Is James Blunt Dead?

Posted on May 8th, 2012 at 4:47 pm

A bogus website that ripped off CNN's logo and look is falsely reporting that James Bunt is dead.

The joke website -- that isn't funny -- looks legit writing:"Entertainer James Blunt died after being taken to a hospital on Thursday having suffered cardiac arrest, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner's office."

It goes on to make up a quote from a CNN analyst:

"CNN Analyst Roland S. Martin spoke on Thursday with Marlon Blunt, brother of James Blunt."

"You're Beautiful" lovers don't worry. None of that is true.

James tweeted from his verified Twitter account, "Not sure if this rumour is true or not, but if so, I can report that the afterlife looks remarkably like London."


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    1. Jordan Abeje says:

      It is a shoking news and It is not really funny. Why do you want my favorite hero to die?

    2. Bernard Grasset says:

      Can’t understand the purpose of this news if this is a lie? Why play with people’s life and hero followers (fans)? It’s sickening! People who do that kind of jokes should be imprisoned in a mental institution.

    3. Sue says:

      This is a very sick joke, some people need a real life cos the one they have got is all fuc##d-up!

    4. Burnsjustin65 says:

      love the false child molestation charges at the end

    5. JDR says:

      i think its brilliant, teaches us all a lesson to be careful taking what we read on the net as gospel…. 

    6. Vdmgraphics10 says:

      Very sick joke. Imagine what his family and friends must feel like when they read it. Really not in good taste. It can cause somebody’s death.

    7. thikerbell1227 says:

      ok that joke is sick im so happy james blunt is in fact alive

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