Chris Brown On Boxing Drake: What Million Dollars?

Posted on June 28th, 2012 at 5:48 am

If you're expecting to see Chris Brown and Drake squaring off in a boxing ring anytime soon, you might not want to hold your breath.

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While boxing promoter Damon Feldmen tells RumorFix that he's offered $1 million to both artists to fight each other three rounds in a televised event, a rep for Brown says the likelihood of that happening is slim because he knows nothing about it.

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"We've never heard of any offer," the rep explained, after RumorFix broke news of the offer to him. "It's just someone trying to get press for themselves," the rep continued.

That could be the case, but Feldmen says he's planning on having a press conference in Los Angeles on Friday to prove just how serious he is about his offer. The Hollywood Fight Night promoter plans on bringing two million dollars in cash to the event to show Chris and Drake he's the real deal.

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  • 3 Responses

    1. caram says:

      I wouldn’t want $1 million to even WATCH that fight -__-

    2. Sam says:

      can i pay them to crawl in a hole? cool story bro.

    3. Mike23 says:

      It would have been a good fight!! My money would be on Chris. Drake seems that he would win verbally but not physically. 

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