Jaleel White Apologizes To Kym Johnson With Roses

Posted on April 3rd, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Several gossip sites are reporting that Dancing with the Stars' Jaleel White had a "meltdown" during rehearsals with Kym Johnson and that TV's Urkel was "out of line."

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RumorFix has contacted several sources and they all confirm some type of argument occurred between the dancing duo about a week and a half ago, but it ended minutes later and there are no hard feelings.

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Jaleel's manager tells RumorFix, "[Jaleel] and Kim were disagreeing over certain dance moves that he didn’t physically feel comfortable doing. Something with his knee that she wanted him to do, and it didn’t feel right and it hurt his knee every time he did it. There was nothing explosive behind it. It was a simple thing that got blown up."

A source close to the dancing couple tells RumorFix,"Jaleel recognized he was out of line -- left the studio and made up for it immediately by apologizing to her with a dozen roses."

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We're told cameras filmed the incident, but it wasn't used on DWTS -- now that there's a controversy, it will probably be on Tuesday night.

Loyal fans of the talent competition know that most stars clash with their professional dancers at one point or another -- sometimes the pressure to excel gets the best of them.

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    1. Justdoit says:

      if you watch this show you have seen the instructors having a break down. Everyone doesn’t have patients. So if you are not catching on fast enough you become frustrated or the instructor becomes frustrated. Keep your head up Jaleel my UCLA Alumni.

    2. Rockermom59 says:

      Why is this even a story?

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