Check Out Snooki’s High School Pictures!

Posted on May 29th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Snooki wasn't always Snooki, the now-pregnant breakout star of MTV's Jersey Shore - not that long ago, she was just Nicole Polizzi from Malboro, New York.

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Snooki Before The Poof!

And to prove that there was indeed life before Snooki, the reality star tweeted some high school pics of herself with the caption: "Lol photos from high school my dad has in his car still , aw daddy."

Didn't she look wholesome back then!

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    • Ljcmoore

      The pictures are adorable! She will look like that again after the baby! Lots of things will change for our Snooks!

    • Kaylee

      OK, I used to be a huuuuuge fan of Jersey Shore, but honestly I can’t wait until all of them are distant memories. They should have stopped at season 4

    • Lindynj

      I find it amazing that these people are connected to NJ when they are NOT from here.  We have enough fools of our own, we don’t need to import them.

    • Guest

      She’s a natural beautiful woman. That’s why it baffles me that she chooses to make herself look cheap and tacky with the gobs of make-up and crazy hair! Snookie….go back to your natural self, it’s beautiful without the mask!

    • Jonesmegan

      who wouldent thank she s hot im a girl and i would turn lez on her but thats only if i realy new her