Did Chris Brown Threaten Cher On Twitter?

Posted on June 7th, 2012 at 9:03 am

When it comes to Chris Brown rumors, the R&B singer is usually guilty until proven innocent, but RumorFix is up to the challenge of helping Brown clear his name when it comes to reckless gossip. Brown is currently being accused of threatening Cher on Twitter over comments she made about President Obama.

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Brown's alleged tweet read:

"That d*mn granny b*tch Cher needs to keep her mouth shut about her opinion against Obama! SMH, she needs a beating!"

While Brown has done some rather boneheaded things on Twitter, even we have a hard time believing he'd be dumb enough to tweet this out, and as it turns out, he didn't. A rep for the singer tells RumorFix, "It is a fake tweet; it was not written by Chris Brown."

Well, duh.

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  • 2 Responses

    1. Christy says:

      isnt his account protected? why would he let someone post stuff on his twitter he is so dumb. argh wow

    2. Kaylee says:

      Are you really doubting that he wrote this? This slime ball was probably off his meds when he wrote it. What his rep meant to say is: “Chris wrote this, but it’s been deleted and we gave him his Lithobid right after.” Ugh this guy is nothing but a violent piece of scum. 

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