Kris Humphries Not Representing Himself In Kim Kardashian Divorce Case

Posted on March 9th, 2012 at 9:07 am

As entertaining as it would be, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries will not be representing himself in his Kim Kardashian divorce case.

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According to TMZ:

Kris Humphries has filed legal documents in his divorce case, appointing himself as his own lawyer.

Kris wanted his Minnesota business lawyer to rep him in the Kim Kardashian divorce. But in California, an out-of-state lawyer must have a local attorney by his side. So Kris hired a Los Angeles lawyer. But we found out the L.A. lawyer has withdrawn from the case, so the Minnesota lawyer doesn't have a sponsor anymore. "

A source close to Kris tells RumorFix that Kris changed law firms to strengthen his legal team. The insider tells us that Kris is "taking this [divorce] very seriously," and will not represent himself in court as other outlets have suggested.

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As for claims that Kris' current Minnesota attorney, Lee Hutton, isn't afraid of Kim Kardashian's divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, our source points out that Lee has tried hundreds of cases, and recently made attorney of the year for fraud.

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  • 3 Responses

    1. Carl says:

      LOL Tmz sucks so bad. ewwwwwww

    2. Cheri says:

      I wish the best for Kris! Kim..not so much!

    3. Anita says:

      I wish the best for both partys, but you really need to  as a famous Judge would say ” LOOK BEFRE YOU LEAP”  this could of be avoided. As older {25 plus} people in the station of life you both have been given I would like to think that you take it more seriously than what was display. God bless you both, and get over yourselfs, you both went into a marriage, did either of you think of the promise you were making not only to each other but to, and with God, in front of millions of people that belived in you, and what you showing as ” LOVE”. 
      I will be glad when you all stop thinking you are fooling the people when you are fooling yourselfs…… Be real, and be happy no matter what someones eles thinks.

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