Kanye West Beefing With Jay-Z, Beyonce Over Kim Kardashian Romance?

Posted on June 6th, 2012 at 6:40 am

According to MediaTakeOut, there's a rift growing between Jay-Z and Kanye West over Kim Kardashian. The website alleges that Jay and his wife Beyonce want nothing do with the "Kimye" romance, and have banned the reality TV star from being in their presence.

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Keep in mind that this is the same website that also just reported 12 days ago that Beyonce was planning on bringing Kim on stage with her at a recent concert. And just days before making that claim, also wrote that Beyonce did not want to attend a party because Kim would be there. Anyway, this morning the website claims they're hearing whispers Jay and Beyonce are once again refusing to be around Kim.

"Earlier this week, Jay and Bey invited TONS of celebrity friends to their Paris show - including Spike Lee, Serena Williams, and Gwyneth Paltrow. But Kim Kardashian was BANNED!!!

And that BANNING, caused Jay and Kanye to have some ISSUES  ... so much so that Kanye REFUSED to attend the afterparty with Jigga."

Someone more gullible might actually believe this, but we're not having it; especially when Kim was just hanging out backstage at Beyonce's Atlantic City concert a little over a week ago.

Not to mention, Kim also stopped by another after party in London last month that Jay-Z hosted. And course, Kim spent weeks traveling on the road with Kanye, Jay and Beyonce during the first leg of the "Watch the Throne" European tour.

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These are the facts, and MTO's allegations: conjecture. If this Jay and Beyonce disdain for Kim did exist, she wouldn't be hanging out backstage at B's concert, or with Jay at his after parties.

And of course, if you don't believe us, Kim's rep says the same thing: "This story is not true, Beyonce even invited Kim to her Atlantic City concert. They are great friends … this story is just ridiculous."

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  • 12 Responses

    1. Media take out always lying 

    2. Marishauk says:

      Media take out is like the boy who cried wolf. When theu get the truth one day whon gonna believe?

    3. Michelle says:

      Media take out need some more people.  Any logical person knows that this mess is false, the only people who believe this mess is the delusional Beyonce Stans and the haters.  I am sure that they all have a good laugh off of this mess.  Kim was clearly working over the weekend, she was pretty much everywhere.  These things are not booked overnight, they are booked months in advance.  Ugghhhh  the lies.

    4. Dimples13 says:

      The are a little wild with their stories…..BUT  I never see them in the same place….Kimmy K took Pics backstage with dancers not with BEY… If that’s ur hubby’s buddy’s lady why not with Kim K? #justsaying!!! And PS. This is ur theory. PSS, u guys said that MTO lied about Nick and Scaf Brezzy fighting….then the audio came out. #justsaying!!

    5. Let'sKeepItReallyReal says:

      Beyonce is one the FEW women surrounded by the “rapper” lifestyle who has morals, dignity, and is pretty much a good role model.  She AND JayZ are too smart to “lie down with the dog and get up with the dog’s fleas”.  I doubt Beyonce wants to tarnish her clean image just to hang out with a sex tape ho.  Kanye is just as bad as Kim.  He is disrespectful and in love with himself.  I’m sure Beyonce and JayZ are aware of this and you can bet their camp warns them to stay an arms distance from the dirty couple.

      • Jesse says:

        Here we go with the Beyonce worship.  Umm Beyonce married an admitted crack dealer, who pled guilty to stabbing and almost killing a man, and let’s not mention the kids that he probably killed while selling that crack, and this is a FACT, so the morals you speak of, hmmmmmm, not so much. Beyonce is a regular chick but you fanatics keep putting her up on this pedestal, if she was all that she would not have married an ex drug dealer, she has no room to judge anyone, although I doubt the bullsh*t reports.  Bey was rehearsing for her show, Kim was in Cannes and London with Kanye, Kim is working in LA and Bey is with her husband on the other leg of the tour.  Clearly Kim did not just wonder backstage at the concert, she was invited backstage and she was seated in Beys private box for her special guest, the same box that the first lady was seated in the night before, for Beyonce’s personal guest, and Kim did not tweet the pics, the band member and dancer did, so stop the delusional worshipping of a halfway illiterate singer and her ex crack dealing hubby.

      • freakinducky says:

         I have to ask do you know how to read???? or are you one of those types that seem to read what you hope to read, not the actual story. The reason I ask this is because you have posted about the Incorrect story… this story was debunked. It is NOT true. It is made up. it is a lie. mmm I think you should be able to read my words and get that it is untrue. just saying……

    6. Squarepeg says:

      I don’t know about the good friends thing but they are associate.s. I think that’s a little petty for Jay and B. No one is perfect but it makes no sense to be rude.

    7. ikonprincess says:

      i wonder if beyonce n jay r into tht illuminati  deal so as our lovely 
      president obama,(not his wife)LOL!idk  it’s hard to believe not!!!!…..

    8. PRLiu says:

      who cares?  let them fight and make up over and over and over again…. ahh hollywood haha

    9. SharpShooter says:

      Media Take Out always lies.  They are on the Kardashian’s payroll.

      Kim K’s camp put out all of the Kim/BEY stories for publicity.  They were busted for doing this.

      Kim was was told she could come to the concert but NOT backstage.  She went backstage on her own looking for BEY but did not see her.  Sike fool! LOL
      Kim is always looking for fake photo ops and she failed.

      Kanye is just dumb and a simp.  The Kardashians are usng him.  He will feel their wrath after it’s all over.

      I love the Carters and am glad they’re minding their business and staying away from this fake foolishness.

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