
        still gonna watch your commentary to see just how bitter you can be. You
        make it so hard for me to like you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Heather Sweetie, Take a note that I am not Alex McCord. My name is Regina. I write for a site called 

          Alex doesn’t sound remotely bitter in these videos. You, however, sound fixated on discussing what you don’t like. Sweetie, I truly hope you find things that make you happy.

          Strolling around the internet to scold others cannot be that rewarding. Take a note from the disenfranchised viewers who have come before you, and let this snippy behavior go. It’s unbecoming.

          • Jen713 says:

            LOL… you have a fan!  Niiiice. 🙂  I love how out of all the comments, he/she has zeroed in on yours.  Oh well, cybertrolls can be funny…sometimes.  🙂  Enjoy!!

            • Anonymous says:

               She is a fan! I just know it. 😀

            • Heather says:

               Geez Priscilla, You are taking the comment quite personal. Of course i’m a fan of the show, and the blogs, but i still don’t love Alex. (After watching her on season one and season 4 especially.) And by the way, the only reason i posted in reply to your comment was because i wanted it to be close to the top.

        • cherrylipgloss says:

          You target priscilla when almost everyone here gives props to alex for this blog??? Should I call you Jill or do you prefer spawn of satan…..who btw has far from left the housewives behind her!!

    10. Bfd5550 says:

      Love your comments! Please keep it up! Awesome!

    11. MJ says:

      The added music was a bit awkward and distracting this week, but Alex’s comments and insight were spot-on, as always. Good luck finding your groove, and I look forward to next week’s edition!

      • cherrylipgloss says:

        Agreeing with you about the music….it was all wrong. Also agree with your positive comments about alex…this is her niche…

    12. Shi Chen says:

      Yes! Thank goodness your post is up Alex 🙂

      I’ve been waiting all day to hear what you think. What’s the deal where originally Heather said she had a “4 bedroom apartment” in London and yet then end up in a fairly normal hotel suite where Carole is in a separate room?

      I agree it was funny to see Heather chasing Ramona and that the Empire Room was all wrong for an anniversary party. Did one of the producers put a banana peel on the step for poor Aviva to slip on?

      Aren’t we all looking forward to LuAnn vs Carole — LOL!  Great job on the recap & please Rumorfix let Alex speak longer!!


    13. SamanthaofManhattan says:

      Thank you for the update, I wish they would kick “See you next week” less LuAnn to the curb and bring you and Simon back, you two were a lot of fun to watch.  Ramona needs to hold her ground and not run away from Heather, I heard Heather is horrid and have friends who have stopped watching the show because of their dislike of Luann and Heather.   I would watch again if they brought you and Simon back.

    14. Villegirl says:

      I totally agree, Alex, that watching Heather chasing Ramona around was the best part of the episode. I could watch a whole season of that! And the producers should have locked the cast in a cell at the Tower of London for that “local flavor” you were missing.

    15. Love it. The punch LuAnne on the face, Love It!

    16. Kokuanani says:

      Alex, while I enjoy your “reports,” you need to do a little “advanced planning” and have someone look through the viewfinder.  For instance, the two “poles” that appear in the left side of the frame [on your actual right] are QUITE distracting.  The clock on the wall [on the right side of the frame], although less so, detracts as well.

      Just get someone to look through the viewfinder and make sure you’ve got a clean shot.  You don’t deserve such distractions.

    17. 1. you had a kid with NO drugs?! Alex I give you props! haha
      2. These recaps are FANTASTIC. are you even getting paid for these? you better be!
      3. Only suggestion, LET SIMON DO THESE WITH YOU! ;-]

      • cherrylipgloss says:

        oh wow….good idea dalton…I love simon as much as alex…it’d be fun to hear his input as well….maybe for at least part of the interview….

      • cherrylipgloss says:

        you know I’d also like to see her respond to our comments more often….I always feel like the bloggers who do that establish a nice reoire with their fans

    18. Cellin77 says:

      Alec–You are wonderful, very talented and smart!  I Adore you especially your honesty!  This is my opinion of LuAnn—
      Instead of embracing her poor upbringing—she is Native American and grew up on a reservation, she over compensates by acting as if she is royalty…it’s called “NEW MONEY!”  Not a new concept:)  Anyway, LuAnn used to work in a nursing home as an LPN.  Just FYI. 

    19. frank says:

      Does Carole know that she is ugly?  I can’t stand her…yuck!  She talks about sex as if she is some real hot commodity, seriously Carole…men aren’t dying to get in your pants, maybe your money, but not your pants.  So would you please stop showing us your lingerie and not talk about sex and what’s with the f–k pillows?  You are No Princess to me! 
      If Carole has a net worth of 50 million (which I doubt) then she should buy some nice teeth, a new nose, and get her acne scars on her  face fixed.
       Is she so insecure that she has to make fun of people, “pumpkin head?”  She thinks she looks cool,  but really she just looks mean and insecure.

      • Maxowt says:

        Oh my goodness Frank! You have a very deep hatred for Carole it seems. Interesting to me that you sound so much like RUMona. Hmmm. BTW … does it matter that LuAnn used to work as an LPN? Trust me she is NOT impressing me this year but seriously it’s not as if she was an eye popping drunk. Know what I mean?

      • cherrylipgloss says:

        I have to kinda agree with you in a way.. I mean carole doesn’t really bother me but the pumpkin head thing is something people do that really bothers me….saying things as if they’re joking or being cute but it’s really being said as a dig. I don’t see luann as having a large head….if she did we commenters would have brought that up looong ago….that’s just how we are.

        I also don’t find her cool simply because she is ‘trying’ to be cool….you can’t create a cool persona….you either are or you aren’t…..and she def isn’t

    20. Patglenholmes says:

      we do indeed play croquet in England 

    21. LaLa says:

      Alex you are great! I can’t believe no one has offered you to do recaps with behind-the-scenes info on all the housewives shows! I mean this is better than the show, can’t wait to see your next vid, I want to see a full hour next time!!! Love all the way from Amsterdam The Netherlands

    22. MBTN says:

      You are right.  Very few people here in London play croquet.  You may have noticed that they took the cast to Dulwich to play.  It most have taken them an hour and a half to get there.  They could have played bowls in Ravenscourt Park.

    23. Tuthicks says:

      I’m all with you Alex. I think your comments are great and straight to the point. This season I feel very sorry with Ramona. I think that Luann picks on her to much when she is present and when she’s not. Ramona is Ramona and I love her. I’d prefer her as a friend than Luann.

      About the crocket game…I lived in Scotland for a couple of years and as kids we played the game. I don’t remember if we learned it there or my mom just brought it along from the states.

      GH from PR

    24. Anonymous says:

      I always loved Alex and this is so fun!

    25. should be working says:

      I Love Alex. I hope she and her husband do well for themselves. I can’t stand Heather I’m ready to quit watching because of her.

    26. Poor Alex, you can see that she doesn’t get her done no more. But you’re doing a good job 🙂

      • Nancy says:

         while we’re being petty (ie criticizing someone’s hair) – how about learning to speak properly – “doesn’t get her hair done ANY more…” ?!

    27. Poor Alex, you can see that she doesn’t get her hair done no more. But you’re doing a good job 🙂 

    28. Cat O is pregnant. What I find upsetting is, who has her kids while she is moving to Spain? The girls were in Europe after the divorce and she was here for a while. 

    29. Rainbow says:

      Great update!! How are your boys getting on? Used to love watching them,they were little stars in the making.Wish you and simon were back on the show along with jill and betheny.Miss you guys so much.Love to you and yours.keep up the good work x

    30. Tootsie_Gonzalez says:

      Love the updates from Alex.  She’s calling it like she sees it.

    31. Nicole Cohen says:

      First, I love that you’ve called out the fact that events like the anniversary party are awkward and staged. Good on you, Alex! Next, I’m head over heels for Carol Radziwell. She’s smart, funny, has a life of her own, and has a real job writing – not just trying new products on the ROHNY. That seems to be {mostly}  true for the other new housewives, but they’re not quite as interesting as Carol Radziwell. On a different note, I think Ramona is terrific, but after five years in the “cage fighting” it’s too blatant that she’s using the show to make money and sell things (However, it can be done; Bethenny Frankel managed to do it in a way that had the viewers cheering for her). Finally, I think it’s awesome that you’re calling out Luann for having no sense of sense self awareness or irony. Classy people celebrate other people. The countess is a megalomaniac, but her vapid, clueless personality makes for entertaining TV.

    32. Wow Alex, BRAVA! I just discovered these today from a facebook link, watched them all. You come across as informative without being gossipy or bitter. I miss the old cast, but you are able now to share things as an insider without the constraints of the network. You confirmed many of my suspicions. Keep up the great work, you are very talented.

    33. JPatri says:

      Here is what I thought of your blog: LOVE IT!

    34. sunflower mommy says:

      I agree with your assessment of the Countess…dahling.  Lacking self awareness….definitely.  Heather’s conversation with her left her looking a little clueless.  

    35. Tmkxoxo says:

      Alex, you are awesome!!! I love watching these recaps more than watching the actual show! You were the realist of all the housewives and I miss you on the show!

    36. Margie 732 says:

      Love hearing your updates! I wish you and Simon were still with RHONY. I don’t miss Jill or Kelly one bit, I wish I’d had the chance to miss LuMan (tho I wouldn’t have) but I do miss you! I bet it’s making these ladies nervous that you have carte blanche in discussing the show 🙂

    37. What is with this music? I liked when Alex was just talking by herself.

    38. B Bella says:

      I’m absolutely loving the recaps each week.  The only reason I’m still watching RHONY is for Sonya, Carole’s hilarious Bravo blogs and your recaps.  I really wish you were back this season.  They made a huge mistake.  I would have loved seeing you mix it up with the new ladies.  I don’t think you got a fair shake last season with space case Kelly dominating most of your camera time.  Every time I see her I think about her telling you that you were getting red and blotchy and it still irritates the crap out of me.  I wish they would let you recap all of the Housewive franchises.   I would love to hear your take on the Vicki/Brooks drama.

    39. Bowdenm says:

      Alex, I wish you were still a part of the show.  You added intelligence as well as a good personality.  Well, who knows what the future brings….

    40. Jess Burn says:

       YIKES alex your facials are
      truely ugly yukky! btw stop hating on Luanne because she told the truth
      “your kids hump strangers legs” & your defense is they didnt mind
      lmao your so lame

    41. Ben says:

      I love watching your recap and insight. You’re spot on about PooAnn, she is a clueless fool and continues to put herself up for ridicule thanks to the cunning producers. Yes, that Croquet scene was not typical London – they just looked so American.

      If I may make a suggestion, try to smile less when introducing yourself and signing off, it comes across as really forced. Now, the smile when you bitched about PooAnn was genuine and I liked it – it was from the heart!

    42. kate says:

      “and I’ve met a lot of people with titles”….”and I’ve been to London plenty of times”…..oh Alex, what were you saying about “no self awareness”? 

    43. Jeff says:

      Always love Alex’s updates!

    44. Clpalmer says:

      Very GOOD Alex!! I love the insight and honesty!  Keep up the great work, I will come back every week now that I know it’s here.  Nice to see you again, you seem happy. 

    45. Tenighir says:

      Love hearing your comments, insights into how reality tv works, and must give you kudos for defending some cast members, even when they aren’t your fans.

    46. Eliza Mcclure says:

      This is awesome!! Love getting your perspective on this stuff. The RHONY is VERY BORING since you and a few others left. Sad but happy that they have you doing this clip!! Yay!

    47. Jensen says:

      lu ann  and heather are both toads…totally fake and rude to boot.  luann is a joke…her catch phrase “some people living elegantly comes natural” reveals what an absolute phony she is and how totally delusional she is…she is so very crass bragging about a title that came to her through marriage …she is utterly low class and clueless that she makes a total ass of herself every time she opens her mouth

      As for heather…just another phony…this woman thinks she is better than everyone else and that ugly fake smile is soooooooooooooooo nauseating..can’t bare to look at her.

    48. Romana says:

      I would like to tell Lu Lu Bell LuAnn to stop drunk texting me. I do not wish to have a threesome with her and Jack.

    49. Ramona says:

      I was at that party and it was horrible.  Luann, darling, please stop sending me drunken texts

    50. I love Alex, but this seems rushed.  She is speaking too fast at some points I can’t even understand what is said.  Relax Alex.   She also seems to be reading from a lot of cue cards.  I miss Alex on Bravo that is the only reason I stopped in here to see what she is doing now.  Maybe it would be wise for Alex to use a coach like the OC housewife did to help improve her interviews.  Good luck Alex!  

      • cherrylipgloss says:

        She is receptive to constructive criticism….she will likely slow down. Another commenter posted that she smacked her lips and Bam! next post she didn’t.  She’s a smart lady and doesn’t allow ego to interfere with improvement. Love that about her….among many other things!

    51. Jen713 says:

      Alex, you have found your calling!!! 
      I love these recaps.  Very succinct, plus, you always throw in some juicy, behind-the-scenes, production secrets that I LOVE hearing about.  I just read Bravo may not be too happy about that but I hope they don’t squash this series.  So fun for the viewers!!  I’m always behind and then watch 3-4 in a row but they’re still great, even late.   I have to admit, in the later years of RHONY I wasn’t always a fan but thanks to these vlogs, you’ve got me again.  Team-Alex, yay! 

    52. Mary Esmail says:

      I wish I were as famous as Pumpkin Head.  I want to be just like her, but I am just a poor schlub from Chicago.

    53. romona says:

      great update alex

    54. Housewivesviewer says:

      love her recaps! I’m not really into the music and the ‘strange’ vocal inflections like the one at 2:08. Otherwise really cool input. 

    55. Chelseeeaa says:

      Yesssss thank you Alex you were spot on about Luann, no sense of self awarness and no sense of irony!!!

      and i agree with Mtmulcahy below me…these updates are really the best part about season 5!!

    56. bigtiny says:

      Go Alex!

    57. Meems42 says:

      I never really liked Alex on the show, but this is really good stuff. I do think that the vlog should be longer though. Much longer! It’s really good!

    58. GG Friess says:


      Don’t let the haters bother you .

      You and Jill were the show , you both drama’d up the show each week , and the critics don’t realize how amazing you were . Neither of you has any hate for anyone , no jealousy .

      Best wishes always ,


    59. Anonymous says:

      Bravo could shut Alex up if they would offer her a job.  Lol.

    60. Get a fucking life! @twitter-43627602:disqus 

    61. jaguar85 says:

      Ummm,Ummm,ummmm,ummmm,ummmm, stop saying ummmmmm

    62. Darte says:

      Alex you look like a real life version of the Scream character and I’m glad your no longer on the show. Please stop giving commentary about RHONY, you are such an amateur and you think you’re great at everything but you’re not. You say “um” too much and make annoying smacking noises. You can’t be on the show so you have to give uninteresting commentary? Get off the camera where you belong – you’re ugly.

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