TMI: LeAnn Rimes’ Bizarre Birthday Cake For Eddie Cibrian

Posted on June 18th, 2012 at 8:38 am

Eddie Cibrian turned 39th on Saturday, and the cake LeAnn Rimes chose for him was certainly ... interesting.

Along with little fondant versions of Mason and Jake (Eddie's children with Brandi Glanville) on the side, the cake was topped with a  fondant version of LeAnn and Eddie in bed together.

PICTURES: LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Enjoy Malibu Beach

"Eddie's favorite things bday cake! @mysweetandsaucy LOVE there was a Laker's jersey, a Bronco & a paddle board + more," tweeted LeAnn.

Okay, then.

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  • 13 Responses

    1. Michael says:

      It’s one of those “what was she thinking” photos. Why on Earth would LeMann have a cake made that associates his kids with their father in bed with what was once his mistress. Not classy at all imo. 

    2. Bettie says:

      what a bimbo.

      • Michael says:

        Just wonder what the caption for the photo would be? “Hold on boys, I take you to see mommy 1 as soon as I’m done banging mommy 2” 

    3. Ccathy316 says:

      Shes a MESS !!!

    4. Anonymous says:

      Oh good Gawd.  That girl must banged her head on too many headboards.  That cake is creepy.

    5. mia says:

      I always knew that there was something off about this girl, she always had a freakfug look to her. Now I know, she is bats**t crazy.

    6. Leaky Mood Swings says:

      son on the left -“ha ha mom. I guess I DO know what I’m talking about!”
      son on the right – “I am gonna need soooo much therapy”

    7. Landslide5700 says:

      Koo Koo girl   does she not get that shes making a fool of herself by doing childish things such as this?  Yes, we all know shes married to him and she broke up a marriage to get him, and they renewed their vows. Is anything private to you Leann…now your just being goofy by giving your husband the cheesist birthday cake ever. Are you that insecure you need to put you and him on top of his birthday cake. That’s just weird. And what about your music, is that what your gonna write about, but you can’t write music just copy and sing. You should of ask your husband what kind of cake Brandi got for him before so you could copy it.  Where is your imagination… LOL

    8. Landslide5700 says:

      She is just beyond weird at this time. Is she getting more weird or was she always this goofy?

    9. Landslide5700 says:


    10. Margie says:


    11. carmella says:

      truly tasteless

    12. Also, the Bronco was slap in the face to BG. It was a gift to EC & BG when they were married & something BG wanted to keep but gave it up in the divorce (this is in public documents). So for her to put it on there was a clearly calculated dig at Brandi – AGAIN.

      She’s a horrible person through and through. 

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