EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Barney – “I’m Worried About Vicki Gunvalson!”

Posted on June 22nd, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Tamra Barney is defending her low opinion of Vicki Gunvulson's boyfriend Brooks Ayers, saying she is worried about Vicki.

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Vicki and Tamra are cast mates on Real Housewives of Orange County and have been friends for years -- but Tamra has made it clear she doesn't trust Brooks.

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In her Bravo blog, Vicki slams Tamra for not liking Brooks and compares her behavior to Jeana Keough's.

Vicki says: "It seems like from season to season Tamra targets who she is going to go after, and unfortunately this year it was Alexis, Brooks, and myself. It makes me sad because I have been so supportive and happy for her and Eddie. Everything was fine with our relationships, until suddenly she became a different person towards Brooks.  Remember why Tamra was mad at Jeana last year? To refresh your memory, it was because Jeana was getting involved in Tamra and Simon's marriage and "butting in." Hmmm. . .isn't that what she has been doing with Brooks and I?"

We reached out to Tamra, who exclusively tells RumorFix this is nonsense and the two situations are in no way similar:

"Jeana was going to the press and giving them false stories about me. That no way compares to me not liking Brooks. I simply don't care for Brooks like everyone else, including her own family. I am worried for Vicki and feel she is being taken advantage of. At this point I have said all that I can and when she needs me I will be there for her."

What do you guys think - is Vicki really being taken for a ride? Vote in our poll!

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  • 43 Responses

    1. Jane says:

      Look, Brooks went to PRISON for not paying his child support! And Vicki is paying for his entire lifestyle, he is TOTALLY scamming her! 

      • Maichristabel says:

        Well, it is an edited TV show, so it’s hard to really know all the facts.  Still, Brianna’s reactions seem a reliable gauge as far as what Brooks is probably all about away from the cameras: a charismatic opportunist taking advantage of a profoundly lonely woman. 

      • Niki says:

        Brianna is the most level-headed woman on the show, so I trust her judgement of Brooks.  Also it’s a known fact, not a rumor, that he owed $100,000 in back child support.  I have a low opinion of a man who doesn’t support his kids.  As for Vicki getting back with Donn, the only reason I don’t want that to happen is that he deserves someone who will treat him better than Vicki ever did.  She treated him  like sh*t in my opinion.  She will never maintain a relationship until she learns that “filling up your love tank” is a two-way street.  She’s all about me, me, me and has been ever since I started watching the show.  You can’t maintain a marriage when one is traveling all the time and would rather party with the people you work with than be home with your family.  And it’s not just the traveling, I know a lot of people travel with their jobs, it’s different when you’re a workaholic and are married to your job.  She neglected the relationship.  She’s a classic narcissist.  She’s so blessed to have 2 good kids and soon a grandbaby.  She needs to go to therapy and get some help. Sometimes when people are infatuated with someone like she is, they can’t see the situation for what it really is.  She should go away for a couple of weeks and give it some serious thought, taking everything into consideration that people are trying to tell her.  

        • Icdedadams says:

          I agree. Brianna is more mature than Vicki ever will be. Even when Brianna was going through the worst of her illness, Vicki made it all about her. Poor Brianna to have a mother so selfish when she herself is trying to do what’s best where her mom is concerned.

        • Kensington7272 says:

          I completely agree with you. I have been watching the show since it’s inception and Vicki would also go on vacation with her kids or friends and never take Don.  One time someone asked him why he wasn’t going with her and he responded – “I wasn’t asked.”  How can you not ask your husband to go on vacation with you?  She was just as much at fault in the downfall of that marriage.

    2. guest says:

      Vicki needs to dump Brooks and find herself before she gets so serious in a relationship. 

    3. DA LADY LUV says:

      Vicki ..WAKE UP !!!!!!     someone else can full up that love tank !!!!  maybe better.

    4. Iluvthebbc_132 says:

      Vicki is choosing a man over her children!  Regardless of the fact that her two children are grown adults a woman should listen to her children and step back from the relationship with the man not her children.  Maybe this guy has her brainwashed or something….it is just too weird!  Vicki is headed for a very big fall and it is sad to watch her as she drags herself closer and closer to the edge of the abyss.  I for one will not enjoy seeing her fling herself over the edge.  If this man was an authentic “nice guy” he would step away from the situation for a few months and give Vicki some time to reflect and repair the relationships with her children and friends. 

      • Trimjo says:

        No man should ever come between you and your children. Children are usually right when it comes to our choice in men. We as women refuse to look at the signs. Out of the mouth of babes, comes the truth. Vicki you have too much going for yourself to settle. Find you a man that has more to offer you than spending your hard earn money. Don’t settle for sloppy seconds. You deserve much more. Linda.

    5. Twinbot 2 says:

      Shes such a hag she deserves all the misfortune that happens to her.
      *and also Sara needs to seek rehab she is one angry drunk.

    6. Laurel Barneburg says:

      Does anyone else get a gag reflex when Vickie talks about her dried up “love tank”  If I never hear that phrase again it will be to soon.

    7. i dont know if anyone has noticed but Brooks’ peculiar behavior seems a little bit like a functioning alcoholic. He practically fell out of the limo with Vicki’s fur and it explains why he uses those cheesy lines on Vicki so it distracts from talking about his personal life. I think it also why he is so passive and lets her run sh*t.

    8. Lindacarrier77 says:

      Can’t stand Brooks, BUT, can’t stand Tamra either! She DOES target people every single season and goes overboard on her mean treatment and Bitchy head-shot quotes. Tamra is an old dried up hag that lies about everything. My opinion, she ruined this hw series, just a trailor trash skank – lazy and simple. She was independent for a hot-minute and HAD to get engaged. She sucks money off everyone and don’t even get me started on what a horrible, selfish mother she is! Ugh! She is as ugly on the inside as the outside!

      • Maichristabel says:

         You say Tamra lies about everything.  Yet Tamra and Brianna are on the same page where Brooks is concerned.  By logical extension, then, you are saying that Brianna is a liar. 

        What’s even more weird is that your comment suggests that on some level you believe you personally know a television personality.  That’s a pretty sick thought to have.  I hope your IP address is known.

      • Mijotyzo says:

         i love tamra! she just tells it like it is!! a lil harsh sometimes maybe but sometimes thats what it takes…and you are either jealous or totally blind or both if you think she is ugly, you must be looking in the mirror!!! lol

    9. Angie from Mississippi says:

      Any man who can buy a coat made of dead animals can pay his childsupport. What a total jerk.

    10. Rubyrd5 says:

      The more people talk about Brooks she will stick up for him! She will see the truth when she is ready!!

    11. Originalcyn says:

      Both Crook’s Ex girlfriends and his Ex nanny were on another site talking about him. It seems he was trying to hook up with one this weekend and has been calling her regularly. The coat was given to Brooks for promotion by a place in Newport Beach. I don’t see what the attraction is myself. I guess you get what you pay for. 

    12. Kathy Law says:

      Vicki you need a trip alone to think things out . Tamra just thinking of you and youkid love  youTo be blunt your been taken for .Words mean nothing but showing says another .

    13. Vicki is such a hypocrite!  What is this guys story, anyway?  What has been confirmed is he has multiple arrests for non payment of child support of $40,000 to two different women plus a DUI. He didn’t have the money to pay his own bail of $1000 on the 2009 DUI arrest and now he’s living large enough to  be a player in Vicki’s world?  If Vicki wasn’t so narcissistic she would understand why her friends are concerned and not be mad at them because if it was any of them dating Brooks she would have freaked out all over the place.  I think she deserves what she gets but I hate to see her family hurt by it.  It’s sad though, that Vicki is so needy she is willing to settle for this guy who appears to be at the very least enjoying the money she has worked so hard for…it looks pathetic.

    14. Bettie says:

      Tamra worried about yourself, you are not a nice person!

    15. Geigen07 says:

      Maichristabel is right- we don’t know all of the facts on an edited TV show…but I have seen enough footage of our Vicki to form an opinion about her.

      1- Like most of us, she wants to be loved- so much that at this point she is shaken and hyper emotional- even unstable at times, and picks men that are socioeconomically beneath her level. I’ve been there in my life. It has scared my friends.

      2- She’s incredibly smart and has SINGLE HANDEDLY built an insurance empire in California- no small accomplishment.  She is a model for the self-made woman.

      My bets are all on Vicki. I see no evidence that at any time in her life, she handed over her assets to a man out of a need to be loved. Sharing a (probably small balance) checking account? Yes- but I’m thinking this is out of simple convenience so he doesn’t have to ask her for money for a lunch or to put gas in the car. Bought lavish gifts? Yes. Acted ridiculous? Yes. 
      I just don’t see her signing her fortune over to Brooks though. I don’t see Brooks being shrewd enough to get her to do it, either.

      Tamra I am so very proud of you. You made it through to the other side. You are a sweet, beautiful soul who is not afraid to share your personal growth on national TV so that the rest of us can learn and benefit. 



    16. Mochalatte says:

      Vicki you might have book smart but you don’t have commen since. This man is way worse then your exhusband. You have to be suffering from mid life crises.. You can at least get a man that has some class, commen since and more then what you have. Don’t you ever say another word about Blade because your man is worse.

    17. Cody says:

      Vicki this man is draining you. You have aged so much since you left Donn. You even have a twitch or something is going on with your mouth. You really need to go back to your ex or find you someone with class. Go on Million dollar match maker that would be good for you because this man doesn’t want you. He’s a loser, he is beneath Blade.

    18. SAMRA101 says:

      she threw Donn under the bus—–no one is perfect—-but Icky daughter gave us the low down on Brooks—she did not like it—–she is just desperate to be loved——but she is paying for him to love her….he could not pay for his own teeth—damn now that’s just horrible—her bragging about changing his clothes, his did, hid that…I know old Donn is somewhere laughing his head off—–because he could never make her happy——she could not make date nite once a week..

    19. Sela says:

      Vicki needs to dump that looser Brooks come on really Vicki…? Her daughter called it right on, he is nothing but an opportunist 100%, why is Vicki having to defend him over her own daughter…? Thats just wrong Vicki Scum bags come and go but your daughter if for life!! Dont pick that looser over your daughter, your better off going back to that wonderful man you were married too Don was a total GEM!! your going back wards Vicki, DUMP THAT OPPORTUNIST YOUR DATING PLUS HE’S SO NOT CUTE HE’S MORE LIKE EWEEEEEEEE!!  

    20. berry says:

      That coat had no tags, no box, no bag- was it used? Who knows where that coat came from??? EEW.

    21. Calcat13 says:

      Something is fishy about Brooks. Vicky shouls have stayed with Donn. I can’t wait to find out what is up with Brooks. I think he is a low life blood sucker.

    22. Bernie Kolat Lyons says:

      Vicky needs you more than ever befor .Stand by her side and catch her if she falls.Thats whst friends are for !

    23. Kaleenavaleisa says:

      It’s not fair! I wanna watch this series but bravo int on sky n e more over here. How can we watch it in England? :0(

      • Hawaiigirl09 says:

        Try Hulu 🙂 it’s a website you can watch ur tv shows.

      • Star_angel345 says:

        I type in watch online housewives of orange county season 7 and look for the the email watch series and you can watch the all, I should know as i have just watched all of season 7 doing this hope this helps and I live in the UK..:))

    24. carmella says:

      Brooks just seems creepy. The way he talks is creepy too

    25. OklaHW says:

      She’s reminding me of a 16yr old girl. whos dating a horrible highschool guy that her parents/family can’t stand. the more people warn her ab her bad bf the more she wants to be with him. everyone needs to back off and let her make her own mistakes and when she falls, just be there for her. Very big of Tamra to just leave it alone and say she’ll be there for her when vicks needs her.

    26. Beechlane says:

      Don’t know about Brooks yet.  But I do know, that you have no idea how to be a friend and picking a fight with Brooks at Heather’s party was just wrong. 

    27. Dkcallya says:

      Tamra is just a troublemaker!

    28. Star_angel345 says:

      I am with you! Vicki’s new man is an arse if her closest friends can see it and i certainly see it not sure why she can’t. They do say love is blind, my gripe is all this attention she is giving to Brooke why did she never do it with Donn. It always seemed it was Vicki;s way and Donn had no choice in anything and now this new guy showers her with suggestions her love tank is full. If she was not so hard on Donn and allowed time off for them to be together they would still be together. Donn was a real genuine nice guy and Vicki was lucky to have him, she said she never settles for second best well she just has with Brooke. He’s a con artist and a fraud and Vicki is suppose to be a business lady not a smart move Vicki. 

    29. Star_angel345 says:

      The one thing that makes me laugh is Vicki’s comment on everyone  life and now she is with Brooke it like it does not matter!! Again might I stress my heart goes out to Donn if only I lived in the OC:) would not be his type mind you but thats OK lol. He deserved more than what he got and sooner of later Vicki will see she has made a big mistake. It is not for Donn to fight it’s for Vicki to sit him down and talk about where it went wrong and what they can do to fix it, I say it is never too late. Lex really needs to watch herself more because everything they say is true and you know what they say about that. At every god given opportunity she spouting of i did this and i have that what does she expect. she is very pretty i give her that with or without make-up but her sole sucks. As judge Judy states ” BEAUTY FADES BUT DUMB IS FOREVER”  what  more can I say other than I miss DONN big hug to him 

    30. jess says:

      vicki is obviously getting conned/scammed by brooks… think about it if everyone shes been friends with for years who have had her back i.e tamara and even her own daughter are suspicious of this guy obviously somethings shady.. vicki is just too blinded by his generic and fake comments to see it. she would ruin her relationship of years with her friends and even her own daughter for some guy she just met. sad. vicki claims “they dont want me to be happy blah blah  blah”… why would her own daughter and tamara and other gfs not want her to be happy? stupidest excuse ever. obviously he is a scam artist and was even on 20/20 for not paying child support and ditching his own 4 children by 2 women to come to the OC to hang out with vicki…for a successful buisnesswoman she is being a complete idiot! also if her own daugther is suspicious of this guy vicki should see it as a sure sign.. sigh some women are idiots

    31. Missy Bancroft says:

      Her daughters comments and opinions say it all. Brianna has been part of this show for years basically on the sidelines, she is a straight shooter, she is quite reserved and doesn’t make comments and try to show off. Everything she has said about him is probably correct. Vicki is a lonely broad and she craves love and attention. It seems like Brooks is trying to play a “Southern Gentleman” character, I bet he is anything but. Her daughter confirmed that Vicki had been seeing him for years. He was just waiting for her and Donn to break up so he could pounce, its obvious that he tried pretty hard to make himself a character on the show. Picking that fight with Tamera, the way he spoke to Heather. He knows what he is doing…Brianna is right!

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