Michael C Hall Holding Hands With A Mystery Blonde

Posted on May 31st, 2012 at 1:51 pm

Dexeter's Michael C. Hall was photographed having a good ole time with a young blonde in Los Angeles. In this picture, Michael has his arm around his gal pal and in other pictures they are holding hands, laughing and smiling while they walk down the street in LA.

PICTURES: Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter: Happily Divorced?

Michael and  his ex-wife and co-star, Jennifer Carpenter, got divorced in December of 2011, but in January and February they were spotted together looking very cozy.

But on Thursday, he was definitely in the arms of another woman.

No official word yet from Michael's camp.

    • Jujujon

      Who ever she is, she needs to buy a hair brush.

    • Jujujonsucks

      shut up jujujon. she looks fucking dope.

      • Mayor McCheese

        Top bun ftw

    • booyah1x

      can I have that sweater please.

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      • Lucy12599

        How do you know?

    • Eh

      omg girl canNOT pull of the top bun.

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    • patsy

      Her name is Vanessa Arbue, she is only 25, 15 years younger and she is a low on the list staffer at Showtime who let MCH cry on her shoulder into the night, oh this has forever written all over it, NOT!

    • Canadian Friend

      Her name is Morgan and she is a beautiful girl. Shut your bad mouths about her!