Tareq Salahi Makes First Public Appearance Since Divorce Filing

Posted on March 18th, 2012 at 2:08 pm

Alleged White House party crasher Tareq Salahi made his first public appearance Saturday night since filing for divorce from Michaele Salahi.

The former star of Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. returned to our nation's capital to meet with some heroes including Rear Admiral Sonny Masso, shown in the picture above.

DOCUMENTS: Tareq Sues Michaele For $50 Million

Salahi and his winery, Oasis Winery -- which were known for their philanthropic work before Salahi's world was rocked by scandal -- were ponsors of the Not Alone St. Patrick's Day event at Chef Todd Gray's Watershed restaurant. The Not Alone organization supports veterans and their families with health programs and counseling.

EXCLUSIVE: Tareq Salahi Responds To Michaele's Appearance In Journey Video

Salahi tells RumorFix exclusively, "I was so touched when I heard Christine Piper, who is an Army veteran and spouse, talked about spouses and loved ones having to watch that soldier walk to their door and deliver the news they never wanted to hear. I am so proud to support an organization that recognizes and supports both those who serve and the other unsung heroes at home."

Tareq has lost at least 40 pounds since Michaele left him for Journey's Neal Schon last September.

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  • 5 Responses

    1. Still a total loser. Can’t wait for the judge to toss his lawsuit against Michele’s meal ticket Neal.

    2. Brent Taylor says:

      He must be off the diet of beefaroni and government cheese

    3. PALADIN says:

      “Known for their philanthropic work”That would be very funny if intended as sarcasm.
      Yeah, Tareq is “known” alright:


      By the way, Tareq never owned Oasis and doesn’t now.  Oasis Vineyards is defunct, with all of its assets having been sold at a bankruptcy liquidation sale.

    4. LargeMarge says:

      When did he own a winery? What was the name of it? We all know his mother owned one with HER husband but Terd and his Orange wife embezzled the place into bankruptcy which will soon make Mom, the real true owner of a former bankrupt winery, and this clown Tareq’s mother, homeless. Just can’t be fixing all of the rumor’s I guess, but did you ever consider changing your name to rumor starter because from what we all see, everything you claim is nothing more than a rumor. You never have nor could show that he owned a winery. If you had any brains and could learn how to read you could see who did own a winery, and how those owners attempted to be nice and let him manage said winery, and after the embezzlement by him and his skanky wife, actually went to court to ask a judge to have them FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM THE PROPERTY.  Of course by then the money was long gone which didn’t prevent them from going back to the same winery and breaking into the place in May of 2010 and stealing over $30,000 worth of wine which they proudly served at their infamous polo con the following month at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Congrats RumorFix. You truly are doing a brilliant job. One shudders to ask what Terd might be doing for you. I guess we are right in calling you the owner and producer of the Dr. Phil Show. I always wondered how that worked. Thanks for clearing it up.

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