Amia Miley: That’s Me, Not Kim Kardashian Naked In Kanye’s Hotel Room

Posted on June 13th, 2012 at 5:02 am


Did Kanye West just do what people are saying he did? Did the Chicago rapper really just tweet out a naked picture of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian eating breakfast inside a hotel room?

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It's the photograph everyone is talking about this morning, especially after Kanye allegedly deleted the image from his Twitter feed, but is the brunette beauty in the picture Kim or someone else? After the intimate image was released, Kim instantly became a trending topic on Twitter, further spreading news of the provocative image on the web.

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Still, RumorFix has learned that despite the uncanny resemblance, the girl in the picture is none other than porn star, Amia Miley.

"Apparently a naked photo of me eating is going viral ... as Kim Kardashian ... I'm confused," she tweeted.

"I'm not going to argue about whether that pic is me or not. Want proof? Look at the back dimple piercings. Kim doesn't have those," Amia tweeted out, along with the same image Kanye allegedly had earlier posted and deleted. "Oh, and my right wrist piercing shows in the pic too ... the end," she adds, pointing out a huge piece of evidence.

Kim Kardashian does not have a wrist piercing as the woman in the image does, so we're buying Amia's story. Now, as for when Amia was in Kanye's hotel room, if ever, well that's a different story.

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  • 6 Responses

    1. MisterJimJamm says:

      Chick’s bottom is cray. 

    2. David says:

      this is amia miley, she has 2 piercings above her a$$, if i were kim k i would be ragging over the fact that my “new” man has a nude pic of a woman who’s having breakfast on his bed in a hotel room! i bet she wishes it was her who’s on that pic now….. remember what you did to kris humphries life miss. K? OH YEAH! KARMA IS A BIOOOOCH! 

    3. KardashJenner says:

      so creepy cuz the face in the pic does kinda look like kim. kim must be soooo mad i dont get why kanye would tweet that out in the first place. and he looks dumb for deleting it the damage is already done

    4. Josh says:

      hi this is your butt speaking– put the cupcake down.

    5. Rpina17 says:

      I agree with you David

    6. Preciousone617 says:

      You don’t even see kanye what the hell are you guys talking about for all you know amia can be by herself smdh and stop bring up shyt from kims face I didn’t know y’all know her personally lol pathethic if you don’t like her don’t comment its a waste of time

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