Jerry Springer: Don’t Watch My Show — It’s Stupid

Posted on May 10th, 2012 at 1:01 pm

Circus ringmaster -- oh I mean TV host -- Jerry Springer is admitting that his show is "stupid," RumorFix is reporting.

The former politician says his 21-year-old show is designed solely to showcase "outrageous behavior" purely for entertainment and has no socially redeeming value.

In a discussion with The Press Club of Long Island, he said, “It’s not obviously a talk show. It’s not theater. It’s not a sporting event. It’s totally unique. It’s a circus. [Guests] could come in looking like the minister’s daughter and by the time the show is over they’re hooting and hollering and screaming.”

And guess what? Jerry says you shouldn't even watch the show.

“I would never tell someone to watch it, but I would give the First Amendment as to why we shouldn’t have any censorship,” he says.

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  • 5 Responses

    1. Abby says:

      haha at least he acknowledges the show as a joke!

    2. Kaylee says:

      This show is still airing?? Who watches this stuff?

    3. frogit says:

      he is right, there is absolutely no reason to watch the show. He actually puts his own guests down himself by making fun of them in a very sarcastic manner though I doubt that other than a few audience members actually get that. At least he own up to the class of the show. Good for him.

    4. Show watcher says:

      Jerry does not put down his own guests!  But at the same time I find the show humorous, I also find the Springer show to be very highly informative.  To me, it shows exactly why God says; “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”  Additionally, it also shows everyone that when you seek a mate, you must choose wisely.  Marriage is supposed to last for the rest of your life, so therefore, whenever you meet someone, you need to think to yourself; “Is this who I want to spend the rest of my life with?  Will I be attracted to him/her for the next upwards of 60, and perhaps 75 years?”  It in fact sort of even reminds me of that one part in the 1989 movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” when the Grail knight says; “You must choose.  But choose wisely.  For as the true Grail will bring you life, the false grail will take it from you.”  Therefore, the Springer show really ought to be seen as a corrective pointer for those who seek romance, well, actually 2 pointers.  1, Do not commit adultery, and 2, Choose wisely.

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