Alex McCord: Heather Thomson Didn’t Have A Chance

Posted on June 5th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

In Alex McCord's first Real Housewives of New York recap for RumorFix, she gives her thoughts on Monday night's season opener.

"Heather [Thomson] didn't have a chance - I think she probably got the the worst edit of the new girls in episode one," says Alex.  She also touches on some mean-girl behavior -- "At Ramona's dinner party we saw 'Don't let the new girl into the circle'. Clearly Aviva wanted to break in and speak with Ramona and Heather and they weren't having it."

PICTURES: Alex McCord On The Red Carpet

And then there's LuAnn de Lessep's "hit and run" -- Alex says she turned up at Orsay, "spat out her points and ran away, leaving the other girls with whiplash." Yikes!

To find out which Housewife got the best edit and lots more, watch the video!

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    1. FTWTX says:

      YAY!! Glad to hear Alex’s view on the 1st episode. LuAnn’s Hit and Run – LOL!!

    2. Anonymous says:

      wtg Alex.. love to see you on here, but wish you were on RHW.. miss you lots!! all the best with things in your life =)

    3. Gabbynazario says:

      The brunettes are unclassy and gossipers…they demand apologies, yet refuse to give any.  They obviously think they are better than everyone else.  Jill really makes me sick. She pretends to be so caring and says so many mean things about everyone. Kelly is just a coo coo ball. Luann thinks she is the cats meow, but she is more like the cats poo poo. Who do these ladies think they are? Its so demeaning how they talk about and to people.  Now, that said, Ramona should of really apologized to Luann for saying the parenting thing, that was out of order, but thats it! They have all talked crud about all of you so they deserve no consideration at all.  Keep going strong girl!  Don’t let anyone put you down especially gossiping old women who think they are all that and are just making a**es of themselves on National TV.

    4. ginger says:

      very professionally done, Alex! genius idea, RumorFix, having an “insider’s” take on the show, and thank you for being smart enough to hire Alex to do the honors, in lieu of someone that perhaps has a an unpleasant voice or is a complete imbecile……

    5. Anothermichelle says:

      I love the “insider’s” take and that it is a video blog. I’m looking forward to watching this season 🙂 After reading Carole’s blog I’ve got to say she is my favorite of the three new cast members. Great job, Alex!

    6. Missy says:

      I would love to hear your opinion on why LuAnn’s kids are seen but not heard, they rarely say anything. Is this the producers or LuAnn’s decision? Avery seems to be pretty vocal and she participates more. I think if LuAnn’s kids were allowed to be a bigger part of this she would become more interesting and relatable. Sonja has made it clear that she doesn’t want her daughter filmed so we know why. LuAnn seems to allow them to participate a little but not much, I can imagine they would have a lot to say and they would make her more interesting. I wish that you and Simon were still on the show, you two really shook things up, you seemed to polarize people. I have no clue why but it was fascinating, also your boys are adorable and it was nice to see a real family. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

    7. Cindy says:

      Spot on!  LOVE the description of LuAnn’s “Hit & Run”!  And I like how she becomes the victim after she was the one to bring up Ramona’s criticism of her…which, btw, was soooo last year!  LOL!  I was a bit taken aback when Ramona & hubby pounced on Heather; but, Heather handled it very gracefully….to Ramona’s face.  Behind Ramona’s back, Heather was just as rude and snarky.   I love Ramona and Sonja….they make me laugh…and shock me at the same time!  So far, I like Aviva and Carole.  They seem very sincere.  I’m not too interested in Heather.  I think she’s trying too hard to fit in.  I don’t trust what she says.  And LuAnn?  Same old…., same old…..  All her actions are passive aggressive and she plays the victim too much.  I’m over her.  I do hope the season is not filled with screaming matches!! LOL! 

    8. Marieyuro102 says:

      Miss you Alex Loved the video blog Truthfully I found last night’s episode a bore Will watch again next week Hopefully it will get better

      • Missy says:

         Your right it was boring, especially how they had to explain everything to each other. Like LuAnn explaining her drama with Ramona maybe it was poor editing. Also how they kept explaining their health issues and family tragedies. I know they were just sharing and trying to explain their back stories a little but really it seemed to go on and on. Hopefully it will get more interesting…

        • Marieyuro102 says:

          I am just giving it one more chance If I start to fall asleep again then I am done What a shame it was my favorite show Have to say that I am so happy Jill and Kelly are gone and Cindy ..I still do not know why she was on the show Such a dud

    9. Jan B. says:

      Great getting your view of the episode….looking forward to your recap each week!

    10. a half black girl. says:

      i love alex bring her back, she honest real and open, not to fake and catty 

    11. chance says:

      I love your insiders point of view.

    12. Gabbynazario says:

      You did awesome! Love it!

    13. Tum_tum says:

      Love your behind the scenes insight and I agree, you could totally tell that Ramona, Sonja and LuAnn were on a different show than the other three. They really were moving at warp speed and keeping on message. It was kind of amazing to watch Ramona’s head explode every time one of the newbies messed up her talking points. Heather in particular!

    14. lilymaid says:

      Now you have hit your stride.  You spoke well but do it inside.  Planes flying and all.  I am very supportive of you in this venue.

    15. kerri says:

      Great job.  Glad to see you are doing MANY things with your life.  I think you got a bum rap on RHWNYC but you are probably too good and too normal for the show.  I hated the way you were treated by the other women.  I guess you were the whipping post last year for the women and of course there will be a new one. Heather?   Whatever the case may be I am thrilled Jill Zarin is gone and I am hoping she disappears all together.   Every time I see a picture of her and Bobby I am reminded of the movie Weekend at Bernies.  Know what I mean?  LOL

    16. BessiB says:

      Deleted the NYHW from my DVR after last season’s reunion, but this is a great idea – even better that it is in video.  Loved the insoder asides, Alex. 

       Just one suggesion:  film it indoors.

    17. OneMoreInBoston says:

      WOW! you did great on your first gig! I loved your insights and your clam, cool, and collected delivery.

      Always classy.

      smooches to Simon!

    18. Reporter says:

      So I take it you’re not friends with Ramona and Sonja anymore? 

    19. syd3 says:

      Your video comments were concise and interesting … you always come off as well educated yet unpretentious about it (I also very much enjoy Simon’s input about stuff).  I so feel the lack of your presence on RHONY.  I do not feel an immediate connection with the new girls, unlike with all of you former RHONY cast members (one exception: Kelly).

      The show still feels lopsided:  LouAnn & her crew vs. Ramona and Sonja — with LouAnn orchestrating scenes and manipulating the others.

    20. JupitersMother says:

      Congratulations on a successful first review.  You did a fantastic job, particularly considering the fact there was an unwanted soundtrack in the background.  However, that didn’t seem to give you even an iota of pause as you carried right on delivering your points concisely and clearly.   

    21. Tweatcyn says:

      great to see you here Alex. accurate and entertaining commentary as usual. you look really pretty too. Too bad the airplane was so loud overhead. Might have to take it indoors nexttime.

    22. AZGirl says:

      Great job Alex!  It was so informative with all the “behind the scenes” tid bits. 

    23. Yrigal says:


    24. Kennwelsh says:

      Miss u and Simon on the show. Best wishes.

    25. NYC_Mom says:

      Good to hear from you, Alex!  I missed seeing you and Simon at the parties. 

    26. Ccentinaro says:

      GREAT JOB!!…missed seeing you last night but this is soooooo much better…I love the fact that you can give us a insiders scoop on what can go on behind the scenes!!

    27. JDeutsch says:

      having never really been a fan of Alex McCord until the week-long marathon of RHONY last week, I feel she is almost like a breath of fresh-air giving her views of the new season and new ladies. i love it…. i wonder why she stopped following me on twitter!?!? @JermaineDeutsch

    28. cherrylipgloss says:

      Great job Alex. I did miss you and Simon last night. I thought all the new girls kind of led with their biggest tragedies. I hope they move on from those topics. I watch the hw’s specifically to get away from those things in my own life…I just want mind numbing fun!

    29. Ajunem says:

      Great job! I miss you on the show .

    30. James Rook says:

      Loved the whiplash comment and the ‘swimming with sharks’!  What a PRO reporter you are to be able to cope with the sound distractions without batting an eye or losing your train of thought.  I agree that RumorFix is genius for adding your witty and intelligent video reviews of RHONY.  Bravo lost their “main stems” in you and Simon.  RHONY may be in trouble when people are only watching the show to get to your reviews of it.  Thanks for ‘keeping the real in reality tv’.

    31. Dah says:

      Great review, Alex; and GOOD FOR YOU. Will miss seeing you every week, but you make the show make sense in this job. You Go Girl!

    32. Gigiandthensome says:

      Excellant job! So proud of you and for you!  The noisy Brooklyn traffic was a bit annoying for me but you never missed a beat, and adjusted your volume  to compensate for the “surround sound”… Looking forward to more next week. Congrats on a job well done.

    33. LamGerrard says:

      Alex, so glad you’re here. I miss you and Simon however I’m so glad Kelly and Jill are gone. Why in the hell did they bring Ramona, Sonja and Luann back? I can’t stand them. They are such witches (with a B). Ramona needs medication. Sonja is a total snob. Luann thinks her poop doesn’t stink. Right out of the gate there’s cat-fighting about crap that happened last
      season. Same old, same old. It’s disgusting and not very entertaining. I feel sorry for the new ladies just as I felt sorry for Cindy when she joined the cast. When Ramona & Sonja ganged up against Cindy she didn’t stand a chance. The way Mario & Ramona confronted Heather about her conversation skills was a joke. Ramona wouldn’t even give Heather a chance to speak so she could explain herself. I like the 3 new cast members but I question why Carole Radziwill? She isn’t married and has children. I’m sure it’s the Kennedy connection or the fact that she was married to a Prince? I wonder if Luann will have a conversation about royalty with Carole? That would be interesting. Hopefully next season they’ll dump the 3 oldies and we’ll get a better storyline.

    34. Teaghan says:

      Pretty good.  Although I think you are stuck on the RHoNY bandwagon and think that you need to establish yourself for you and not the show, it’s unhealthy and codependant.  They let you go, let them go too.

    35. LOL i miss ya but i will be coming back to watch your vids, love from tulsa, oklahoma – Salvador

    36. Lindynj says:

      I have no idea why anyone would want to be friends with any of these women.  Jill is the worst.  She even crashed the party after the first episode.  Why would anyone want to put on TV the miserable way they treat each other.

    37. Morgan10 says:

      Alex, your commentary was excellent – however, the first new show bored me to death.  LuAnn is up to her “old tricks” – so snarky, so sneaky!  Regarding the new HW’s – maybe it was the editing, but Heather is positively unlikeable; wondering why Carole needst to promote herself
      in this way; Aviva seems the best of the three – did not appear to be phony.  I do like Ramona and Sonja – able to hold their own against the “Countess” – So glad that Jill is GONE – and Kelly was a total wreck!  Do miss you, Alex – and good luck with RumorFix –  

    38. Maryholland says:

      So glad you are doing this! I really liked you on the rhony; you did a great job with your first blog; just have it inside the house next time:) It would be fun if Simon could chime in on one of your blogs too!! Hope for success. You deserve it!

    39. Knot says:

      Great job Alex!  Thank you!  Miss you on the show!

    40. Moonbeamz says:

      Love your insights, Alex.  Miss you the most on RHWNY.

    41. SoutheastVA says:

      Great job Rumorfix for hiring Alex.  

      Alex – I love your insiders POV is really adds to your recap.  As usual, your points were objective and on point.  Wish you were still part of the cast.

    42. Great vlog Alex, and very much spot on too. I miss you on the show, I think Bravo was crazy to write you and Simon out.

    43. Ofira says:

       Good start Alex! You actually made the show seem more interesting than it was!!! Interesting prospective about Bravo’s infamous editing. I love this stuff.

      One idea: Hire a sound engineer – with Soundtrack Pro you can remove the unwanted noises that distract. Place your mike closer to you, if you are going to be outside.

    44. Citizen Q says:

      Excellent. Its so interesting to here the details about how the filming for “reality shows” are done. its good to here from Alex of the stress of having the crew filiming in your home etc, and how you have to control whats going on.  Its funny how Ramona has learned how to control the conversations and the set up of the evening.  I think the new ladies will learn fast…..

    45. Squatter says:

      Very Professional! Loved your take on RHNY. Miss you & Simon.

    46. Laura P says:

      I’m so proud of you Alex! RumorFix has made a new daily user from me. I never heard of the site before until I googled your name to see what you’ve been up to. Great job reporting you said everything I felt and you gave a insider point that us vewiers love. I appreciated your recap more then Andy’s after show, which hardly recaps the show we want to hear about. Your a fantastic mother and wife. You didn’t deserve to get to get the ax from Bravo. I will miss you and hope to continue to see your life progress in a positive direction. You have nothing but class.

    47. Carolann53 says:

      love you Alex…great job!!!!

    48. Tootsie_Gonzalez says:

      Very thorough recap by Alex but all the outside noise is distracting. Can’t she film inside somehow?

    49. Kaymcintyre says:

      Thanks for the RHNY review from a wife who really has been there, done that!  You have a very professional voice!  I loved your explanations of why the producers might have edited a certain way.

    50. Ednaharper says:

      Alexxxxxx Just found this and thought how great my all time fav ‘level-headed’ HW will let us in on the Bravo productions, and as usual, not disappointed. Agree with the other commentator, next time indoors, the noises of the neighborhood were distracting. Subscribing so I don’t miss one blurb.

    51. smallmiracle says:

      Thanks to you from here too Alex! Good Job! Hope you keep this type of broadcasting up. It’s much appreciated!!!!

    52. Itscarolee919 says:

      Well done, that show is a shout feast. I am was happy for you to explain it all.

    53. Anonymous says:

      The only fired housewife that I miss, but most suited for other ventures, like this one. I’m glad Alex is doing this. But during the show Luann says she didn’t invite Ramona to the party, so it would have been rude for Sonya to go since she was staying at Ramona’s house in the Hamptons even though Sonya was invited. And Luann’s comment about how pretty, well spoken, and charismatic Aviva was, you would never know she had a handicap was repulsive.

    54. Chersullhouse says:

      You did a GREAT JOB. You need to go back to the real housewives of New York.

    55. Jeff says:

      Great Job.  Loved seeing Alex and hearing her seasoned POV.  

    56. Gayle R. says:

      Bravo was stupid to not have you, Jill and the crazy one back this year.

    57. IvyDunne says:

      Hiya Alex! I found you! Thanks for your insight and recap of the first show, they’re great. Sorry you’re not there though! Bravo should’ve kept you on the show!

    58. Christian says:

      Wow, I like you so much better out of the maddness

    59. Cyninthemitten says:

      Not sure you knew what ELSE, KUSH stands for. It is a paint company that manufactures PAINT. Old habits……………..

    60. Kerr759 says:

      Is there going to be anymore updates Alex?

    61. Kerr759 says:

      I am sorry I found your other videos.  I love it!!!!

    62. Rosjacks says:

      Enjoyed this very much. Thanks Alex for your insight. Really miss you on the show.

    63. Anonymous says:

      Love this, just found you Alex!!

    64. Bowdenm says:

      We MISS you on the RHNY!!!!!  Why can’t they go back to the girls they had in the beginning??!!!  Anyway, it’s great to hear your insightful description of each show.

    65. txtrayce says:

      Alex, I always thought you were very well spoken and intelligent!  I love your RumorFix!  Like someone said, it would be great if you could do this for all the housewives’ shows!  Glad to know you are doing this, so innovative!!

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