Kim Zolciak Evicted And Homeless?

Posted on June 11th, 2012 at 5:23 am

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is laughing off a rumor that she was evicted from her home over the weekend and is now homeless. The rumor was first reported on Sunday morning by gossip website MediaTakeOut. They claim:

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"Kim Zolciak from the Atlanta Housewives was put out of her rented home last night. As we told you last week, Kim had been renting a home from Atlanta socialite Kendra Davis - and Kendra issued legal papers to have Kim evicted.

Well we're told that last night, Kim and her family were forced to move out of Kendra's home."

That's a much different tale than the one Kim is offering. In a lengthy explanation, Kim says she was never evicted from the property, but left because her lease is up.

"I can't help but lmao! No, we have NOT been evicted! I have ALWAYS paid my rent, my lease was up on the 31st and because we are building a home that will not be finished for a few months, we were trying to extend our lease, however, our a**hole landlords emailed June 1st at the last hour and said they were not extending our lease and went to the press with lies.

But yes we are MOVING! We didn't buy the home due to the all the faults on the inspection report and the appraised value being $2.1 million and homeowners mandating $3.25 million.

I am not stupid with our money and have bought a better quality home and bigger!"

And there you have it. If MTO had a more credible reputation, maybe this story could have gained some momentum, but let's face it, love Kim or loathe her, she's definitely has little bit more integrity than the TakeOut staff.

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  • 30 Responses

    1. Genachynna2 says:

      Hang in there Kim..You are my person and I loved you and your family. Just remember if you should lease again do it the right way and not with an asshole.

    2. Terri says:

      sorry your landlord has no class an either does her husband money hungry people. they messed up a good thing so who has the short end of the stick now Ms. davis

      • Lizpeace68 says:

        u jst an idiot like kim..u can’t keep spending when u know u dont hv much, thats stupid

        • Jnnte7 says:

          Kim ignore gossip con’t to live and prosper. Let the as–hol–talk,who don’t have anything but gossip. Waiting to see ATL-housewives. Don’t fight with Nene, uu c her hair is blonde what does that tell u ????

      • Umm hmmm says:

        I know!! The nerve of those “money hungry people” asking Kim to pay rent for living in their house. Just disgraceful!!

      • Jnnte7 says:

        AGREE,,,,! Let the owners pay the rent if they can……!

      • Sddavi05 says:

        It dosen’t matter. The landlord can charge someone rent. It’s their house. Why should they have to pay,they weren’t living in the house. People kill me always making excuses for BAD behavior. Ms. Davis has the big end of the stick,she’s the HOMEOWNER,and the home is still her’s DUMB ASS

    3. Bren Mbnaacp says:

      Sounds like the landlord was tired of your crap.

    4. Pc3741 says:

      Kim, You have a family to care for.  All of the diamonds, clothes, shoes,etc.. can’t take care of them.  Kroy is a younger man than you, don’t make it so hard on him trying to meet your greed.  Live everyday to the full and stop wanted for more.  You have everything!!!!!!

    5. Tawilliams says:

      This article is funny when Kim herself just tweeted that they got evicted!!!! Lol maybe u need a better source! Don’t worry she lies to everyone!

    6. guest says:

      Maybe instead of picking $40,000 worth of diamonds, they should be paying their rent!  Or atleast settling the amount owed for the decorating.  They do have court systems to settle disputes over $ amounts.  

    7. Let'sKeepItReallyReal says:

      I don’t believe this nonsense for one reason; Kroy would NEVER let that happen.  Even if Kim is a liar, Kroy is not and is a stand up guy who does the right thing, like not continuing to live in someone else’s home when they are not welcomed.

    8. Blandenarodgers says:

      kim is trash and kroy is stupid and the land lords did right why let them stay and buy up jewlry and they aint payin rent

    9. Blandenarodgers says:

      kim is trappin him with them kids she is to old to be havin 2 more kids she lived off big poppa and he seen she  was a gold digger so he let her go so she trapped kroy  he was a back water country boy that was green and she took advantage of kroy pussywhooped him and now he’s hooked

    10. itsme says:

      Kim u really need to let tht young man live his life and spend his money on him and not u cuz u don’t do anything with ur life but spend other ppls money….greed….

    11. Umm hmmm says:

      I want to believe that but I don’t know, Kim. You, much like ur old sidekick Sheree, have been known for trying to skip out on paying. Hmmm, I wonder if Kandi ever got that “Tardy for the Party” money…

    12. Lisaphills says:

      I don’t believe this at all.  Kim by observation has never lived above her means.  She is too smart for that.

    13. MAXINE448 says:

      kim everything cums to lite,STOP BEING FAKE!!!!

    14. Karla0323 says:

      Kim is nothing more then white trash she will b done with him as soon as he runs out of money and dating another married man. Her kid will fallowing in her foot steps I’m sure.
      Kim is lazy don’t we all know that she never cooks and feeds her kids fast food crap everyday of he week that’s why the lilltle a d is so fat. And so is she

    15. Karla0323 says:

      I hope she goes back to the ghetto of Duluth by the way. And stay away from Roswell.

    16. Karla0323 says:

      She has no shame at all. How embarrassing to tell her mother that the reason she’s was paying for her dress was because she can’t afford much, that’s an insult to her father also who provides for her mother , she thinks she’s so classy she’s so ignorant she puts ice in her wine. Stupid that the defeats the porpoise of tasting a good wine. You ignorant!

    17. wade says:

      so they bought a new home or are they building one??

    18. Christinacc1 says:

      Kim is NOT smart with her money or should I say Kroy’s money!! Who renovates a home before actually buying it…DUMB!!!!!!

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