Heather Thomson’s Sister: She Doesn’t Always Talk About Death!

Posted on June 8th, 2012 at 10:04 am

Heather Thomson's sister Shelly is responding to Alex McCord's Real Housewives of New York recap, and agrees that her sister got a bad edit.

"Thanks Alex. I can promise you Heather does not talk about death and liver transplants, etc. all of the time," says Shelly.

"I'm sure the producers left out much of the conversation and I know my sister, and she doesn't just bring up things like that out of the blue. I'm sure something was said that made her bring it up. Not to mention my dad's death was extremely fresh and on her mind.

I wasn't there during the taping but I know my sister. She definitely got the bad end of the edit stick on the first episode."

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  • 3 Responses

    1. Lolcsw says:

      Alex is just jealous she is no longer on the show.  And thank goodness for that change in the line-up!!

    2. Auby64 says:

      I love you Alex, you were the most down to earth housewife on the show.  No fake titles, big noting yourself and back stabbing.  You tell it ike it is and some people can’t handle the truth.
      Keep up the good work keeping us informed!!!

    3. Christine Nicholson Parmalee says:

      Her name is Sherry, not Shelly. Looks like no one can get any of it right !!

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