Alex McCord: The Truth Behind Those ‘Housewives’ Trips!

Posted on June 19th, 2012 at 10:48 am

In Alex McCord's latest Real Housewives of New York recap, we find out who really plans those 'Housewifes' trips, and what is and is not premeditated for the show.

Alex says, "We see a producer set up - we see that they knew good and well that Aviva and Ramona would be together and they got Heather to call right at that time, those are not accidents, that is never not premeditated."

PICTURES: RHONY Season 5 Viewing Party!

Alex also talks about the danger of bringing a husband to a girls event -- something she had to deal with when she was on the Real Housewives herself. Watch the full video below!

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    1. Andreas says:

      I really enjoy Alex’s commentary. Good Job. 

    2. Conductenor says:

      Alex is the best! I miss her on the show, but love the commentary!

    3. I love learning all the tricks of the trade!  Alex, you’re the greatest!!  I’m so glad you found thig gig and are still involved with the show.

    4. chance says:

      As usual fun behind the scenes. Thank You

    5. Laura RHONC says:

       @mccordalex You have the most fabulous commentary. Thank you for answering my qusetion. Love the details, and your personal points of view.

    6. Slcofano says:

      I’m loving your insight! You do have a way with words. Perhaps you should write another book…pure fiction this time. Oh, and I do miss you on the show. You were one of my favorites.

    7. BessiB says:

      Loved it!

    8. Caressmorell says:

      Great – am loving this insider view and Alex seems less wound up being on the show!! Keep up the good work Alex!

    9. Ponybuster says:

      Just luv it Alex…Miss u on the show & so glad your doing this…Also I’m still having a hard time hearing

    10. Calvinbags says:

      amazing really enjoyed it

    11. Stephanie says:

      More Please Madam………

    12. SuQ says:

      Alex you are fabulous on camera!  I think this is your true calling (not trashy reality:)

      • Mokey says:

        Alex needs to cut down on the botox

      • Heather says:

        Alex Sweetie, Take a note from the your fired cast mates and let the housewives stuff go. But I guess fame is hard to let go of. It would look better if you had nothing to say about it at all. But hey, I’m still gonna watch your commentary to see just how bitter you can be. You make it so hard for me to like you. I’m Sorry.

    13. Lyndi says:

      Oh so deliciously juicy! I look so forward to my Tuesday Alex fix! You have so enlightened us on the sneaky, behind the scenes & editing that I can truthfully say it’s the ONLY reason I’m watching this season at all! Still, I have to agree with so many other viewers, it is incredibly boring so far. Please don’t misconstrue that to mean I miss Jill…not at all! Even the sound of her voice makes me ill. Yet again, in agreement with so many others, TV needs an outlet for Silex to return. I hope you know you have earned many fans out here, especially after the last two seasons when you found your voice, stood for what you believe in, and never compromised your family or friends while mantaining your dignity & truth! I, for one, admire and miss you! Til next week…

    14. Anntintinr1 says:

      Sonya’s toaster oven, Mac and cheese with truffle oil, hilarious. Alex I like you recap and inside knowledge. Make it funnier though and slower.

    15. Kerri says:

      Great Job Alex!!!!   Love it  Ithink it is pretty obvious how scenes are instigated but the reaction is not.  That is how we get to know each character.  Maybe some are able to always be aware of the fact that they are being filmed.  You can see Ramona was hurt.  One small criticism.  The sound is a little hollow.  I had everything turned up all the way.  Probably a minor adjustment.  I didn’t notice the outside noise in the first episode. 

    16. Darren says:

      Audio quality is horrible. Alex – and your readers – deserve better than that.  C’mon Rumorfix, throw a mic on her so we can hear better.  How about decent lighting while you’re at it.  The content of these recaps is excellent but they look like they were shot on your iPhone.

    17. Sally says:

      Alex is awesome.  She has a good heart

    18. Bettie says:

      Team Alex!

    19. LuAnne’s painting wouldn’t sign a release form because it is mortified to be a painting of LuAnne.  I mean if you were a painting would you want to be one of LuAnne?

    20. I think Aviva got away with bringing Reid without it being drama because a) Ramona wasn’t there to ” call it like she sees it” (the other wives are more polite) and b) Reid is less shall we say “polarizing” that Simon is.    I LOVE Simon, he grew to be a fascinating character on the show, mainly because he’s so unusual and eccentric, but unusual people (I’m one so I know) are often misunderstood by people when they first meet them as I think Alex and Simon both were the first season.  Reid is just, well, kind of boring.  He wont elicit comment from the other wives because I’m pretty sure they barely noticed he was there.

    21. Rico Arico says:

      I really like your inside commentary Alex.  I miss you on the show.

    22. SoundQualityPolice says:

      love the commentary, would really appreciate better sound quality…

    23. Jennifer says:

      Alex, I miss you and Simon and I have stopped watching the show when you weren’t invited back.   I don’t understand how Andy Cohen is so high up in Bravo he seems like such a jerk and so full of himself and slobbers all over that horrid LuAnn.  I would like to see them bring you and Simon back for more money and cut LuAnn.

    24. Debbie H says:

      Thanks Alex for ur inside scoops.  I wish they would of kept u & let LuAnn go.  I hope these ladies grow on me soon or I am turning the channel.  I think I may hold on just to hear all the juicy secrets, that we have all wondered about. So I am actually watching a rerun so I can find some of the clues, u pointed out.  I just cant figure out how LuAnn thinks its OK to discuss her decision of giving birth with her daughter.  This is the same daughter that raised herself, no actually the housekeeper did. I wish Andy would get rid of her ass. But maybe b/c she is so hated ppl watch. (Is that why they fired Jill? Besides she was too old, it didnt matter how many hoochy hair style they gave her.) We miss u & I can speak from a group of 8 ladies that use to tune in for u & Simon.  Keep giving us the secrets, may inside, love ur backyard but the plane drowned u out  🙂

    25. Jeff says:

      As usual Alex brings the sanity and the fresh air.

    26. That's not my name. says:

      Yeay, this was really GREAT!  Loved it, Alex!!

    27. Bam717 says:

      Great job Alex!  Miss ya but glad to see you here and good luck.

    28. Vinnythechins says:

      I really liked the recap, Alex.  To be honest, you weren’t my favorite cast member, but you had some challenges in the storylines.  Simon was portrayed as eccentric, possibly gay and wanting a larger role on the show.  Your kids weren’t shown in the best light, either.  You did give them some snooty sounding names for kids from Brooklyn.  Frankie and Johnny are now Francois and Johan. 

      Anyway, I’ll look forward to watching more recaps from you.  I join the other commenters who asked that you upgrade your audio recording technology.  Just get a microphone and a stand and let it be in the shot.

    29. Tpabayguy says:

      Hmmm seems like Alex is bitter , how sad. Anyway what’s going on with your life now? Ohh you are trying to share secrets about the show cause you are no longer on it. Lol boring. And yes the light and mic sucks.

    30. Bryan says:

      With all her knowledge of how these shows are made it sure didn’t keep her from the chopping block did it?

    31. Say What! says:

      Wow, loving these videos wrap-ups!!!   I just became aware of them today when I saw a link on … I hate to say, Alex comes off 1,000% better on these than she did on the show. lol… Informative, well presented and funny… very nice!  I REALLY enjoyed the part about the credits and if you see “promotional consideration provided by…”  that it means the show paid for the trip/travel expenses.  I didn’t know that.  I’ll be sure to watch the credits from now on.  

      LOL at the part about husbands not being welcome…. good to see you can laugh about that. 

      Keep up the great work! 🙂

    32. Nancy says:

      Thanks for answering the questions we all have and clearing up much of the “Is this real, or a set-up” questions we all have. (Seems to be half and half!)  I was saddened when you, Alex, were axed from the show, you seemed the most real and un-scripted and I think many of us can relate to you. I wish it was Luanne instead of you! Her bad grammar mixed with haughtiness is such a turn-off. I wish she would stop saying “alls” as in “alls I want…”! It’s “all I want….” Alls is NOT a word, Countess!

    33. Pudgie Leu says:

      the sound is terrible I cant understand a thing you are saying

    34. The sound needs help but I love me some Alex.

    35. Anonymous says:

      Alex -you better hope BRAVO doesnt SUE you/ WOW scorned still-We didnt want you SOOO GOOO AWAY -you and your creepy husbands 15 minutes ARE up -A scorned person will LIE

    36. Carmen says:

      Alex, this stinks! You are such a hater! Why didn’t you regale us with the
      “Truth” while you were on the show? Talk about sour grapes. You’re
      worse than Ramona who is a hateful, ridiculous woman!

    37. Lindaconner84 says:

      you have always been my favorite……but you were too real and not ugly enough on the inside to be a part of that show.  Be glad that you no longer have to be with people who are so dark on the inside and so bank as human beings.  I actually cringe when I have time to watch any of those housewive shows.  I just can’t believe the UGLY that they show is.  

      I liked you and your husband. I used to call those shows my guilty pleasures until I realized it was not any pleasure to see people without souls pretending to be interesting.

    38. Lindaconner84 says:

      sorry below I meant to write “blank” instead of bank and “I just can’t believe the UGLY that they show is….I meant to write how ugly the show and the people are…..its late….sorry……

    39. JJ Murphy says:

      wow , Ramona is really awful this year

      BRAVO fired the wrong people

    40. Iwavemusic says:

      You’re doing a great job Alex!  Would love to meet you sometime!


    41. Cellin77 says:

      I love you Alex…I just lost my job today…can I work for a good person like you?:)

    42. As says:

      nice alex!!

    43. Csaporito says:

      Not a fan of Alex, but I liked the info she gives, just wish it was someone else delivering it.

    44. Baz says:

      Alex you are one ugly minger.

    45. Baz says:

      Instead of spending money on clothes, you wanna get your teeth fixed. Get rid of that gummy, manky tooth smile.

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