Whitney Houston Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Posted on March 1st, 2012 at 9:04 am

U.S. mosaic artist Jason Mecier has unveiled his latest piece of art, a portrait of late singer Whitney Houston made entirely from pills. Mecier tells RumorFix that it took him approximately 20 hours and 1500 pills to create the piece.

Houston, who was found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel on February 11, is one of several celebrities whose lives were impacted by drugs, to be depicted in pills by Mecier. "I love Whitney just like everyone else does," the artist tells RumorFix. Jason's previous pill portraits include Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger.

"My pill portraits are a colorful way to memorialize tragic celebrity deaths," he explains.

Still, Mecier says he hopes people don't find his art insensitive."I agree [my artworks] are sad, ironic and evocative. As an artist you want to raise these emotions. I find these pieces more honest than disrespectful. I consider it a colorful tribute. I couldn't spend hours and days working on an art piece if I didn't care."

As for what he plans on doing what the piece, "I plan to sell it to the highest bidder! $2,500 anyone?"

Photo Credit: Jason Mecier

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