Kim Zolciak Responds To “Being Fired” From “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Posted on April 19th, 2012 at 11:15 am

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is denying rumors that she's been fired from the popular Bravo reality show that has made her a tabloid favorite.

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MediaTakeOut claims that Kim was ousted from the show after her nemesis Nene Leakes told producers that she no longer wanted the blonde beauty on the show; the website also cites concerns over the show's budget as another reason for giving her the boot.

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But Kim has taken to Twitter to set the record straight, writing:

"I will be returning to RHOA sooo don't believe the BS!!" Kim tweeted. As for why MTO peddled the rumor, Kim added, "Cuz they're bored and got nothing else to talk about!"

A source at Bravo also tells RumorFix that Kim has not been dropped.

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    1. Justdoit says:

      Well I guess Kim and MTO have something in commend. They both are boring. She doesn’t have to fight to be entertaining but mature enough to ignore Nene. They are very childish and its getting boring. Kim and Nene children shhould be embarrassed about their 30/40 year old parents acking like they are in Junior High School Grow up its not good TV.

    2. Shieroc says:

      I wish she wasn’t returning.  I actually got excited when I read this healdline.

    3. Mrstyger1957 says:

      Get rid of Nene. She think’s she is better than anybody else. I think she look’s like bigfoot.Congrats Kim i’m so happy for you and your family.

    4. Luvcjr says:

      I, too wish Nene would leave the show…she is nothing but a troublemaker.  She thinks she is hot just because she is on Glee show…let’s see how long before the bigwigs get fed up with her!

    5. R u kidding me…RHOA will sink without Nene. She makes the show tolerable and entertaining. The day Nene leaves is the day this show will end…The only other interesting ones on this show are Phaedra and Kandi but even with them still on I couldn’t fathom watching any longer without getting my Nene fix

    6. Beck says:

      I agree, Nene should leave the show. she is an evil, mean bully. She has turned into the person we all love to hate. Its clear that Bravo shows her favoritism and tries to help her but she is out of control. Then they bring on a convict? Were there not any other black women in Atl? Nene is such the manipulator and uses others to do and say what she wont (Marlo and Cynthia) I refuse to watch another moment of them two. And why is Cynthia still on this show? 

    7. Gotittogether says:

      The show is getting totally out of control. I am glad Sheree is leaving and wish she didn’t have any money problems. But things happened when you don’t budget or fronting.   I am glad that Kim is leaving also period. Nene is conquering her dreams while she steps on every one back making them come true.  Cynthia needs to leave the show period! okay, she is a liar and butt kisser do I need to say more? Phadra is funny and over the top sometimes but she will call a spade a spade right Sheree! Kandi is just doing her thing, wish she would keep some of her sex life personal, but you gotta give it to her she is on her money.  Now Marlo shouldn’t be allowed to ever show her face period. Now the word is out that Keisha is coming? oh my God Nene will eat the poor girl alive.

    8. Tessrun says:

      Too bad if she is not leaving…i really can’t stand the trailer park moron and her equally idiotic man.  She is so annoying I have to switch channel when she comes on…i cant even look at her picture when it comes on the screen.  This woman is so disgusting..lesbain, gold digging, ignorant, trashy acting bimbo.

    9. Anthony Parisi says:

      I wish they’d get rid of the Atlanta housewives altogether and start with a fresh bushel of Georgia Peaches Mmm mmmm MMMM!

    10. Kimber7 says:

      Kim Zolciak is the most dull boring person on the RHOA, not to mention her new show is like watching paint dry. Kroy is dull boring as well as her daughters (sorry truth hurts). Don’t be tardy for the wedding should get worst show in histroy for the lack of entertainnment that it clearly provides. Kim Z seems really dumb. Kim dated a rich MARRIED man for cash n prizes literally while giving her cookie away all while raising 2 daughters to show this example too. She can sugar coat it anyway she likes, but those are the facts…period! Then “Big Poppa” was going broke as it said all over the internet under his real name, Lee Najjar, so Kim left him for that woman so she could do several interviews about her “lesbian” (fake) affair & get a pay day along with media attention. Kim will do anything for money. She will deny it. Then Kroy married this Kim thing. Kroy’s poor mother didn’t raise her son to marry a hooker who dates married men. All that great parenting down the toilet. Kim gets knocked up so fast so now Kroy is focusing on being a good father instead of realizing he married a chick who f****ed married guys for cash n expensive gifts (which they showed on TV) & goes with a woman for media attention, tabloid interviews to receive a pay day while raising 2 GIRLS. Kroy just proves he’s a moron or young, dumb & full of c*m (as the saying goes). Kim Zolciak is trailer trash no matter how much money she has & how many wigs she wears. She wears all that make-up to cover up how she feels inside… ugly…she’s ugly inside. She denies & bends the truth to sit her.

      • rudy02 says:

        lol…thats too much internet and media readings for you boo.

      • Sofia14 says:

        Dont be such an ass on her everyone deserves
        A second chance… U should wish them good
        Luck and keep ur rude coment to ur self.. Look
        At ur self on the mirror and ask ur self if ur
        Perfect to be able to judge aperson so harsh!!!!!

        • Bosox Hater says:

          We don’t have to look at ourselves in the mirror. They ask US to look at them; they ask US to make them a star, WE can comment in any fashion we wish.
          Once you make yourself ct a fool in front of the camera and in public it’s game on.

          Got it?!

      • Russell_buchholz says:

        Tardy for the wedding was a HUGE hit! Must make NeNe seeth with jealousy!

    11. RealTalk says:

      I have to agree with Kim’s new show being very boring. H*ll… Kim was boring on RHOA along with her new boy Kroy. Kroy should ask himself why he married someone who was with a rich married man for years until the guy went broke. I forgot Kim dated a chick after that & she really went for all kinds of interviews. What a media fame money hog Kim Zolciak is. Her poor kids had to see there mom acting like she was childless & in her early 20’s with her behavior. It would serve Kim right if her girls modeled there behavior after mommy by dating a rich married guy & giving “it” up for money. I can’t believe she is having more kids. This Kim has no talent, is boring as all h*ll, she complains & she’s lazy. She hires a staff to help her as if she’s the queen. I mean she has a maid, an assisstant, a chef, two nannies, a hairdresser, make-up artist, & I bet that’s not all. Who hires all these people unless they are super busy working & have no time. Kim doesn’t work. She was this way before she had her baby. She’s just lazy. How can Kroy like someone like this? Who wants to watch this mindless boring nonsense? Get her off TV because she is beyond annoying & boring to boot.

    12. syd3 says:

      Have been entertained more than I thought that I would by Kim’s show (e.g., mother/mother-in-law/daughters segments).  However, once the wedding story is over, I don’t feel that there are enough strong characters (supportive or otherwise) to “assist” Kim in sustaining her show.  However, that said, Kim is far more colorful/interesting a cast member than Cynthia (just WHAT does she bring to the table); would most definitely want Kim back on RHOA.

    13. Karen Austin says:

      Maybe they should have paid their rent instead of spending 6 figures for the wedding and
      her choosing a $50.000 bracelet.  And these jokers wonder why these shows don’t last?
      How about helping others if you have that kind of money to throw away on yourself?

    14. BiancaB says:

      Personally, I enjoyed don’t be tardy to the wedding, more then I ever did the Housewives of Atlanta.  Kim and Candy are my favorites on this show.  All the others, I wouldn’t miss em if they left.

    15. Russell_buchholz says:

      NeNe should leave the show! After all she is “Rich” What she is rhymes with rich! Cannot stand her.

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