Meet Kaley Cuoco’s New Man: Bret Bollinger

Posted on March 28th, 2012 at 6:39 am

Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco was caught in a lip lock with a hunky mystery man recently and now RumorFix can reveal his identity

The good-looking bald man is Bret Bollinger, the frontman and bass player for the reggae band, Pepper. From these pictures, it appears he's allergic to wearing a shirt.

PICTURES: Meet Bret Bollinger

He's 33 years old and was born in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

PICTURES: Kaley & Bret Smooching

Bret helped create the band in 1997 -- and since then Pepper has sold more than half a million records independently. The group has since founded their own record label, LAW Records, which distributes music from three other groups: IRATION, Passafire and The Supervillians.

Not only did Kaley and Bret have a PDA fest at the Laker game on Friday, but they are playfully tweeting each other. He encouraged his followers to send her pictures of clowns and she told her fans to send him ideas for the ideal spin class.

Sounds like they both are equally as goofy! We're happy for them.

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    1. Duhresa says:

      Awww no more casting couch for her. Yay for her.

    2. payton says:

      She’s worse than guy. Love em and leave em.  How many is that now, Kaley.  Slow down!

    3. Army Navy says:

      gross    what a skank

    4. theadore huxtable says:

      Lol eww he’s fucking gross,seems like all she dates is ugly musicians lol..isn’t she like 26? Usually girls stop dating musicians after they grow out of warped tour..and that’s,what? 21? Ehh..

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