Erica Rose: Vienna Girardi Is Abusive, Lying On ‘Couples Therapy’

Posted on April 12th, 2012 at 10:12 am

On a recent episode of VH1’s Couples Therapy, Bachelor star Vienna Girardi reveals that her former boyfriend Kasey Kahl had gotten physical with her during a drunken fight where he pushed the reality star.

But fellow Bachelor co-star and former good friend Erica Rose tells RumorFix exclusively that the bubbly blonde is lying, and Girardi is really the one who is abusive.

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Rose, who blames VH1’s bad editing for Kasey’s “abusive” reputation, confirms that she knows the truth because she used to be best friends with the couple. “If anyone’s abusive it’s Vienna. She was constantly being such a bi*ch; she uses a guy until she gets what she wants from him. I could not believe that Kasey was putting up with her. He was nothing but nice to her.”

Erica, who is still very close with Kahl, backs up her claim that Vienna is a man eater, admitting to RumorFix that the villainous reality star hooked up with Erica's ex boyfriend during a trip back home to Florida last November while she and Kasey were still dating and living together in L.A. The Bachelor Pad 2 star reveals, “When she came back to L.A. from her trip, Vienna showed up to the apartment, and took all of the furniture, packed it up herself into a U-Haul and went back to Florida not giving Kasey any warning. She left him crying all alone in the apartment not knowing what to do. He was heartbroken and traumatized, crying every single day.”

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Rose assures RumorFix that Girardi manipulates situations to make it look like she's the wounded one: “Vienna is just so mean and belittling to guys [who she dates]. She is always trying to victimize herself when she is not really the victim, ever! If you spend any time around her on or off the camera you will know that.”

Feeling empathy for her good pal Kasey, she tells us she hopes Couples Therapy viewers take Vienna's word with a grain of salt, “Honestly, I just hope no one believes her side of the story."

And Vienna's reaction to all this: "All Erica Rose does is try to keep herself in publicity by talking bad about everybody else, that's it. She talks crap about people to keep herself in the spotlight. Period."

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  • 17 Responses

    1. HungryHippo says:


    2. Court says:

      So much drama, I bet you Erica’s right. Vienna seems like a manipulative liar!

    3. Kayla says:

      It doesn’t surprise me that Vienna would be like this. I have thought Kasey was genuine ever since he got that tattoo on the bachelorette hehe 🙂  I know women like Vienna and its disgusting.

    4. Jellygirl says:

      Let the good times roll! Coachella!!!!

    5. mappie says:

      I am watching couple’s therapy and as she did in The Bachelor Pad she is constantly playing the victim. That girl needs a lot of therapy. Not couples therapy. She disgusts me now and I was the crazy one who liked her on he Bachelor.

    6. Lvp says:

      Vienna, I hope you read this. You always play the victim card. You will never be in a real true love relationship until you accept that you have your faults and are willing to work on it. How is it that all three exes of yours have called you a mainpulative LIAR (lee, Casey, jake). There must be some truth to it. You also said things and denied them when you were confronted even though it was ON CAMERA. The only person you’re hurting is yourself with all this denial. You think it’s everything wrong with the guy and not you. Well tell us how come you keep getting into the same patterns in a relationship??? Stop being an attention wh*re, you’re embarrassing us as women. You’re not fooling anyone but yourself. The end:)

    7. Amie Tackett says:

      Vienna your sick you just told kasey you would be with Lee if he wanted to then in front of Angelinas bf you said you didn’t your a crazy b and need to grow up…. Maybe kasey was right incest is in your family because something is definently wrong with you and I feel so bad for kasey and lee your a manipulative liar who can’t lie anymore now we can all see what really happened with you and Jake Plaveka if I was him I would have run too accept and own you actions COO COO!!!!!!!

    8. thank you erica though it was evident she was like that all along they way you can go from i love you to i dont want you here anymore in an instant!

    9. Dearchelle2 says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one that can see right through her “poor me” victim act.  I almost believed her when she came out about Jake not realizing what an actress she is. And why he ever asked her for forgiveness on Bachlor Pad II is beyond me.  Jake was a likeable guy…but Vienna brings out the worst in people.  There seems to be a nasty pattern here.  The docs on the show might have fallen for it…but not the viewers!!!  All I can say is Kacey and Lee…save yourselves and get as far away as you can from her because she is toxic.

    10. Gem says:

      Just watched the latest episode of “Couples Therapy”. I feel for Kasey and Lee. They both need to RUN as fast and far away as they can from this psychotic wh*re.
      Vienna is a lying and manipulative person. She is so disingenuous and it’s clear that she is a user. Did I mention how physically unattractive she is? Why would any man want to be with her? She uses and abuses men and tries to use her fake crocodile tears to try and make people feel sorry for her. She needs therapy all right! And I don’t mean couples therapy. Can you say whack job?

    11. Jessica says:

      vienna u r a manipulative, lying, user. u  use what u can form a guy then keep it movin to the next. grow up!!! ur a sick nd mean person. u need help, u need meds, u need to not b with anyone. u keep ruining these guys lives. when i first saw u i thought u were sooo pretty, and now the sight of u disgusts me.

    12. Rose says:

      Yup Vienna is evil and she one of those people u wish u could punch. She made herself look like a man eater but Lee’s the poor soul will be in jail cuz she will lie about there fight and put him in jail. So the jokes on him idiot.

    13. Kesha_diamond says:

      I just watched the last episode and I think that Vienna and Kasey didnt need to be together no way becuz I didn’t like the way she treated him and lee she not go back to her either let her be alone becuz she is crazy

    14. Dskfjs says:

      I love how when someone doesn’t say good things about her, she runs to the excuse that they’re trying to stay in the media spotlight/ fame whoring.

    15. Abby says:

      i wish vienna and kasey were still together they make a good couple!

    16. Alacrity0819 says:

      idc what she says that comes out of her mouth, if physical violence happens on her, it’s not her fault.

    17. guanahira says:

      viena….fala serio! voce nao pode mentir e trair …
      agora o kasey estava sofrendo por voce o porque voce nao o amava de verdade.Mas sim pelo dinheiro…..hoje o povo estao revoltado as atitude que voce usou de tanta mentiras por tras….agora o futuro namorado nao vai dar nem um tostao em voce,Todo mundo sabe que voce manipula e falsa,,,,,estou achando que voce tem bipolar ,me desculpa ae… voce e muito doentia de ciume ….boa a sorte…..

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