Alex McCord: The New Girls In NYC Have A Lot To Learn!

Posted on June 26th, 2012 at 2:24 pm

In Alex McCord's latest recap for Real Housewives of New York, she sheds some light on more behind-the-scenes details, including product placement in the show (and the appropriate way to handle it!).

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Alex also talks about how the new girls have a lot to learn about the ins and outs of reality TV.

Watch the full video below!

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    • Jpokemaster2

      Alex!  I miss you so much this season!  I’m warming up to the new girls but I really don’t like the way they’re going after crazy Ramona!  

    • Pam Dryburgh

      Good piece again this week.  Your laugh still makes me smile. 

    • Rod

      Love you, Alex!

    • Mbeyer

      Missing Silex on RHONY but loving your insights!

    • Ladyginger

      Miss you Simon and Jill, the new show is incredibly boring and very forced

    • Dawnlily12

      I miss seeing the eccentric Simon & Alex on RHONY!!!

      • JJ Murphy

        eccentric  . . . .  like  Liberace and Elton John

    • Alex love it! but you really need to mic yourself, I can barely hear you.

    • Anonymous

      Heather is dreadful. If she’s above the show, why do it? I miss Alex and even that attention hound Jill Zarin. Nothing could make me miss that nut Kelly.

    • cherrylipgloss

      Alex. not only do I enjoy learning more about how the wheels turn, but I am increasingly impressed with your reporting. You have an articulate, intelligent and savy style on camera.  I hope you have the opportunity to expand your talents!
      Thanks again for the recap.

      • Teresawww2000

         I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait for future reporting!  I’d love to see Alex report on all the real housewives show’s!

      • Etsybaymiss

        I am so imPressed with Alex. Wow!

    • Villegirl

      I think you’ve found your niche — you’re very good at this and it’s really entertaining to watch. Good job!

    • Pups

      Astute summary Alex! I don’t know what I’m enjoying more, the RHONY or your reporting on it.  Nice work!!!! Get your DP to get you better lit and put a mike on you because you are really good at this and deserve it.

    • chance

      As usual it is fun to get the inside scoop.

    • Liza_27

      Alex, Anyone can be on reality tv, but it takes an articulate, spunky & knowledgeable individual to do a <5 minute report with pizzazz.  Love it — keep it up!  I see a talk show in your future!

    • I love these videos almost as much as watching the show. Very interesting behind the scenes look, plus its great to see Alex again (my fave new yorker in the past).

      • Well Nina that wasn’t negative at all. 😉

    • Sally

      Love your videos!!!

    • Maryholland2

      Alex, you look absolutely beautiful!

    • Maryholland2

      Alex, you need to get back on the show!! I think you would be great addition.  How can we plea to get you back on . I just love your blogs and its not fair!!!! Please tell us what we can do.

      •  You can’t she’s done, this is her future

        • cherrylipgloss

          Yes, Bryan it is…and Alex is so bright and talented that the last thing she needs is RHONY. She can and will do bigger and better things

          •  When is that happening? why hasn’t she been nabbed up by some network or something?

          • JJ Murphy

            bright  ???

            Alex’s IQ = 30

    • Anonymous

      So great hearing the back story…wish you could do it for all the RH! This is better than the show!!

    • Very informative Alex. I truly appreciate your weekly updates/insiders point of view. Can’t wait for next week.

      • JJ Murphy

        informative ???

        give me a break

    • Cyn

      Great job Alex.  I love this spot!!

    • Stephen4044

      Alex I am not watching the show but I have had to sit thru some commercials and hate them the new women and still can’t stand LuAnn.   I have stopped watching and the only show I watch is the Beverly Hills Housewives and may stop watching if Camille does not come back as a full time housewife of Beverly Hills.

    • Stephen4044

      Forgot to mention the reason I am not watching the show, it’s because you and Simon had to go to the corn field and are not returning. I enjoyed watching you guys and I belive you called it right when you told LuAnn  “See You Next Tuesday”  LOL

    • Missnca

      Alex, I love your reports.  Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of yours in season one of rhony but as time when one and I read more of your thoughts online and saw more of you on rhony, I have become a complete fan and love hearing your perspective.  Keep it up!

    • Guest

      Love hearing this insight.  Makes sense, but haven’t really put these things together. THANKS, Alex. 

    • Lindynj

      You said Luann is hiding what is going on in her life.  Tell us more about that.  That phony title of hers is so funny.  And people actually think she is some kind of royalty.  She was born in Connecticut and married some old geezer.  She apparently has no money as they film her in the park instead of at house in the Hamptons.  I laughed when I found out that the condo she had in NYC was rented.  Oh my.  So un-classy.  In addition, she can’t sing at all.  Makes me laugh. 

    • Alex is stupid thats why she and her husband are no longer on the show.

      • Go Away Alex


    • Please dont allow Alex to give her opinion anymore. she’s wasting her time.

      • Smoke

        Alex is a dunce

    • guest

      Alex, you are WONDERFUL!  Your pieces are better than the show itself.  Big thanks for all of the work it takes to put this together!

    • Heather in NOLA

      YOUR recaps are the best thing that ever happened to RHONY! I mean that sincerely! I wish all of the RH franchises had recaps and explanations of how things work the way you do these, and might I say you do them very very well 🙂 don’t stop! There might be tons of RH bloggers out there recapping episodes but not a single one is someone who has an inside track on what actually goes on. Thank you, Alex!! “Bravo” to you for a job well done!!

    • Guest

      That’s right Alex, you’re a “real’ authority on what the newbies, should and should not do; do the “exact” opposite of what you suggest. I mean really; you were FIRED!!! It looks everyone was right about you, you’ll do ANYTHING to stay relevant.

      • JJ Murphy

        Alex was a moron

    • Irishsetter

      love your comments Alex!!! love you!!!

    • JJ Murphy

      Alex , the voice of reason and sanity !!

    • Kirstylparkin

      Oh my goodness…. Housewives is my guilty pleasure & I did enjoy Alex & Simon purely because they are such vile wannabes but I can’t believe she is clinging onto the last fragments so desperately and doing this! Bow out gracefully – you were sacked for a reason! Cringe. Can’t watch this tripe!

    • afshan

      I think you have great observational and analytical skills. I was always curious how things worked behind the camera, how the drama was created etc…and you shed light on that. You’re doing a great job presenting…very clear and to the point. 🙂