Salahi Lawsuit: Neal Schon’s Penis Pic Now Public Record

Posted on June 30th, 2012 at 1:20 pm

WARNING: Graphic Language

If Tareq Salahi's goal is to embarrass the man who stole his wife -- he might have succeeded.

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According to court documents obtained exclusively by RumorFix, Tareq's attorney has successfully admitted into evidence a picture of Neal Schon's penis and an audio recording where the Journey guitarist tells Tareq, "I am f**king your wife."

The $50 million lawsuit against Schon and his publicist alleges Schon sent Tareq "an email of his large penis, said email being sent for no other purpose than to humiliate and injure the Plaintiff."

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Tareq, who is in the middle of a divorce from his wife Michaele Salahi, is alleging that Schon not only took away his wife, but destroyed a successful business partnership. The court documents compare the alleged White House party crashers to "George Burns and Grace Allen and Sonny and Cher."

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  • 9 Responses

    1. Sidntatu says:

      Please don’t show it, we all do not need to see that mess.

    2. A. Guest says:

      OMG!!!  Tareq get over yourself your wife left you for a man who has a set.  Move on dude.  Find another dumb wife to crash another presidential function and get people fired and waste the tax payers money for having to INVESTIGATE! 

    3. Schon sent Tareq “an email of his large penis and Tareq was irreparably damaged with embarrassment because his penis is only 1.5″.They’re all clowns

    4. Cooch says:

      Clearly Tareq is just another jealous hater

    5. Stonyridge says:

      Schon looks like he is very happy with his lady love Michaele

    6. Anonymous says:

      Why would Tarque be humulated by the size of Schon’s penis?  Anyone that watched the show already knew Tarque had not balls.  At this point all three look like they are getting what they deserve, but I’ll tell you I wouldn’t want my name associated with Michaele!

    7. davey says:

      …neil schlong…great guitar player….

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