LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville Smiling Together OMG!!!

Posted on March 5th, 2012 at 6:40 am

We'd thought we'd never see this!

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Country singer LeAnn Rimes smiling and actually having a good time with her husband's ex-wife, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.

The two ladies -- who at different points have been Mrs. Eddie Cibrian -- came together to watch their son Jake's soccer game in Los Angeles Sunday.

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The women, who are usually are feuding on Twitter, put aside their differences and were civil to one another. Brandi let on that the ladies were fully well aware that the paparazzi had their lenses focused on the dueling divas. This is what she tweeted:

"Soooo many paps at Jakes soccer ud think Tom Cruise was playing !!"

A source extrememly close to Glanville tells RumorFix exclusively that "Brandi is really making an effort [to be friendly with Rimes] soleley for the sake of the happiness and well being of her kids."

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  • 8 Responses

    1. DTBFB1 says:

      Brandi is foolish to let herself be manipulated by LeAnn & Eddie. Sure, teach your children that faithfulness, loyalty, monogamy and honesty are unimportant compared to Money and “civility”. Brandi, you don’t like hearing you’re teaching the boys to be a cheater like their dad and Money Mom, NO: You’re teaching your boys to be WORSE than their d-bag father – and that’s on you! There are far worse things than not getting along with bad people, and you have embraced it, your children are destined to do great harm to their future significant others! If their dad or LeAnn (or her friends) was a murderer or a pedophile would you still tell the boys he’s/she’s  a good person? Eddie, LeAnn and Darrell Brown are very bad, many say EVIL people. IF you REALLY loved your boys, you’d teach them about good and evil people, right vs wrong, and tell them the truth about the people that interact with them! Your fault Brandi!

      • CatLady says:

        Just how do you know what Brandi is teaching her sons? Are you there in her home? You have her on wire tap or something? 

        • DTBFB1 says:

           I know because Brandi has so indicated publicly via Twitter, and on RHOBH and her blog with Bravo, and this is not the 1st time she’s jointly attended family  affairs  with LeAnn (do you have kitty litter for brains?) . Brandi is further sanitizing and legitimizing LeAnn and Eddies misdeeds and lies by playing nice and jointly attending affairs like this. The boys are being taught by Brandi (by her not telling the boys how she truly feels about LeAnn and Eddie and her sadness/grief/pain etc) that LeAnn and Eddie are good decent people, and they are not! Eddie exposed both Brandi and Jake to potentially life threatening STD during his ongoing cheating affairs while Brandi was pregnant. LeAnn & Eddie both have lied and caused Brandi’s life and standard of living to change for the worse.

          • Beckygrey says:

            So you are saying that as a mother, if you were her, you would tell your “children” the adult business between you and your former spouse? That you would expose “your children” to the “reality” of your relationship with their father? You would make “your” children feel uncomfortable about themselves and their roles as children to prove that their father is a bad husband? That you would rather teach “your children” that their mother is bitter to the point that her feelings about “their” father are far more important than “their” feelings of a safety  normalacy and being protected and love in their childhood, by the adult that love.
            Oh, yes I do see it your way! (NOT!)
            Their children are young. When they get older, they will lear the truth about their father as a husband. Please, let children be children. If this were you, vent to your family, your friends or your “higher power”.

    2. aemish says:

      Well, duh, Brandi.  Everybody knows that whorse is calling photographers ahead of time.  Nobody could possibly care that much.

    3. Charm says:

      Well I’m glad that they can put aside their differences to support their son…or is it just for the camera???

    4. Mendozavasquez says:

      You know there is money involved to have had them keep their composure because I would have beat LeAnn’s homewrecking butt! 

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