William Levy Opens Up About Nude Pictures

Posted on March 26th, 2012 at 8:47 am

Dancing with the Stars contestant William Levy is opening up about a collection of dated nude pictures that have resurfaced since he began competing on the show earlier this month.

PICTURES: William Levy Getting Ready To Practice For DWTS

"I'm used to that already. [The photos] have been out already all over the world," Levy explained an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I was a model when I did these things, so as a model there's nothing wrong [with] doing those kind[s] of things. You gotta work. You gotta make money."

As for what Levy's dance partner Cheryl Burke thinks about the pictures, "Good Morning America told me I was dancing with William Levy, so obviously I did some research ... I was like, 'This for sure is going to come out [in the media] but I should be the first one to see [the photos].'"

PICTURES: William Levy In See-Through Underwear

Levy is a Cuban model and telenovela star. You can watch his entire interview with ET below.

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