Joseline Hernandez Responds To “Sex Tape” Rumors

Posted on June 24th, 2012 at 6:24 am

Reality TV star Joseline Hernandez, who tweeted a nude picture of herself out this week to prove she's not a transexual, is slamming a rumor started by MediaTakeOut that she's a porn star.

MTO published stills from an adult video that they say show Joseline in some rather uncompromising positions, but the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star blasted the rumor on Twitter, writing:

"Lmao. MTO said I'm doing porn --> nope, that's not me. Lol, I take responsibilities for what I've done, but clearly that is not me!"

Clearly bothered by rumors about her gender and sex tape, Joseline later went on a Twitter rant, writing:

"Talking about others shows how much time you [have] in your hands. You should be ashamed. It ain't cute not to have goals and sh*t to do ... You can talk about me, shoot me down, call me names [but] I laugh at y'all cause I have a goal to meet."

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  • 3 Responses

    1. Dawnlily12 says:

      Exactly what kind of goal is she trying to meet by posting nude photos of herself on Twitter? OF COURSE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT YOU NASTY?! JOSELINE SEEMS LIKE THE ONE WITH TOO MUCH FREE TIME ON HER HANDS…

    2. ShylaRae says:

      Joselina seriously needs to stop playing her games.. Can’t wait till Mimi kicks that ass already. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not even interested in buying any of this bit*hes music.. Stevie J I seriously hope your ass got a STD check… Ewwwww

      • D Jackson0707 says:

        Stop the hatin if she bad she bad, don’t hate atleast she real about hers, the only thing I have to say is Joselin you ain’t got to show nothin be real keep it real and keep it movin. Like Katt Williams said everybody needs haters that’s free advertisement.

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