Alex McCord: Carole Radziwill Is Making Rookie Mistakes!

Posted on July 31st, 2012 at 11:43 am

In Alex McCord's latest recap for Real Housewives of New York, the reality star talks about the Housewives in Miami, and Ramona Singer's attitude towards Aviva Drescher.

Alex also discusses Carole Radziwill and some of the season one mistakes she is making - including the situation with her designer friend and LuAnn de Lesseps.

"Carole needs to let her designer friend fight his own battles," says Alex.  "Designers have PR teams and they will happily say 'yes we will dress you', 'no we won't dress you' - that is what those PR teams are for. I don't think Carole needed to get involved in policing who LuAnn can and cannot approach."

For lots more, watch the full video below!

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  • 97 Responses

    1. Anonymous says:

      Interesting. I like that Carole goes against the “reality” grain. She is a breath of fresh air. I give you credit for sticking up for your former cast mates even though you do sound a bit bitter over the new ones. I have been a longtime RHNY and I was truly surprised over letting you and the others go. But anything with Ramona is good (and sometimes uncomfortable) television. I truly don’t know how that woman has friends. She is undeniable nutZ, incredibly rude and childish. I digress…. this is the first time I have watched your video. I found it from I will definitely check you out again next week for your chime in.

    2. Mary Esmail says:

      I am glad that Carole put pumpkin head in her place.  I think it’s time for Pumpkin Head to go back to her pumkin patch.

    3. carmella says:

      Just because she’s Carole’s friend it’s really non of her business if LuAnn asks to borrow closthes.  I agree with Alex.  The worst that can be said is no.  You never know unless you ask.  The new girls are beginning to get real testy now

    4. Patamulvihill says:

      read about this program in gossip magazines — LOVE IT–thank bravo for giving you a bad time —-

    5. Vmfarmakis says:

      Totally agree with what’s been said @ Ramona. Add to it how does Mario deal with her? She embarrasses herself & her family to no end. I think you’re great, Alex! You’re so level headed! I just don’t see how you can take up for or justify Ramona. These vids ate terrific!

    6. Pam Dryburgh says:

      Agree about LuAnn and asking the designer for clothes. Carole should not have gotten involved with that one.  That being said, I am enjoying Carole the most of the ‘newbies’.  Her out look on life is coming across very well.  Ramona, well she is Ramona and at this time in life you will not be able to change her, so accept her as she is or move on from her. 

    7. S. Jenna Lutz says:

      Thanks for these – I can now actually STOP watching the Real Housewives (it’s been a guilty habit that has gone hand in hand with when I’ve gotten stuck on bedrest. Forever will the Countess be equated to systemic infections and migraines…. and I have a feeling I’m not the only one with that mental connection. But anyway) as these are more then enough to get a reality fix from. Alex is funny as hades and far easier to watch (and listen to) then the twits they kept on the show. Thanks so much for posting this recaps/catchups!

    8. elaine leirer says:

      good issue, careful dialog, no eye bouncing around until the Carole segment.  Audio much better almost perfect. 

    9. can’t agree with you on your assessment of George, he is borderline arrestable, if that’s a word. carole can’t put her dear friends on a show known for promoting people and products and then complain when Luanne asks for free clothes, she was doing them a favor as well as herself, a win/win. Aviva’s leg drama is getting so old.

    10. Gigiandthensome says:

      The designer is a PERSONAL friend of Carole’s not just a designer she wears.  LuAnn’s asking for a dress put him in a precarious position.  The woman has no idea what etiquette is or even how to recognize it when being pointed out to her via several “discreet” interventions.  She REALLY thinks she’s royalty… I think she’s lost her pumpkin head mind.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ru kidding?!  This is a business.  Daily these fashion designers get asked for favors — and like Alex said, they have people to pass for them if they don’t want to be in business.  These reality stars don’t have budgets like Sex&City stars and have to hustle to look good.

        IMO, Carole was being territorial and wanted to put Luane in her place — you’re not A list for my pals (and from what I hear, the wife sells jewelry on HSN — big deal). 

        • Jani says:

           Actually, in addition to now selling jewelery on HSN, Ranjana designed the jewelery collections for Lanvin for the last several years.  She started several trends, amongst them, the grossgrain ribbon covered pearls that were copied high and low after Lanvin debuted them.  She is quite well known in the fashion circles.

        • Cyninbend says:

           Perhaps it’s not great business to have a horrible hideous creature like the “Countess” of poor grammar, bad manners, tacky behavior and awful singing wear your designs!

        • Sarabelle says:

           The big difference is that Carole is a close personal friend of the designer, he was obviously being polite to LuAnne.  In the event that LuAnne follows up and actually asks to borrow a dress, it will look odd if the PR team says “no” after the designer has said “yes” -simply out of kindness.  I think what Carole was trying to avoid is an uncomfortable future situation between someone she is doing a show with and someone she is dear friends with, look at how all these women conduct themselves.  Look at how Heather felt when she got her professional team to help Sonja with the toaster, it’s a conflict of interest when an self-entitled “friend” enters into a more personal arena.  Carole did the right thing!

      • Steven Weiss says:

         Anything that takes the false countess down a peg is fine with me, and it seems Carole may feel the same way. Rational, sexy, intelligent, funny and legitimately titled, the Princess of Cool is the best housewife ever.

    11. Cbodine100 says:

      Another great episode, Alex! Your posts are spot on! Mentions of them are more and more prevalent on news and entertainment blogs. You are definately doing something right : )

    12. Anonymous says:

      I realize that you have experience with the Housewives format and I do love your views(wait for the recaps every week) but I think Carol did the right thing. If I introduce my friend to another friend I do not expect them to immediately return to my friend and ask for free services. Please at least attempt to build a relationship with that person first. Do not climb on my back to profit yourself. It is RUDE and it puts the designer ( or other professional ) in an extremely awkward position. Buy something if you like his/hers designs, start a business relationship and go from there. It needs to be a 2 way street not a game of leapfrog.

    13. sshaney4 says:

      Perfect!! I was thinking the exact same thing.  Miss seeing you and your family every week!  But seeing your video blogs are great! Keep them up.

    14. KristaB says:

      Alex, my dear –  don’t think I dislike you, because I don’t. I actually wanted Bravo had kept you in the show. I miss the uniquiness your family brought to it. However, you’re not doing your homework quite efficiently: at the end of the video you seem to hint that Carole may not return for a not season by sayin “let’s see if she continues by another season.” Well, she would not return to it ONLY if she decided one season was enough, because she is the best housewife this show has ever had. And look, I’m not even her fan to defend her this much. Please, homework assignment: go to Bravo website and see whose blog gets the higher number of comments. See who’s being featured on TV magazines as the ever best addition to the series. Sorry dear, but with or without rookie mistakes, she’s the only one who seems to have a chance of getting a spinoff a la Bethenny Frankel. Having charisma and personality is for just a few… star quality can’t be learned or taught! The way you talked about her in general made it look like as if you think her presence in the show is irrelevant. Sorry, but if this shows has any relevance, it’s completely due to Carole’s participation. XOXO, Krista

      •  I’m pretty sure she meant lets see if she continues to take bad advice from people.  I’m just sayin!

        • KristaB says:

           Hey Christina!

          Thanks for replying my comment! That does not happen often in any of the blogs I participate in, so it’s always nice feeling like I’m having a conversation with other viewers.

          Well, I re-watched the video and paid more attention to Alex’s comments regarding Carole, and I still got the same impression I had gotten the first time around. After a week, I still hope Alex has done the homework because Carole is indeed the best housewife and hopefully she will leave this show only if to work on her own. She has such a great personality that it’s gonna be hard to care about the other housewives if Carole is around! Hopefully no egos will get in the way and Carole and the girls will still be able to socialize and interact nicely.

          And to all of the other readers who enjoyed my comment, I’m gonna use this opportunity to correct a previous typo: I meant “another season” and not “for a not season.” Just wanted to correct the typo. Thanks guys!

    15. maillady says:

      I really enjoy your commentary, and your hair is looking really good here btw

    16. Usher14M says:

      Alex, you should definitely post a video about whom you think will return, whom you think won’t return, and why for season 6 of the RHONYC at the end of this season. 🙂

    17. Misslindz211 says:

      Seriously, Alex, who are you to provide advice to Carole? You were kicked off the show because you were part of what made it nearly unwatchable last season. The show needed to change. Your advice is meaningless.

    18. Fearrt says:

      Alex, when I saw your first few posts I was really excited and found them interesting. Today, not so much.
      Its clear you favor Ramona. How can you make excuses for her behaviour? Whilst you attack Aviva’s comments to her father.

      You need to be more balanced and call it as it is. You are going to lose all cred if you keep defending Ramona like you did.

    19. Riotgrl1953 says:

      Love your synopsis.  However, I think Carole needed to address LuAnn in the way she did.  No one should ever approach someone else’s close friends for favors.  If indeed this designer had PR people, THAT is who LuAnn should have approached.  LuAnn needs to readjust her viewpoint of her own importance.  I think Carole’s assessment of LuAnn being a “friend jumper” is dead on target.  Please keep the videos coming.  You would have been great in this mix. Get rid of Heather and bring you back!  My two cents.

    20. Anonymous says:

      You are so delightful here!  I think you have a real career in entertainment reporting — seriously!  You’re seem more authentic here than in the RH branch — just saying:)!

      P.S.  And I love your new look!

    21. A fan says:

      Please do not let Bravo shut you down if you are not in violation of any previous contracts.  Keep giving behind-the-scenes tidbits. It’s about time this whole reality show thing got deconstructed from the inside out.  And you were, definitely, “inside.”  Keep doing what you’re doing.  You’re doing it well.

      • Anonymous says:

         Ummm…are you new to reality television? You can’t figure out by now? This has been going on for so long, Trust me. Her breakdowns are bitter and boring.

        • A Fan says:

          I agree to disagree.  Yes, we know it’s not real and audiences have known that for years, but I don’t believe we know all the ins-and-outs of everything and how everything is exactly done.  If you do know, maybe you should get a RumorFix weekly segment along with Alex.

    22. NYC Gal says:

      Alex, fantastic job! Love, love, love these video blogs!! It is so interesting to hear your opinions and perspective! Wish they would bring you all back on the show.

    23. Bessi says:

      Love the post-show and still loof forward to it on Tuesdays even though I tuned out RHNY about 4 episodes ago.

      I still read Carole’s blog, too.  I doubt she will sign on to a second season.  I think she did this as a favor for Andy and solely to promote her book, and she is way, way too interesting for the rest of these women.

    24. Portlandmom says:

      Personally, I don’t think Carole makes “rookie mistakes” she is who she is, has been through a lot and quite frankly I don’t think she cares about hierarchy within the show. She is the show right now. Without her, it’d be a bore. She brings a real, down to earth quality that the show SO desperately needed. If they recast anyone, it’s to bring in more people like her, REAL! Other than that, everyone seems frustrated with Ramona, it’s the countess that’ll make a big stink at the reunion bc for once she has someone who could careless and who is unaffected by the crap coming out of her mouth. Ramona won’t care what Carole thinks, she has a clear understanding of where their friendship stands. Lulu is losing her grip over Carole and it makes all of us laugh, FINALLY!

    25. Riffells says:

      Alex, I liked 
      Aviva’s dad at first too but don’t you think he was a little too sexual with Sonia? Looked like she was getting a bit miffed but still wanted to be polite. There comes a time when you get tired of all the sexual innuendo. Love your hair and make-up here. Can you make your videos longer? I love them so much.

    26. Aarbear says:

      I LOOOOOVE these vlogs! And I love getting the “behind the scenes” take on it! Makes watching the show that much more entertaining, bc now IM trying to dissect them!

    27. Dee says:

      I truly have been a fan of Alex’s video blog, but I am disappointment by how much she favors Ramona.  Alex, you are seriously starting to lose credibility.  You should try to be a little less biased in your posts.  Also, I don’t know if I missed something, but Aviva was the one that was checking on Ramona and Sonja in the bathroom…not Carole. 

    28. MillieC says:

      Alex, I have enjoyed these comments but you are starting to annoy me.  Why do you keep defending Ramona’s horrible behavior?  Yes, we know that she is being edited in a merciless fashion but she is giving them endless material. You may know her and know she has a good heart, but her behavior is still rude, rude, rude. No excuse for that. She makes herself look completely stupid.
       Also, re Carol, what the hell is a “rookie” mistake?  The only rookie mistake Carole has made is being on the show in the first place. She and the other three new ladies all seem very natural and that is much more interesting than all the manufactured posing that seems to happen to people after one season on one of these shows. I would rather see Carole talk to her sister in law about her book over the phone than watch all of you fight about who was late to dinner in Morocco. All the new ladies are much more accomplished and much more connected than any of the “senior” cast members. It makes them automatically more interesting. It seems to me that Luann and Ramona are flapping around in the face of this. I appreciate how intelligent you are, but it’s embarrassing to have you coach Carole from the sidelines on how to be a “reality diva”.  Yuk

    29. Qdn says:

      Alex, perhaps Carole is making rookie mistakes, but you are making veteran mistakes.

      To those of us who can get life satisfaction without an audience and Twitter “fans,” Ramona is a vile, uneducated, primitive woman who, at age 55, acts like a crude 15 year old. To you, that is “Ramona being Ramona.” To the rest of us, it is a disgusting woman. You say she is unfiltered? To the rest of us, that means she has no concept of respect for others, and lacks the maturity and upbringing necessary to conceive of the legitimacy of others.

      She has shown herself to be a reckless mother who has no idea of what is really going on in her daughter’s life, a mean, sadistic employer who humiliates job applicants just to get camera time, and arrogant trailer trash with her condescending comments about Brooklyn and her arrogant, stupid comments about poverty in Morocco. And that, coming from a woman raised in a lower class family in Staatsburgh NY?

      One apology- I shouldn’t be condescending towards people lviing in trailers. Most of them have more dignity and decency than Ramona Singer.

      • X36 says:

        I couldn’t have said it better!!  Perhaps you, Qdn, should be doing a commentary about the show!!  

      • Loops010 says:

           I thought this would be a venue I would be able to continue to enjoy your pov.  However, it appears you are still trying to hang onto Ramona and Sonja’s social ladders.  They did nothing but set you up to look boring and contrived on RHONY yet you still are trying to spin there point of view just as you did on the final reunion you participated in. 
           Stand back and comment on their t.v. persona’s and antics without incorporating the excuses they are clearly giving to you for their behavior…”that’s just Ramona being Ramona.”  We hear that excuse enough from Sonja on RHONY, why come to a website to read it. 
           To me it is clear you are getting their behind the seen excuses after your comment about the broken shower.  I guess they told you that was the only place they could speak in private with each other but ended up breaking the shower after horsing around.
           If RF expects to gain fans through your vlogs, here’s hoping they correct this bias.  We can hear the same excuses by watching RHONY or reading Ramona or Sonja’s blogs.  So why waste time at RF to hear the same from you.  I only started visiting RF when I read you were doing these vlog spots but I am spending time reading the stories here.
           This is such an entertaining concept but not if it will be from the POV of an associate of Ramona.  Here’s to getting an unbias vlog that comments on all behaviors and behind the seen antics.

      • Debra says:

        Not to the rest of us. Don’t presume to speak for me. I am a fan of Ramona’s.

        • Cyninbend says:

           Me too Debra.  🙂  Her daughter is fabulous, successful (college-bound, smart and has lots of friends), classy and wonderful–why insult the relationship they have?  Their family is one of the best we’ve seen on tv–whereas others (won’t name them because of children) are train wrecks!  Ramona obviously lacks an Ivy League education…but then Luanne’s grammar is much worse and she is more hurtful and rude, and a hypocrite, lecturing/writing about manners?  Ramona needs to learn not to say the first thing she thinks about people, before she learns more about them.  I always wonder how much Bravo instigates Ramona’s behavior?  Maybe she thinks she has to do and say things for camera time?  They fired half the cast last year and she seems to depend on the air time to advertise her jewelry and other things.  She has a good heart, and cares about her friends.  She just needs therapy for her desperate bids (like tiny children (“Look, Mommy!”) for attention?  At least she’s not singing!

    30. Carmeng33 says:

      Alex, for the most part I think you’re a nice person but PLEASE stop sticking up for Ramona so much! She is an extremely rude person. She had no business taking over Aviva’s dinner conversation or the kitchen staff. Ramona is the center of her universe and assumes she’s the same in everyone else. As for Carole, I understand the conversation she had with Luann. Ranjanas husband is NOT just a designer to her, he’s family and she was sharing her distaste for any of her acquaintances assuming a role in their lives. Please please please report Ramona’s actions in an unbiased.way…she’s not a nice person!

      • Pjabner1952 says:

         As Carmeng33 stated:   Ramona is not a nice person!!!! she is so rude, crude, and snotty… she needs to just stay home and drink her wine!!  She does not need to be out, around people…. she has no people skills!

    31. Anonymous says:

      Thanks for removing the awful background music!! 

    32. wlacc17 says:

      There is not one person on this show I would be friends with.  They appear to be the worst friends anyone can have. They are boring, egotistical, mannerless, social climbers.  I am old and not one time did I have a friend who treated me the way these women treat each other.  The father is an embarrassment no matter how rich he is.  He is an uncouth, dirty old man who would be kicked out of any groups I belong to.  

    33. None says:

      This video is now unavailable. WHY?

      • catlover says:

        Did Bravo shut this down? None of Alex’s videos are working. They all say no longer available. Hmn.

        • Riffells says:

          I am not having a problem seeing the video at all. Perhaps the problem is on your end. Check your settings on your computer, then check your provider. 

    34. CyndyLu says:

      Love it!  Love it!  Love it!  Keep up the great reviews.  I look forward to seeing your videos.

    35. couple things I think were odd/misinterpreted/dismissed:

      Ramona bothering Aviva about wet leg:  a friend might say “is that going to be ok?”  but to constantly harp on it and repeatedly bring attention to it is weird. Aviva is an adult responsible for her own choices, its offensive that Ramona obviously has no confidence in Aviva’s ability to make a decision.  Aviva got this far in life without Ramona, I think Ramona can mind her own biz and show some courtesy and respect. 

      Next, It was exceptionally rude as a guest to go into the kitchen and supervise the staff and direct them when to plate the entree!   Flat out rude.

      Also, I think Aviva was having a little fun about her DAD cheating on a 35 yr old with a 23 yr old.  I think it was just a cute funny story….I am sure it wasn’t a serious scandal…just funny that an older gentleman should have such problems.  Ramona took it to a weird judgmental place when it was just a cute story about a flirtatious older man.   I tease my Dad, and I think that is all Aviva was doing….having some fun with the punch line being her Dad’s “playboy problems” 

      As for Carole and the designer.  Of course designers do this all the time – I think Carole’s problem with the situation is that SHE INTRODUCED THEM.  Carole brought LuAnn to the Designer and then felt responsible for LuAnn putting the designer on the spot with a request.  It was awkward.  Kinda like if you brought a friend to a dinner party and the friend spent the evening trying to sell the hostess Mary Kay.  You might feel bad for bringing  them and putting the host on the spot (to where the host feels obligated to buy something b/c they are your friend.)  Carole is by far the smartest Housewife in my opinion and the most grounded.  If my girlfriends were in the bathroom, I’d go in and say “hi, what’s going on…” I wouldn’t bring it to a reality tv summit to decipher the best course of action!  lol I love Carole’s authentic “rookie” approach.  It seems genuine, fun and …..REAL.  Frankly, I think that is the downfall and trap of “seasoned” housewives…they are taking too much advice and are too contrived.  It doesn’t play as genuine and is not enjoyed by the viewer. 

    36. Jennifer says:

      I relly like Carole and so does everyone I know, and then everyone I know can’t stand LuAnn and wish she would be terminated from the show along with Heather.   I am looking forward to seeing you and Simon back on television, is the rumor true you are getting your own show?   I enjoy Ramona and Sonja and they re the only reasons I began watching the show again.  I can fast forward anything with  SEE YOU NEXT WEEK luann and heather.

    37. Carriemdelregno says:

      Blech! Ramona is a self absorbed, ignorant mess. Bravo should dump her. I love the new housewives…if Ramona is on one more season i quit being a viewer.

    38. M. says:

      Alex I love to watch this and have told you this before but I must comment that I feel you are too careful with your friendship wiith Ramona. You are protecting that too much and it is colouring your judgement. I hope that changes. – and from the spelling of colouring you can see I am from Canada! lol

    39. Julie says:

      You really shouldn’t be talking about Carole’s ‘mistakes’ because you have made plenty when you were on the show… The designer was a personal and dear friend of hers. You are the last person who should be providing advice to Carole.

    40. M. says:

      Is it just me? Am I the only person that found her father rude and very inappropriate? Just because you have money does not give you the right to act like that. If my father did that I would have put my head in the sand. I am sorry. I do not like to put mean comments down but when it comes to that behaviour I was disgusted.

    41. rimona says:

      great job alex

    42. rimona says:

      well done alex

    43. Chelseeeaa says:

      I love you alex, these videos are so insightful! You are really very good at this, keep doing the good work and keep posting more videos!

    44. Wmrebels says:

      I was never a fan of you on the show (I was team Jill, still am), but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your weekly recaps.  You offer insight that we don’t have because you were part of the show and you actually know most of these ladies.  However, I agree with what many people are saying — that you make excuses for Ramona’s bad behavior.  She has some serious character flaws, and I find it hard to believe that she has ANY friends. Ramona is the meanest, rudest housewife of all the franchises.  I actually have stopped watching because of her, but I still come here to get the scoop from you.  

    45. Keithpatri says:

      I love your blogs, the problem is it makes me miss you even more on the show. I reall y look foward to your “take” on  the episode.

    46. Sunny says:

      I loved your POV. can you stop saying NOW? I bet you watched this back and wanted to hide, rofl… um, now, and… at least you picked one of them and stuck wit it, ha ha… Its fun to watch this as I gave up in the show this season, I may watch the reunion, Carole is fun,Ramona is only good if there is someone she trusts to rein her in, Sonya needs a bit of reining herself, so Ramona looks ridiculous with Lu Ann and her BS hyping the ramoments.
       Luann makes me sick, since season one, I love the interaction between Carol and Luann, I say Luann os done after this season, give that heather the boot, yuck, and you and Simon come back where you belong.   although, I think Simon kinda sunk that boat with some of his twitter comments.  Personally Simon is my fav housewife!

    47. Dana Fortier says:

      I love you, Alex! And I miss you on the show!! I think adding you to the mix of Carole-Aviva-Heather would be very interesting.

      LuAnn is so self-absorbed she has no clue what’s going on around her and she doesn’t hear how she sounds to others. And I don’t think she cares. I’ve never been a big fan of hers and her evil alliance with Jill sealed the deal.

      Ramona …. she’s such a ball of energy and I love that she doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass what anyone else thinks. I think that’s what is off-putting about her to so many. I would love to spend an hour or two with her over a bottle of Pinot!

      From the previews it looks like there’s going to be some fireworks soon. YAY!!

    48. Anonymous says:

      Alex, with all due respect, why the heck are you making excuses for Ramona of all people?? She shouldnt be excused when she is downright rude. She tried to dictate Aviva’s pool time, She thought it was her place to instruct the kitchen how to serve the meal…she’s just plain rude. Dont excuse her by talking about editing and interviews and such. She needs to learn some tact. Period. And I think Carole was justified in talking to LuAnn about the clothes. She introduced her to her friend, as her friend, not to hook her up with clothes. While I dont know who the designer is, apparently he is well known enough that he dont need a pretentious wanna-be royal to get him publicity. Other than that..Im sorry you still arent on the show.

    49. Rachel Maria says:

      I just found this…and I really enjoyed your POV on the episodes of RHONY. Perhaps the reason why Carole was upset over Luann asking her designer friend for loans and/or freebies is because were it not for Carole’s introduction Luann would not have met him. I think that had Luann met Carole’s friend independently of Carole then she (Carole) would not have cared because she would not be connected to inappropriate favor asking…
      Having said that it didn’t seem to bother his sister too much…my spin on it was that Luann’s behavior is expected…gauche, but expected.
      I enjoyed your videos and will be coming back to watch in the future!

    50. Janeanderic says:

      Alex is so boring…sorry 🙁

    51. Guest says:

      I love these updates from you Alex!! I’ve always known that reality TV is not as real as many people think it is. It’s so cool to get some info from you on what’s really going on behind the scenes. 

      I have a question that I would really like for you to answer! Do the housewives write their own Bravo blogs? When I read them, some sound like they are really coming from the woman herself.. but others come off as if they’ve got someone writing it for them. I’d like to know how genuine the blogs are or if they are really just another trick up the producers sleeve.

    52. Margie 732 says:

       Love your vlogs and agree you on a lot. I still miss you on the show! Love Ramona and always agree with you regarding her good intentions. However, I’m not on the same page this week regarding Luann or Carol. Luann is a pretentious user and I’m glad Carol is calling her out. I wish she’d have left the show, too. I was glad to see Carol stick up for her friends. Famous or not, PR Team or not, friends should stick up for friends. Just like when you stood up to Shrill for Bethenny. IMO Bravo should have kept you because I believe you and Carol would have gotten along great. MIss you Alex (and Simon and the boys). Hope you’re having a great summer.

    53. Cathy_ says:

      Wish you were still with this show, Alex.  I like you very much.  I do think you’re explaining away too much on behalf of Ramona, but then again I began to like Ramona when I saw how protective of you she was, so I get why you see that side of her.  But, if Ramona were my friend she’d get as good as she gives as far as directness goes. Nothing petty or mean, just straight up truth about what is refreshing honesty, and what is bad form, rudeness, unwelcome thinking out loud, etc.  And about Carole…the whole thing is, she’s bugged by LuAnn for some reason and I think if she had not introduced her designer friend she would not have an argument but because she did, she has a point, in my opinion. I don’t think it has a lot to do with getting bad advice

    54. rimona says:

      well done alex

    55. ally says:

      well done alex

    56. Lady Di says:

      Good observations. Right on.

      Off topic. Just worked with a furniture store in Ft. Scott, Ks. Was in Las Vegas for the furniture market.

      Good down to earth people come from Kansas!

    57. Chris says:

      Luann is showing herself to be the emotionless robotic bully we all know she is, why are you wasting your breath coming to the defense of that fake countess? Carole should keep confronting her whenever she wants to, she’s one of the few with the guts to do it. Luann has never been more icy or repugnant than she is now.

    58. Camille G. says:

      sorry alex, i dont know if luann has some damaging info on you or simon and that’s why you keep doing it but we’re not buying your continuous defense of luann and her obnoxious schoolyard behavior. carole is doing a great job of putting her in her place. if you had confronted her as calmly and maturely as carole did you’d still be on the show.

    59. Carey Christiano says:

      I think Carole is so appealing because she doesn’t follow the rules. She is my favorite because she seems real and I love how she reacts to the BS of some of the cast. She is intelligent and confident and a pleasure to watch and I do not think Bravo old ask her to leave because she actually adds to the show.

    60. FrancisB. says:

      andy worships carole, that’s all she needs. did you see her latest appearance on WWHL? she’ll stay as long as she wants to, he’ll never fire her. he’s wanted her on since season 1. alex only wishes she had carole’s job security, that’s why she keeps bashing her.

    61. Sandasavi says:

      Love and miss you Alex!!  RHONY is just not the same without you.  Although I am sure you are happy not to have to be around Luann any more.  

    62. Bryan says:

      It’s about time Pinot Singer gets her fucking ass kicked

    63. Bryan says:

      Too Bad Alex none of your advice could save your ass from the axe

    64. MillieC says:

      I typed some criticism of Alex’s last vlog, but I think she’s doing an excellent job. She really should get into some sort of TV production/hosting work.  

    65. Gasparmarino75 says:

      I do agree with you about most of your comments. I think alot of the things Ramona says and does are part of a persona that she has developed for herself over the years of being on the show. I love LuAnn and agree with her that “freebies” and perks from companies and designers come with being on the show. I like Carole and Aviva very much as new additions. I adore Sonya, but I can’t warm up to Heather, as I could not warm up to Cindy, last season. If anyone is to go it should be her, not Carole or Aviva.

    66. Michelle says:

      I love your commentary Alex!  I no longer watch the show but do catch bits here and there and I can still relate to what you are saying.  Your personality and happiness also shine through in these recaps.

    67. Bettie says:

      I am now on this!  “Unrealing” the reality is a brilliant idea!  I can understand why Bravo is ticked.  Alex is smart and they know it.  Are they kicking themselves for letting her go.  I would.

    68. Debbie H says:

      Alex, u r so right about Carole & her designer friends.  I am surprised u didnt count how many times Carole referred to them as family.  It almost started to ( the designers) made her feel important.

    69. CT Fan says:

       Alex, you are too kind.  Aviva’s father was disgusting.  For all his money, he has absolutely no class; he is offensive and clearly made Sonja uncomfortable.  As for Carole asking him about the last time he had sex, I was stunned.  Doesn’t she consider herself the arbiter of political correctness?

      • Pjabner1952 says:

         I think Ramona and Aviva’s dad should get together…. he is nasty and appalling and so is Ramona!!  If I was Aviva I don’t care how rich my dad is, or even that he was my dad…if he acted like hers…. I sure wouldn’t have introduced him to my friends.  I have been offended with all the nasty talk and innuendos that are made on this show.  Sometimes it is a little bit RANK!

    70. Cyninbend says:

      I so enjoy your vlogs!  You are cute and I miss you on the show so much–I forgot to watch the last 3 or 4 or? episodes….  I just don’t like that catty woman with the clothing business, I turn it off when she starts mean girling Ramona.  I understand your defending Ramona–she is a friend and that’s what you do!  Sonja is great and Carole became my fave by the 2d episode. 

      Only disagreement I have with you is Aviva’s father–sex lives of buck toothed old men??  Are they kidding?   His daughter’s approval of his cheating and her enjoyment was a bit perverse as well!  Ew ew ew!  Sonja outclasses that creep by light years!  The painter was troubled,  but he was handsome and she was tickled to be with him..  Now she deserves an age appropriate, charming guy who loves her!  Not a toothy, self absorbed, doddering, old cheater who chases 23 year olds!  Delusional!   And he doesn’t know when to take the hint and leave a woman alone!

      I have not seen anything past that scene, I was so creeped out…and turned off, as an older lady, I’d rather sleep with my dog and laptop.  😉  Your shows are so fun–keep up the good work!  Now I’m waiting for a bravo marathon to catch up on the RHNYC!

    71. Kabledsoe57 says:

      I miss you Alex!!! The show is not the same without you or jill or bethenny…why did you all have to go and grow up and leave. You were the most articulate of all, even though Luann thinks she is, she is not. So happy to find you here!

    72. brightwings says:

      I miss you Alex, it isn’t the same without you to be sure~ You were the most articulate on the show. Of course, I miss jill and bethenny too. Oh well, everyone moves on to better things. They should have kept you and got rid of the oh so boring countess!!!

    73. Pdurazzano says:

      the old man george, what a creep!  he’s not funny, he must have to take 1/2 bottle of vigraga to keep up with anyone.   I wouldn’t want that old man around my kids!   Carol, why doesn’t she get her teeth and bite fished, she is not pretty.  Ramona, what a nut case this season, she is so insecure with her relations.  Avenia needs to mind her own business and keep out of the telling stories back and forth.  I like Heather, she seems most honest and smart.

    74. RojoCaliente says:

      Carole was right to talk to LuAnne if she was upset or embarrassed about LuAnne asking for clothes from someone she barely knows.   Two friends communicating is a good thing.  And calling it a rookie mistake is hilarious.  Like this is some sort of sport.  I’m glad Alex is no longer part of the show.  Way too uptight and creepy.

    75. Ravenhaven108 says:

       Luanne was totally out of line.  She took advantage of Carole’s personal relationship with the Designer.  Tacky.  and not surprised Alex missed that dynamic.      Carole has tact & good manners – while I find her the most interesting housewife, she seems out of place – she is simply far too sophisticated and educated to be in the mix with the other Desperate For Attention Housewives.

    76. Ravenhaven108 says:

      p.s. and Ramona is a genuine Nitwit.   She is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard while chewing a wad of tin foil.

    77. Kerrie McLoughlin says:

      Carole is the only normal one on this show! Read her book then we’ll talk.

    78. Alex,
      I did not even listen to your rant but am commenting on the headline. I will not give you the satisfaction of listening. You were booted from the show…remember? and you are giving advice. Get a real job and stop acting like you are still on the show. it is pathetic that you are still holding on to the past. Leave the show alone and get a real job!

    79. Alex, who are you to talk about anyone? Especially Carole fighting her own battles? This coming from a person who fought Bethenny’s battle with Jill? Being the “messenger”? That was not your battle to fight, so chill out. I find it peculiar that YOU are doing these recaps and judging people. And of all, defending RAMONA? You must find something else to do with your time, really. This isn’t it. I loved you up until the last season you were on. If Carole is a rookie, what does that make you? These videos are ridiculous. Please get a new hobby when the new season is aired.

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