Derek Hough’s Crush: Katherine Jenkins Or Maria Menounos?

Posted on April 10th, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Pretty boy Derek Hough is being linked to two celebrities on Dancing with the Stars, but is he dating either of them?

RumorFix is on the case.

PICTURES: Shirtless Derek Hough

Rumor #1 Derek and his partner Extra host Maria Menounos are hooking up.

Yes, they are very handsy with each other and would make a really cute couple, but Tiffany Dunn, who is dating Derek's BFF Mark Ballas, tells RumorFix, "No nothing, nothing. They're just great partners."

So -- We will stamp that "RumorFixed".

Rumor #2 Derek has the hots for Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

PICTURES: Derek Hough & Katherine Jenkins

Yes, they were photographed having lunch together over the weekend. And since Derek had a reported romance with English pop star Cheryl Cole, we know he has a thing for accents.

But are Derek and Katherine dating?

Since Derek's rep won't talk about his personal life, we're going to call this one "Still A Rumor." And, it's because of these pictures of the two having a really "touchy feely" time together Monday night at House of Blues.