Tamra Barney: Proposal Most Romantic Moment Of My Life!

Posted on March 20th, 2012 at 10:44 am

After announcing on Wednesday that she and boyfriend Eddie Judge are engaged, Tamra Barney is opening up to RumorFix about the emotional roller coaster she has experienced over the past week.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star tells RumorFix exclusively that her engagement is real, and in no way a sham for TV.

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"I am SO excited and SO very happy," says Tamra. "We have been dating two years and it has been the happiest two years of my life. Eddie is an amazing man and my kids love him to death. We cant wait to take our relationship to the next level. Proposing to me in Bora Bora was a huge surprise and the most romantic trip of my life"

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Tamra says that while no wedding plans are confirmed yet, she is sure it will be beautiful:

"We have no wedding date or plans set, but we are thinking about having a destination wedding somewhere fabulous. Regarding the recent report on TMZ article. I find it hurtful and vicious for someone to make up such horrible lies about my engagement. To try and take away from my happiness is just down right mean. Bravo does not control my life and my love can not be bought  or manipulated by them or anyone else."

Congratulations to Tamra and Eddie!

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    1. you tell them Tamra…happy for you both…congratulations..

    2. CatLady says:

      Actually not only Gretchen, but Bravo came out and said the TMZ article was false

    3. 825possum says:

      Tell me how happy you are after being married to eddie after a year!!

    4. SoCalVal says:

      I wish her all the best. however, I still think it’s tacky, her and Vicki just crying ont he next man about their previous relationships. I know different strokes for different folks, but we should be ashamed of nonsense like this on TV! America where are our standards? SMH…

    5. Kathy says:

      Tamra and Eddie won’t last.  He kindof admitted that to Tamra in one of the episodes when she was crying about whether he might leave her someday he didn’t say he never would, instead, he replied that he doesn’t know what the future holds but for right now he’s happy.  So sad…  that isn’t commitment and she knows it.  Karma is a b**** and Tamra will get back what she dishes out…it is sad!!  He anti-religious rants will bite her back… she is trash!!

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