Lil Wayne Is A No Show For Jimmy Kimmel Show

Posted on March 2nd, 2012 at 4:04 am

Oprah isn't too big to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, but apparently Lil Wayne is.

The controversial rapper, who has spent time in prison, was a no show for the late night talk show on Thursday.

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So Jimmy plucked a random man from the audience, put a wig and hat on him and made him pose as the rapper.

Kimmel introduced the man as "someone who has multiple platinum records and criminal records."

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Carl, a Long Beach native and librarian, was a good sport, playing along for a painfully long six minutes.

Jimmy finally admitted that Carl looked more like "Whoopi Goldberg than Lil Wayne," and confessed, "I don't think we'll win an Emmy for this one!"

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  • 4 Responses

    1. Anonymous says:

      lost a lot of respect for wayne for not making an appearance 

    2. Court says:

      why was he a no show??

    3. Ghu_ says:

      I was actually at yesetrday’s taping and was excited to see lil wayne- but as we all know he was a NO SHOW! Bad enough the staff at jimmy kimmel didnt let us in when we were supposed to ( we waited in line for TWO HOURS! !)… An apology from 1iota or the jimmy kimmel show would have been nice! The highlight of it all was that Diego Luna was sitting in the audience, literally two seats away from me! so I end this with a message to lil wayne: EFF YOU LIL WEEZY! YOU FLAKE 

    4. Cheri says:

      Very unprofessional!

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