EXCLUSIVE: New Details In Tamra Barney/Ghost Writer Battle

Posted on June 25th, 2012 at 11:12 am

Tamra Barney is currently embroiled in a legal battle with a ghost writer called Heather Hummel - but what's the background on this story?

Heather Hummel sued Tamra in small claims court for breach of contract, claiming Tamra never gave her the material needed for a book she agreed to help write. She was therefore unable to meet the publisher's deadlines. A judge sided with Heather and ordered Tamra to pay $3,000.

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But a source close to both Tamra and Heather exclusively set the record straight to us and says there is a lot more to this story that meets the eye.

"Heather wanted this book to relaunch her career, she wanted to be on TV. She told me she was going to get a makeover and all this other stuff but when she found out Bravo decided not to include her parts in Real Housewives of Orange County she got angry.

"Tamra paid her $4,000 for a book outline and sample chapters - as agreed. The point of the book was a self-help book for women going through divorce. The voice was supposed to be a cross between Jenny McCarthy and something more serious, because it was such a bad time for Tamra (when she was divorcing Simon Barney). But that's not what Heather wrote, it was more like a Housewives fan book. It didn't even sound like Tamra. Heather got pissed off and refused to make the changes Tamra requested, unless she was paid $14,000 for it.

Tamra refused, so Heather sued for $10,000 and won $3,000. She is an opportunist who desperately wanted the Real Housewives to make her famous. Tamra is seriously considering appealing the sentence because she has now paid $7,000 for a terrible book."

RumorFix reached out to Tamra Barney, who tells us she can't comment on an ongoing court case.

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    1. Bettie says:

      Please like Tamra is a good example!

      • Naomi says:

        They’re all fame whores but Tamra more so than the others.  Don’t actually get why the others follow her lead so much.  She is the CLASSIC mean girl and has so much hatefulness surrounding her, I just don’t get why anybody would want to be her friend – friend one day, enemy the next.  She’s a horrible person.

        • Cheyannelicks says:

          I totally agree she can be vicious .I don’t understand why she attacks Alexis all the time could it be that she projects her own bad behavior on others because I really don’t see anything that she says has any truth to it. I can’t believe how she pretends she cares about Vicki’s well being yet says horrible things about her and the man that Vicki obviously adores. I use to like Tamra but now I’m glad that she is nota friend of mine she’s horrible!!

    2. Dawnlily12 says:

      I HIGHLY doubt Tamra is the right person to be writing a self-help book about divorce…She was not the most graceful during her recent diovorce

    3. davefaler says:

      The slimiest two on the show are Heather and her hubby. Trouble makers that come across as reasonable classy people. These two are slumming for the fun of it.

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