Junior Seau’s Mother: “Take Me Not My Son!”

Posted on May 2nd, 2012 at 12:37 pm

Oceanside Police have now confirmed that NFL great Junior Seau was found dead in his home on Wednesday, they are investigating the death as a suicide.

Junior's mom, Luisa Seau, delivered a heart-breaking statement to the press saying, "I'm shocked ... I appreciate everybody -- show your love to my son! Thank you, I appreciate you guys show your love to my son. I don't understand who would do this to my son. I pray to God -- 'Take me not my son,' but it's too late."

Junior's sister, Annette, paid tribute to the San Diego Charger saying, "My brother was a loving brother and a caring citizen."

Police chief Frank McCoy says that Junior's girlfriend called police saying she found Junior unconscious with a gunshot wound to his chest. When police arrived, they found him in a bedroom and tried to resuscitate him. A handgun was found nearby.

Junior's mother and other family members have converged on the Seau home including his pastor Miles McPherson.

Junior leaves behind three children and an ex wife. He was 43.

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