Alex McCord: LuAnn de Lesseps Is Trying To Hide Her Real Life!

Posted on June 12th, 2012 at 1:00 pm

In Alex McCord's latest Real Housewives of New York recap, we find out what she thinks about the Ramona Singer/ LuAnn de Lesseps showdown, and how LuAnn is trying to keep her real life problems off the show.

"LuAnn has a history of wanting to sweep things under the rug," says Alex. "She's had a lot of press about issues in her life whether it is with her family, her children, her husband, her marriage, dancing on tables -- I was even there for some of that and it does happen. LuAnn's trying to keep it off the show. Ramona is trying to keep her honest."

Alex also spots a renegade Bravo star in one of the scenes - and talks about the new ladies and their drama. Make sure to watch the full video below!

PICTURES: RHONY Season 5 Viewing Party!

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    1. Laura P says:

      Another informative recap. I almost feel like I’m cheating, geting an insiders point of view. Thank you for keeping it real. You look wonderful.

    2. renee helene says:

      If all of the ladies are expected to keep it real then why doesn’t Ramona own her daughter’s comments last season about the fact that she is always alone and never knows when or if Ramona will be home? She said she was waiting until 9pm for her parents to come home for dinner and they routinely don’t show so she has to eat by herself. Ramona shoulod take a look at her own home before she threatens to talk about Luanne’s. I really don’t care what they do – they are all guilty of different things and in my opinion, having money doesn’t give you class nor does it make you a good mother.

      • kit says:

        First, Avery never said she was ‘always alone’ or that they ‘routinely don’t show’. That’s just a lie. Avery was talking about one incident. And, even if she weren’t-HUGE difference between parents coming home late and parents living in another city and being cared for by a ‘mother’s helper’. Avery wakes up every morning with her parents in the house…goes ot sleep with her parents in the house. Avery wasn’t raised by the help. Luann’s own housekeeper Rosie said in S1 that she raised the kids and that Luann is never home. We also saw Luann’s poor son beg his mother to stay and have dinner one night and Luann laughed and flew out the door to go have cocktails downtown. Can’t compare the two…Luann and Ramona as far as parenting goes. 

        • Megamindmary says:

          Hey kit!?????

          Are you the fly on the wall in Ramona’s home when Avery’s in bed and her parents are home? Or wait…..i get it Ramona you’re just standing going up for yourself. I mean “kit” is just standing up for Ramona. I got to give it to u Ramona…. Shoot i mean kit. Sorry! Anyway, do you get my meaning?

      • Jess Burn says:

         agreed alex has turned out to be just as awful as romona & as far as bad parenting goes alex gets the big award for that
        her children were little brats on TV!

    3. Kasie says:

      Alex, I love this I will make sure to tune in everyweek to get the Real scoop. Makes so much sence now. I have shared it on fb. And hope to bring in a crowd, to get the Rumor Fix, that we all need out there. Keep on keepin’ on. Miss you on the show.

    4. Abfaboy_2000 says:

      Alex has nothing better to do? She really annoys me how she is in everyone’s business!!

    5. scott76s says:

      sound is terrible.. I’d suggest investing in some sound equiptment.. otherwise, it’s a real turn off

    6. Kasie says:

      At least she’s keepin’ it real. She is speaking from production level. Love it and love the show kinda missing her and Jill, though.

    7. lilymaid says:

      I am very supportive of you doing this.  Please get someone in to fix the audio. Roots. Hair treatment.

      • Laura P says:

        Boo on your comment lilymaid, “Roots. Hair
        treatment” Not only are you rude but I would bet my bottom dollar you’re
        not 100% every day. Was pointing that out truly necessary? You sound like a negaholic. Maybe you should work on yourself before giving advice to others.

        • lilymaid says:

          I am not appearing in a public forum you jerk…take advice to better the presentation.

          • Allegra_d2002 says:

            hey lil, is this not a public  forum?  Too bad we can’t see what you look like right now.  (?Curlers, no makeup, baggy sweats, cigarette dangling out of your mouth as you type?)

    8. Smcparty1 says:

      The show has become a freaking joke..Romona and Ms. Morgan are performing for the camera..there is not an ounce of reality in these two heinous women. 

    9. Missy says:

      To be honest the first two episodes have been extremely boring. I think it would have been better to continue with the old cast minus Kelly and Cindy. Watching Kelly made me feel evil, like watching an insane person unravel, she would just get worse and worse suggesting that it wasn’t editing it was her. I’ve always wondered why LuAnn’s children are only seen and hardly ever heard. They are teens, they  must have plenty to say. They would make her so much more interesting if she allowed them to be filmed. It would certainly make her appear less fake, I mean everything finds its way into the tabloids anyway when an individual puts themselves on a reality show. LuAnn trying to hide it makes it worse. Alex if you can please comment on this…Love that your doing this, cutting you and Simon was the worst decision Bravo has made!

      • cook says:

        People… make ur your minds! Are you tired of the fighting/drama or aren’t you? I was pleased with the relatively drama free introduction of the women. I, for one, am so glad that Jill Zarin is gone. She was intolerable… she was a hypocrite and a moron all around…

        • Missy says:

           I get what your saying Cook, I think everyone was kind of tired of Jill’s drama. I really liked her at first but then when she turned on Bethenny Frankel and treated her so badly, your right she showed her true colors as a hypocrite. I honestly felt that these two episodes were terribly boring though, perhaps its editing? I think that Alex and Simon made the show seem more real, like a real family, a real couple. I liked how Alex wasn’t afraid to call people out. I’m sure that the fighting and drama will ramp up again with this new cast, or if they stuck with the old cast. I am just glad that they let Kelly go, the things she would say, I’m sorry but it felt like an insane person was being exploited. When she would try to recover and they would let her speak she just made it worse, I don’t think it was editing…

      • Jamie says:

         Cutting Jill Zarin and Krazy Kelly was the best thing Bravo ever did.

    10. Lady di says:

      Okay. Glad to see Alex is able to stay employed via the show.

      Good job Alex! Also, best wishes as you were mistreated by more than one person including Prince Andy…

    11. chance says:

      Your video blog is more entertaining than the show itself. When will Bravo get it. We want Simex back!

    12. Guanches says:

      You insight is so awesome…it really answers so many questions about what must be going on behind the scenes. Also, yeah, LuAnn and Ramona…the one good quality they both have is that ability to easily sweep it under and move on. It’s probably why they weren’t fired. Whereas, it seemed that someone like Jill was hellbent on grudge-holding and that leads to not filming as much.

    13. guest says:

      Ramona and Luanne both need a reality check – I think both of them should never have children.  I agree with the previous comments about Avery eating alone and not having her parents around.  I grew up that way and now I am a full time hands on parent.  We go to every soccer/baseball/basketball game and every karate event.  So both of these ladies better wake and spend time with their children before its to late. 

    14. Gayle R. says:

      Loved your recap video of this week’s drama on RHONY. Can not wait until the next one.

    15. Ladyhis says:

      Great job Alex…….. you always keep it real!

    16. Jeff says:

      AGAIN LOVED IT!  Really enjoy Alex’s insider POV!  And she looks great!!!

    17. teamsilex says:

      LOVE Alex’s commentary, Love Alex, Love Simon, this is a TREAT! TV Needs Silex back!!! Alex looks great too and seems MUCH more comfortable!!!

    18. Maryla says:

      Alex, you look great. Love hearing your behind-the-scenes commentary and the reasons why we are seeing some of the behavior. I was thinking that Sonja had lost her mind — so not reading the signals from the construction guy. Makes sense now.

    19. Babyolman says:

      Why is Ramona’s vicious mouth, body language honest? What is honest about it? She is a bully, gossiper and has no qualms hurting the countess children by talking about them and perhaps not true. The countess likes to party ? and the rest of  you guys don’t. Ramona should be ignored, or taken out of the show. I cringed everytime she opens her mouth and I absolutely see no success in her even in marriage, she wears the pants, and the man is a yes man..

    20. Jenn in NYC says:


      I am loving your recaps on Rumorfix! I really wish you were back on RHONY. You were the voice of reason, one of the most stable and realistic cast mates.  What Bravo may fail to realize is that people LIKE seeing someone realistic mixed in with the more drama filled cast members. They need to bring back Alex & Simon 🙂

      Until then, I will definitely be tuning in to your recaps here on RumorFix!

    21. pookie89 says:

      your recaps are SHOCKINGLY quite good. You weren’t always my favorite on the show, but these recaps really are well done and fun to watch.

    22. I guess this poor fool didn’t sweat the small stuff as much as she did so she is here now spewing HW secrets LOL!!!!

    23. BessiB says:

      Like.   Quickly became a “must view”.

    24. Maximsmummy says:

      I REALLY enjoyed that! A smart insider’s view what more could you want?

    25. ohio women says:

      Thanks Alex for the truth. Please keep telling us more.

    26. she she says:

      You were always so uncomfortable to watch on the show….for whatever reason. In these videoblogs, you are comfortable, informative, interesting and I love them. Great, great job!

    27. Londonparistokyo says:

      when you sign up for these types of shows, your personal problems are what they are paying you for. the audience craves drama, heartbreak, fear, torment, etc. you shouldnt have signed up for the show if you didnt want to live in a fish bowl with everyone watching your every move. i think its really quite simple.

    28. Kelycrts61 says:

      yay!!! im so happy you are doing this and i still het to “see” you each week…you were/are my favorite housewife..great job!

    29. Anonymous says:

      These are so fun. Alex moved inside the house this week I see. I miss her, she was one of the sanest and smartest and never mean. “stop being red right now! I don’t know how she lasted as long as she did.

    30. TweetyBird says:

      Very interesting.  Good job.  Thanks for a detailed explanation of what the heck Sonja was doing.

    31. Marie Loko says:

      She really didn’t tell us anything we already didn’t know.  LuAnn is desperate to control her enviroment…for eff sake she makes people call her Countess, and she’s a hick from the sticks who went on to get a nursing degree…nothing regal about that life though, she “created” this new life.

    32. Ih Luminada says:

      You look so beautiful!

    33. None Ya says:

      Wow! Was this a cheap way to take a shot at someone you didn’t get along with, after the fact you were cut? Seems to me this is still a low blow confirming issues a person may have with their family when it’s none of your business. I’m sure you would have not appreciated the comments made about your family if you were in LuAnn’s position.

    34. Pima1964 says:

      Hey…what did Aviva lie about on camera that she had to cover her ass? I must have missed something….

    35. James Rook says:

      Loving these video blogs about RHONY

    36. decodiva says:

      So great to see you Alex. I loved you on the show and I love your Rumorfix videos. You are a class act. I wish you success. 

    37. Teaghan says:

      How did Aviva lie?

    38. Audra says:

      Um, I wondered that too, but she I think she lied to Ramona by saying Luann only told her one-on-one about the threatening phone call, rather than how it actually was at the table with all the new housewives there.

    39. Haley Davis says:

      Alex You Sux Your so boring pointing the finger again are we
      ever since LuAnne & Jill made fun of your son humping some guys leg
      You have been like a dog with a bone!!! LET IT GO!!!
      The truth hurts aye Alex I watched your boys at Jills Party Omg I am not alone
      when I said to my whole household those kids are awful spoilt brats everybody agreed
      Im so glad we dont have to watch Bad Parenting from you ever ever again!
      You need to write a book on “How not to Parent”!!!

    40. patty says:

      agreed –excellent insights, alex! i prefer to watch intelligent HWs on NYC versus, say, most who turn up on OC or NJ or ATL, and you’ve always had that knack for keeping it real and seeing beyond the drama. few comments:

      — like the new cast, esp Carole and Aviva so far. the new dynamics should be interesting once things get going..

      –is there any truth to the rumor that Bethenney got Aviva cast on the show? not that it matters, but curious.

      –from what i read on blogs etc, fans seem split 50/50 as to whether they believe ramona did make “the threat”….not sure where i stand or whether it matters –i am so far going back and forth btwn team ramona and team luann when it comes to the current drama. agree with those below who say they both seem to have things to hide about the truths of their personal lives and think that they’re both trying too hard to portray themselves in a certain light for the cameras. interesting idea (forget where from) that after last season’s “child raising” comments, luann probably demanded that the producers film/air more of the “family bonding” moments we’ve been seeing. and if a wedding will indeed be in the finale, they’re prob setting the stage by showing lots of luann w/ the fam.

      –have to also agree with a comment i read somewhere that although Sonya is funny and fun, this season she so far smacks of desperation…i guess a desperation for clinging to a status she apparently once had, when she needn’t bother to do so!  –maybe it’s just insecurity. not that i should judge. i know she means well at heart and is kind-hearted, even w/ previews of the drama to come btwn her and Aviva etc where is suspect i may lean toward Aviva’s/Carole’s/Heather’s “side”

    41. Jennifer says:

      I love your reporting Alex and decided last year not to watch the Real Housewives when you were not called back last year, and the other reason is I can’t stand LuAnn.

    42. That's not my name. says:

      Alex, you are fabulous on Rumorfix!  You look amazing & sound so fresh and interesting.  Really love this & will come back for more of your insight!

    43. Alex, I actually like the family moments with Aviva’s kids. Those have always been my favorite moments on the show, not all the crazy manufactured drama. Oh well…to each their own.

    44. Piperdawson says:

      You said Aviva lied but you never said what the lie was. Totally confusing and didn’t at all explain the “Cover Your A%%” theory. Also, the audio was poor on this.

    45. Julie says:

      I never cared for Alex much on the show.. But I have to say she looks beautiful here. This was entertaining. 🙂

    46. pompeii says:

      The countess needs therapy, how can she call herself a countess? her husband is not a real count, nor is she. Neither of them is a recognized count. That woman must have a real problem with belonging to the working class. The once a cocktail waitress now only drinks champain. There is nothing special about her that’s why she needs to feel important by reminding people that she is a ‘countess’. She is a thigh-ass and I can’t stand her. I read now she is divorced, does she still call herself ‘countess’? to me she looks as if she was trying to keep it cool in front of the cameras, but I bet she is one of those neurotics who scream like crazy when things don’t go her way. Eeww she gives me the crips.
      Ramona’s eyes look like they are going to pop out, why is that? The best is Kelly, she is so cool and sweet and looks like a genuine good person, plus she is incredibly pretty

    47. Anonymous says:

      Alex -KArma will bite you also

    48. robinbobbin says:

      Methinks Alex has finally found her niche! Great job.  I don’t need to watch the show, I’ll just check in with Alex.

    49. Jess Burn says:

      good god woman how on earth can you sit there defending romona & all her lies & things she denies & always hides but point the finger at luanne constantly! your just as troubled & fucked up as romona except your not very good at hiding the fact your a bad mother & your a hater a poser with still no depth to you

    50. Johnwilliam30 says:

      I was 50/50 about Alex on the show. I loved here 100%, but disliked her ultra creepy Simon 100% so that equals my 50% lol. As much as I enjoyed her on the show, I absolutely love her 1,000 times more on here. She is doing fantastic. She is very inteligent and ariculate and it comes through in spades on here. And the insider perspective she lends to all of us is great. I love hearing how the inner workings of the show happens and how they handle the wives. Kudo Alex. I hope you have a long career in coresponding and blogging.

    51. Kt06 says:

      Bravo Rumor Fix! you hit the goldmine with the Alex play by play! I have no idea why she didnt represent herself this well while on the show. If she had she would still be there! End of story! And….to Alex herself, your manager needs to get on the ball! You need to be on some show such as Access Hollywood or I believe a perfect fit would be on Et opposite Guilliana Ransic and Jason Kennedy! The transistion would be seamless and thats a show I would not miss! If your curent management is not seeking out these deals for you, move on!! You are a natural and could fit in well with seasoned pros! Make it happen! We are rooting for it.!! Good Luck!

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