Derek Hough’s Crush: Katherine Jenkins Or Maria Menounos?

Posted on April 10th, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Pretty boy Derek Hough is being linked to two celebrities on Dancing with the Stars, but is he dating either of them?

RumorFix is on the case.

PICTURES: Shirtless Derek Hough

Rumor #1 Derek and his partner Extra host Maria Menounos are hooking up.

Yes, they are very handsy with each other and would make a really cute couple, but Tiffany Dunn, who is dating Derek's BFF Mark Ballas, tells RumorFix, "No nothing, nothing. They're just great partners."

So -- We will stamp that "RumorFixed".

Rumor #2 Derek has the hots for Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

PICTURES: Derek Hough & Katherine Jenkins

Yes, they were photographed having lunch together over the weekend. And since Derek had a reported romance with English pop star Cheryl Cole, we know he has a thing for accents.

But are Derek and Katherine dating?

Since Derek's rep won't talk about his personal life, we're going to call this one "Still A Rumor." And, it's because of these pictures of the two having a really "touchy feely" time together Monday night at House of Blues.

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    1. I can certainly see what Derek sees in Miss Jenkins, but I
      think there may be more to this story. Katherine Jenkins continues to stand
      out, not just for her flawless beauty and graceful dancing skills, but also for
      the still unexplained controversy over her remarkable likeness to 60s TV puppet
      Lady Penelope of Thunderbirds. What gives? 
      Who cares? What do you think? Are we nuts?

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