Miley Cyrus: Too Skinny & Too Racy — Give Her A Break

Posted on May 21st, 2012 at 6:11 pm

Miley Cyrus can't win.

On Friday she was called "scary skinny," because she's lost weight and was wearing a body-hugging outfit.

And, on Monday, she's being accused of being "too racy."

PICTURES: Miley Cyrus Looking Hot

At RumorFix, we like to give celebrities a fair chance, so let's take on both rumors.

1. Is she scary skinny? The pilates-loving singer tweeted that she's not anorexic. She writes, she has a "gluten and lactose allergy. It's not about weight -- its about health."

We talked to Hollywood nutrition expert and registered dietician, Lisa DeFazio, MS, RD, who told us, "The fact that Miley is avoiding lactose AND gluten due to her allergies will automatically cut calories in her diet, thus leading to weight loss. By following a gluten-free diet, Miley is cutting out processed foods and complex carbohydrates and increasing fruits and vegetables-which leads to weight loss because she is consuming fewer calories.  On top of that lactose containing foods like cheese and ice cream are LOADED with fat calories, so again, by avoiding dairy, she is cutting calories even more!"


2. Miley's outfit for the Billboard Music Awards was too racy.


The 19-year-old was only wearing a white Jean Paul Gaultier jacket with Christian Louboutin stilettos. The outfit was no doubt provocative, but we at RumorFix think it was sexy without being slutty.



Look Miley has outgrown her Disney darling days. She's 19 now -- she has a steady hunky boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, she makes jokes about allegedly being a pothead and is God forbid growing up!


Give her a break!

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  • 9 Responses

    1. Ladybug097 says:

      Growing up is one thing, looking like a street walker is another.

      • Red Robin1991 says:

        If THAT is what a streetwalker looks like, I’m assuming her pimp is a rich celebrity.

        Lol…. get over yourself. It’s classy and gorgeous. Sexy, no doubt, but she wears it good and get over it… she’s grown up. I hope you’re not too devastated living without ur Hannah girl! WTF? SO STUPID!!!

    2. thecat61 says:

      Miley looks good!!!!!!!

    3. guest says:

      she is trying to come into her own and not be the perfect little Disney girl, however that outfit was not classy it was trashy.  She could have worn something else and looked like a lady who is trying to grow up. 

    4. gluten says:


      I’ve had
      doctors accuse me of being anorexic or depressed when I was trying to figure out
      what was wrong with me.  It was horrible
      with tons of pain and cramps.  Once I
      started my gluten free diet it changed my life!



    5. Dukelacrosse says:

      here’s what miley REALLY looks like


    6. brenten says:

      I’ve seen a lot more revealing outfits being worn at award shows that weren’t in any way as classy as this and yet they were considered “sexy”. If it was Gwyneth Paltrow wearing this people wouldn’t even care but because it’s someone young that was previously a part of Disney it is automatically deemed slutty. 

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