Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant, Says Lamar Odom’s Dad

Posted on April 17th, 2012 at 12:38 am

Khloe Kardashian is pregnant, Lamar Odom's dad, Joe Odom, tells RumorFix exclusively.

It's no secret that the NBA superstar and his reality star wife have been wanting to have a baby since they got married in 2009.

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"I got a little news," the senior Odom tells RumorFix, "I'm about ready to have a grandchild!"

Lamar is so close to his dad -- that he even skipped an NBA game to be by his side when he caught food poisoning in February.

“I know he’s excited," Joe says of his 32-year-old son. "They’ve been trying to do this for a couple of years. We’re all excited.”

With parents like Lamar and Khloe, Joe says the baby is coming from the finest pedigree: "Ain't nothing but a newborn thoroughbred," he told us. "This is all lamb chop baby!"

Were not sure what that means, but we think it's a compliment!

Khloe's rep denies the pregnancy report.

    • I won’t believe it until @KhloeKardashian tweets she’s preggers or puts it on her blog.

      • BlueSand

         You actually read her blog???  You poor thing……

    • QuiteAmused

      It’s a world gone mad! The site that pretends to fix rumors has now started one of its own! Who  will take over the bogus role of shooting down other site’s exclusives if TumorFix can no longer do so? It’s madness!!

      •  LOL

        • QuiteAmused

          I’m glad Richard has kept his sense of humor!

          • Yeah, Richard’s a nice guy. I, however, am not. How’s the weather in Florida?

            • QuiteAmused

              The weather is just fine Eric. You have something to say? Then just give me a call “pal”

            • BlueSand

              Hi Eric, it’s really hot here with a 40% chance of rain which won’t happen and the ocean is 80 degrees.  It’s awesome!

    • Jon

      I saw The VIDEO, sadly, it isn’t true, but I won’t believe it until Khloe says something or it’s really real!

    • Tootsie_gonzalez

      How is it that the Dad says they’ve been “trying for years” when they have only been together a year and a half?

      • Chrissycricket333

        They got married 2009. It’s 2012

      • BlueZone

         Cuz he’s whack!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandnfree


    • Kaylee

      This coon needs to grow up  and quit talking ghetto

      • Denise1

        Really Kaylee.  Do we need racist remarks on here?

    • malika pitch

      This is indeed false. Khloe Kardashian vowed she’d be the first one to announce when shes pregnant, and this is just another out of context situation.

      • Chrissycricket333

        Yay on purpose! The show is starting up again in May they want the interest peeked to get everyone to watch the show PLEASE!

    • Chrissycricket333

      NO WAY did Joe just make that up. He has diarrhea of the mouth. Its either one of two things Either way they let it slip to him on purpose! There show keeping up with the Kardashians is about to start up again in May so they need to open the public to the K girls AGAIN! So use Joe this time it’s always someone. By telling him she is pregnant he is the perfect bumbling idiot scap goat! It’s SICK if she is NOT pregnant and they used this AGAIN. They probably took bets to see how long it would take to slip the news truth or not. The guy dosent even know or you can tell dosnt care if they use him without knowing it. They would NEVER tell him untill they wanted the news to get out! Either was it’s sick. Believe you me the news that Kim want to be Mayor in Five years give me a brake, did not come at this time my mistake either. Right before every season of ANY of there shows and spin offs they do rumors!!!

    • Vernice

      @Kaylee sweetie lets not be racist and judge people!!!……#WITHYOURWHACKASS

    • Blue

      Betcha he’s lying for a buck for drugs.


        • Amy

          Actually, even though Blue’s comment is quite rude, it’s not racist. Joe Odom does struggle with a herion addiction.

    • Joe may be whack but he is definitely not on crack.

    • Anonymous

      I will believe it when it actually comes from Khloe of Lamar. Joe Odom is an opportunist and i am sure he made some money saying what he did.I have caught a few of the episodes of him on their show and he is always asking Lamar to buy him things.He takes advantage of his son’s success.For the sake of lamar and Khloe,I hope it’s a true story.