Camille Grammer’s Boyfriend Wants Ugly Custody Battle Sealed

Posted on April 5th, 2012 at 6:00 am

Camille Grammer's boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos is attempting to put a gag order on ex-girlfriend Lisa Chynaweth, according to court papers filed on Wednesday.

According to documents filed in Dallas, Texas, Dimitri requests that everything concerning his custody battle with Lisa be kept private:  "Necessity of gag order, sealing file, closing courtroom and confidentiality order."

Dimitri also filed a temporary restraining order on Wednesday against Lisa, who is the mother of his five-year-old son, Marcus. The order prohibits her or her attorneys from releasing any videotaped depositions connected with the case. The move came after a video was leaked on Tuesday, where Camille is heard telling Lisa she will "desecrate" her.

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    1. Mmatterhorn22 says:

      It’s kind of ironic that Dimitri is trying to get a gag order on Lisa when she’s the only one we haven’t actually heard from.  Considering the fact that apparently Dimitri has not been living up to his original custodial agreement while gallivanting around the country with his rich girlfriend, it’s pretty impressive that Lisa hasn’t yet taken to the airwaves to expose the sham that is Dimitri and Camille.  Dimitri’s trying to shut Lisa up before she’s actually even said anything…obviously, there’s something he’s trying to hide…beyond the fact that he’s clearly just a pathetic underachiever who’s hiding behind his old lady’s skirt. And I bet that recorded phone call contains the answers to that. In the meantime, maybe he should be telling Camille to shut her yap as she’s the only one actually making public statements…statements that are clearly fabrications and exaggerations.   

    2. Dr.Ryan says:

      No one knows anything about Lisa, because she hasn’t aired her side. She was offered lump sums of money on several occasions to sell her story, months before Camille threatened her like the NJ mobster she thinks she is, when Dimitri’s child support dues were in massive arrears, when Camille was gushing ignorantly in the media about her little boy’s dad’s penis, when Camille was gloating to other women on that tragic show of hers, as if she were some b**ch in heat, about Dimitri’s abs. (Classy lady…mother…dreadful. God only knows the impact that her penchant for public penis-gushing will have on her children.) Lisa only wants to get out of Dallas with her son, removing him from this disaster. If you can’t empathize with that…when her baby’s father has been MIA, missing countless custody visits from the start of this parade of fools, then you’re probably about as narcissistic as Camille and the other dregs involved.She never made this about Camille. It has and always will be about a woman who has been manhandled by the money of a shady Greek-Freak family in the crooked courts of Dallas…manhandled and held hostage in a city where Dimitri won’t even deign to work, let alone raise his son. Meanwhile, Lisa’s productive, decent, hard-working family in Colorado can only look on while Dimitri continues to rake his family selfishly through the mire of his filthy aspirations to Hollywood Trash-dom.How do any of you think this will turn out for Marcus? He is, after all, the principle casualty here…the longer he’s exposed to the family ethos that produced the likes of the Silver City Slasher and gold-digging, opportunistic, granny-chaser, Dimitri, the fewer are his chances of sanity. Let’s get behind the child; let’s dismiss the desperado, has-been piddling details of a dried up cougar-Camilleon.

    3. hollywoodglam says:

      Hiding something big Greek nose??? So your a dead beat dad, gag order, wow your a great role model…

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