EXCLUSIVE: Did Vicki Gunvalson Try To Get Alexis Bellino Fired?

Posted on June 14th, 2012 at 1:15 pm
Still A Rumor

Recent episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County show Vicki Gunvalson becoming good friends with Alexis Bellino, even comforting her after the other girls had an 'intervention' with her.

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But according to RumorFix's exclusive source, not only was Vicki just pretending to be friends with Alexis  -- she was actually plotting to get her kicked off the show! Here is what our insider says:

"When the girls were in Costa Rica, Vicki acted like she had Alexis' back even though she said on camera 'I'm not going to get involved, yada yada yada I have more money than you yada yada bullsh*t.'

But after she got back from consoling Alexis (when Alexis ran off to her room crying) and the cameras were gone, Vicki tried to get all the ladies to write a letter to the heads of Bravo to get Alexis fired. Claiming that Alexis is not a team player, that she only shows the cameras the good stuff when we all know what she is really like, and why should Alexis get to go home after two days when we all have to stay for five?

The next day she told all the ladies she was up all night writing a letter about why Alexis should be fired and again encouraged us to do the same. No one but Vicki ended up writing a letter. She keeps saying she was the only one that had Alexis' back ... more like a knife in her back!"

We reached out to the "OC OG" who says: "OMG this 100% false!  Absolutely not. I love Alexis." Vicki then added, "This is a lie! I never wrote a letter, never said anything of the sorts, nor would I."

UPDATE: 3:15 p.m. PT: Tamra Barney just tweeted us saying:" I can confirm that is 100% true and so can Gretchen Rossi and everyone else that was there."

And, Gretchen responded as well: "100% this is true!"

UPDATE: 3:24 p.m. PT: Vicki has this message for Tamra and Gretchen: "Obviously someone has nothing to do in their day than to make up S**. I was there 2!"

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  • 42 Responses

    1. 100% true says Tamra on twitter. I believe Tamra

    2. Me says:

      I work for Gretchen, and she also confirmed it.

    3. Lac says:

      there all saying its true. vicki is covering her ass!

    4. T1691 says:

      All these tramps needs to be fired as my grandmother would say.  When whorers start winning its time to change it up.  That’s nothing to show the public.  I wonder is the money really that good to put up with all the bs that goes with being on tv and everyone with an opinion..

      • Pooppoopachoo says:

        The money is really good.  “Follow the money” and you willl find these kinds of people.  They are completely revolting……a sad, sad bunch.

      • freakinducky says:

         you should try using more classy words then you chose on this post. I know I tend to take someone more seriously when they don’t use such nasty teenage words to get their point of view out there. You should be really ashamed of yourself to go as low as you did on this……. Tramps…. walk, trek; beggar, vagabond; woman of loose morals, prostitute) Whorer….. person who is sexually indiscriminate; person who is willing to
        disregard moral principles to achieve something (Offensive Slang) . And everyone including haters know that none of the girls are these negative names.

        • Anonymous says:

           Maybe you recoginize this freakinducky?? “Hey jerk off…… lowlife sluts and douche bags. Is that your family reunion or something. sorry to everyone else I might offend with this post..”  YOU WROTE THAT in regards to an article on Kardashians on this site. I thought that it was fine to tell someone that you’re offended by their language but you were so condescending I was curious to see what kind of person watches these shows and is so easily offended. These shows are all about nasty, juvenile behavior. And NO, everyone doesn’t think these women are the glowing examples of lady like behavior! 
          But I digress…I think you owe an apology to T1691…

          • just freakin ducky says:

            wowwww nice one viciouscircle. are you someone who needs attention??? Because you are right that is my quote. problem with that is it is my quote to YOUR post. That you have conveniently have removed… This quote to new people that were not out here for viciouscirles post mine is in reverence to theirs that started with lowlife sluts and douche bags……. mine although not very nice of me starts at jerk off. and on. You will not be able to find mine because once viciouscircle removes their own posts all replies to that post also get removed. which is why mine states sorry to everyone else I might offend with this post. still don’t make it right of me to go into this word war. I am a mother of two grown men and three little grandchildren so it does make what I put down wrong. I will say that. buttttt I get so freakin peeved at these people that put their opnions out here with such pure angery disgusting posts about someone they do not even freakin know. so yes I do owe others who might of been offended by my post… not to T1691 or Viciouslcircle thats for sure. and just for you vicious I will even paste and note this justttt incase you hit the delete button on error again 😉 Actually I really cannot say if it was vicious or T1 now that I think about it. I can not ever know because who ever it was decided to delete their post as well as my reply

    5. gretchen is also saying its true. heather won’t say anything. she never comments on anything.

    6. Mimitholsted says:

      What kind of human being are you all ……revolting !

    7. What kind of human bieng are they – revolting !!!!

    8. Lisa Lovelace says:

      Pathetic.  This show is getting to be SO stupid, predictable, boring, scripted and staged.  I’m done with it.

    9. Lisa Barlow says:

      Vicki detests Jim Bellino so much that I believe it

      • just freakin ducky says:

        ok this might seem aliiiiitlle strange you live in or around st. kitts by chance? like I said a litttle strange if your who I think you will know that fact for sure lol
        (dawn) could help u

    10. Squarepeg says:

      Know one believes anything Tamra says. She is so messy and if that man plans on marrying her he better get ready. Gretchen is a follower and just wants Tamra to like her. She better pay more attention to her man before she lose him. Then she can marry Tamra. Those two are pathetic

      • Veronicadelcielo says:

        COMPLETELY AGREE! But they must pay they’re PR very well that they have all the gossip outlets turning the story around.

      • Maichristabel says:

         Oh, for the love of Geezus H.  Stop acting like you know these people personally.  YOU DON’T.  Get it?  If anything, you’re the reason why bodyguards are a necessity for even the D-list celebrities. 

        P.S.  “Know one”?   KNOW one?  How much DID you pay for that tinfoil hat?

    11. Anonymous says:

      I know if it was season 5.vicki was jealous of lexie.But i do not trust a word tamra says.gretchen seems scared of tamra and will say anything to be her buddy this season.someday it will back fire.those 2 probley said it.i heard those 2 lie alot.if heather and vicki said that.they are all just insecure.alexis is gaining the public and some of the ladies are getting nervous.the truth will come out.lexie is the only reason we watch.she is not foe and is not a backstaber.she would not lie and resort to hurting people to stay on the show.gretchen you really did not have lexies back.you have changed more than any on the oc.and it is for the worst.who every is lying to get att.what comes around goes around.karma is a bleeb.i would feel real bad at what can come out of lying people.all i know is bravo and andy better not be dis- honest and get in the middle.time will tell the truth.Alexis is the decent human-bein on the show.girl do not trust any on the show.if they switch friends that easy.that is not true friendships.

      • Hit the like button on your comment by mistake……As far as your comment…..Are you for real?  All of this “Lexie” is soo good and everyone else sooo bad. Open your eyes.  Each one of these cast members has gotten down and dirty.  The trouble with “Lexie” fans is that they are as delusional as she is and they think “Lexie” is Christian. No one on the show has ever called her “Lexie”. You are not her friend to give her a nickname!

    12. Let'sKeepItReallyReal says:

      I think Vicki is a freak and is clearly losing her mind!  You don’t make up a huge lie like that when there are several people that can call BS who were also there!  Briana has good reason to be concerned for her Mom.

    13. Bettie says:

      Brooks is gross, and so is she with those sagging boobs, and pimples on her face

    14. Cmarisela21 says:

      i think vicky needs to leave she is to old for this crap and she is so ugly not only on the outside but on the inside to

    15. Nylynnr says:

      Another story planted by Tamra Barney, the Bravo Pit Bull.

    16. Bev says:

      I think it’s true.  Not just because of Tamra & Gretchen saying it is.  Past form.  When Crooks was in trouble with court, Vicki’s instant reation was to write a letter.  I wonder if she hand signed this letter like she did with Crooks letter.  Time for an official statement from Bravo on this!

    17. Gia says:

      These women are SO pathetic and just plain sad!  Vicki’s face looks like it’s melting, bad skin and all;  Alexis looks like “The Joker” from Batman with her puffed lips not to mention – did she graduate high school?; Gretchen has about as much class as a homeless hooker and bad skin too!  Where do they get off thinking they are all beautiful!  AMAZING!  Heather is the only one that is even pretty. 

    18. Cadetpink80 says:

      With the way these women are turning on each other, it’s plausible. I would LOVE to see proof, or a statement from Heather, because she does state the truth and seems the most objective. She didn’t want to do the intervention thing to be mean, she was just saying what they all had felt, as she had too. Tamra and Vicki have done some nasty things to their “friends” before so I wouldn’t trust either of them. Then Gretchen with the whole ‘whatever happened to Ron-Ann’ makeup thing…they’re all shady…

      I find it to be an entertaining group and with Vicki going into (menopause???) hysterics every other episode, has been more exciting than in past seasons where they’d show tennis lessons and obnoxious spoiled kids…this group has definite chemistry.

    19. Missy Bancroft says:

      Vicki is a liar! She has gotten really weird, or she always has been and hid it well. Maybe it’s time that they move on from Vicki…That weird scene where she and Brooks were having dinner and she was going on and on about her Daddy, and he was like “Vicki give me a kiss, Vicki come on Vicki give me a kiss right now” and she was all no I don’t like PDA and then kissed him. And then on the Costa Rica episode she looked at the camera and was like “I need to be spanked” or whatever…Pretty freaky. I absolutely  believe that she tried to get Alexis fired, she is a two faced narcissist. She probably thinks that she and her shady boyfriend should be the main story line. Get rid of Vicki Bravo. Gretchen and Tamara are the stars, then Alexis and Heather!

    20. carmella says:

      Vikki has really become freaky. What’s with the constant facial expressions with the rolling eyes and the pursing lips.  Perhaps menopause is really affecting her.

    21. OhTheDrama says:

      Has anyone noticed that Heather resembles the GRINCH? lol

    22. OhTheDrama says:

      They could be related!  I can’t decide if I like her “character” yet but my hubby noticed that she looks like the Grinch! 

      • Maichristabel says:


        That’s hilarious.  I make the same comparison between Farrah’s mother on “Teen Mom” and Droopy Dog.

    23. Betty Jo says:

      I dont think a lot of the things people say are true I know Tamra stoped being Vickis friend last year & it has been that way this year too. These people are on tv they LOVE to make other people look bad . Tamra needs to just do her own inventory then she would not have time to do anyone else

    24. Maichristabel says:

      Vicki is like a chipmunk all up in yo’ face. 

    25. Anonymous says:

      Vicki is such a pathetic person and I saw it from the beginning. The very first show way, way back, Vicki hid her hateful ways pretty well. None of the women back then were vicious until Tamra came along..she knew Vicki was alpha dog so she pushed Jeana off the cliff (the show) and that seemed to have started the Mean Girls that live in Houses (not paid for) in a City!! Now, that is the case in all of the Housewives of DRAMA..who can be the meanest and not break any laws but stay relevant enough to not be shown the door by their creator (sorry Alexis, you need him more than Jesus for your fame, sigh) Bravo’s Big Papa, Andy!!

    26. Lencathk says:

      It’s time that Vicki takes a good look at her photos and see that she really needs to start wearing a bra or some kind of support….she is not in her 30’s any longer!!!!!

    27. BevManecke says:

      Not true,They are still friends.Vicki Alexis Lydia are still hanging out.Alexis,says she forgives Gretchen but does not want to be around her.Good for you Alexis,Gretchen did you wrong .

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