Is Bethenny Frankel Too Much Of A Diva To Be Married?

Posted on March 9th, 2012 at 7:47 am

Has Bethenny Frankel become such a diva that her marriage to hubby Jason Hoppy is headed into a divorce crisis? According to tabloid gossip, yep!

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“All of Bethenny’s success is turning her into the ‘diva from hell’ and it’s affecting her marriage to Jason Hoppy. They had dinner with Ellen DeGeneres when they were in LA a few months ago, and Bethenny didn’t shut up. She treats Jason badly in front of her famous friends. And as Bethenny's star gets even bigger, Jason may be left behind. Now that she has the baby she wanted, she doesn’t need a reality TV husband."

Ouch! That's a really horrible way to treat your husband--if it was true, but it's not! RumorFix reached out to a source close to the couple who tells us the rumor couldn’t be further from the truth.

PICTURES: Bethenny Frankel Hits A Miami Beach In A Black Bikini

Our insider confirms, "This is absolutely ridiculous! Bethenny and the word DIVA should never be in the same sentence. She works her rear end off, every day and all the time. She and Jason are extremely happy."

Phew, that was a close one!

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  • 37 Responses

    1. Carl says:

      I’ve met her and she is not a diva at all! She is the hardest working woman I kow!

      • gwen0007 says:

        Carl, my guess is, you are bethanny!!! sorry and of course she is hard working, she wouldn’t miss a beat if it meant missing a spot light.

        • Marisae says:

          Gwuen0007 –  she build her empire from nothing. So quit the bullshit.

          • Marisae says:

            correction *built.

            and why the negativity? must you be so negative, can you not appreciate and admire someone who has built an entire empire from nothing? Clearly not. Clearly it makes people happy to see fellow humans fail instead of praising her for how far she has come.

            What Betthany has done is an inspiration to many women who have had similar upbringings. She doesn’t get in the spotlight by pulling a Paris or a Lindsay, OR BY having wealthy parents. It is evident got where she is by hard work and dedication – still evident to this day. So realistically, wake up, have a skinny girl cocktail and start to enjoy life, you’re sure in need of an awakening and / or enlightening darling.

            • Clamm85 says:

              I think Suzanne is the AKA for Bethany/

            • Suzanne says:

              Clamm85  having struggled as a child myself,I look up to how far she has come given how little she had to start with. She is an inspiration to many around the world. And the ‘hate’ and ‘judgment’ towards someone who already had a challenging life to begin with is not necessary. Accusations are also false.

            • just freakin ducky says:

               so Suzanne you do notice that you are the ONLY one out here that does not see Betthany has some real issues happening. And really needs to work on her relationship. As for your second comment.. I am sure alot of us out here have walked in her shoes and then some. But when do you stop being a victim. when do u stop taken your messed up childhood and using it as an excuse for treating anyone who wants to care like crap? Just when does it all stop? my opinion is it should of stopped when she gave birth to her daughter.  So just so u understand what I am trying to say to u, just because they do not agree with the way she treats people does NOT mean they had a rosy life themselves. Most probally stopped being the victim and enjoyed their new lives. Just saying.

            • Gagirl says:

              I agree w/ you and Suzanne.  I have to give the girl props for being a hustler and becoming a self-made millionaire.  She has a lot to be proud of.  On the other hand though, she needs to stop blaming the past for everything.  She’s a grown woman who needs to move past her issues.  Jason is a great guy with lovely parents and she’s lucky to have them as a family.  I don’t like the way she treats his parents either.  She’s going to destroy her marriage if she doesn’t get a grip.

            • just freakin ducky says:

               so Suzanne you do notice that you are the ONLY one out here that does not see Betthany has some real issues happening. And really needs to work on her relationship. As for your second comment.. I am sure alot of us out here have walked in her shoes and then some. But when do you stop being a victim. when do u stop taken your messed up childhood and using it as an excuse for treating anyone who wants to care like crap? Just when does it all stop? my opinion is it should of stopped when she gave birth to her daughter.  So just so u understand what I am trying to say to u, just because they do not agree with the way she treats people does NOT mean they had a rosy life themselves. Most probally stopped being the victim and enjoyed their new lives. Just saying.

    2. Mory says:

      I like Bethenny, but…she doesnt deserves the husband she has. She chose a normal man to introduce him to her glam life, and he is not interested in that. He waited 38 years to make the wrong choice. 

      • Marisae says:

        Oh really….Bethany a glam life? Are you sure you aren’t confusing her with Luann, Jill or perhaps the other housewives?

        So a quiet, submissive wife would be better for Jason, would it? If he wanted a stepford wife, I am sure he could have flown to L.A and found one – there ain’t a shortage of dumb women without opinions on earth. Clearly, he was after someone with wit, personality and humour. FYI – You view an entire hour of 24 of their lives that doesn’t give you enough substance to make judgment.

        • just freakin ducky says:

           wow your posts just confuse me. are we all talking about the same article? I don’t think you are for some reason. No he did not want a sumissive wive. He did not want a “dumb women” as you say. The posts are mostly regarding the way she treats Jason. She makes her childhood issues against the fact he had such a loving supportive life as a child. And she is “damaged” she just loves that statement. childhood. So he should understand why she treats him and his the way she does. That is all anyone is really saying here. None of the other stuff your babbling about.  just saying… re read all posts it might start to make sense to you then.

    3. A regular 45 white male. says:

      I watch the show with my wife and Im flabbergasted at the way she treats Jason. Seems to me that she married him to have a baby and pretend that she has a great marriage. I would not put up with the things she does and says to her husband and what she tells others about him. I bet jason has a financial stake in all of this; otherwise, I dont understand what is he trying to proof by being with her. I say, dump her, take her to court, and make sure you get 1/2 of her money.

    4. gwen0007 says:

      jason and his family have something bethanny cannot buy and that is class. she prides herself on saying shocking or hurtful comments under the guise that she is “just that way” but she likes the attention she gets from her rude mean comments because they tend to shock people. When she was first with Jason’s mom she blurted out as much crudeness as possible always looking at the mom to get a reaction but Jason’s mom had to much class to react. She probably just wrote it off that “my son chose this woman” and “I am going ot have to accept it.” bethanny has gone on and on about her sick and dysfunctional she is and now we have all seen it and believe it so if she ruins her marriage, Jason, take the kid.

    5. Rachel Green says:

      I don’t know her, nor do I want to. She strikes me as a very difficult person to be around for any length of time, and it appears she just wants people to adore her in same way. I don’t think she’s honest with anyone, including herself. It’s always a bad idea to have a baby with someone when you’re basically strangers to each other. She entered this marriage for all the wrong reasons and the husband is being used as a punching bag. He needs to examine why he stays and how long he wants to stay. I expect he has already been hurt to some extent by her already.

    6. 0_o says:

      The show is going to make you get a divorce! You have a good man by your side but you get mad over the dumbest thing. Get mad at him when he treats you bad or cheats on you! You need to get over your problems just because your mom didn’t love you doesn’t mean the world is ending for you. Just get over yours, you have a great life,Appreciate it. People would kill to be in your shoes.  If you continue this way your going to die ALONE! 

    7. Steve says:

      Bethany is a controling monster, Jason knows it and is a good guy that would never want to hurt his family or child by leaving Bethany but I can see that he is unhappy. She thinks that she can still live the life of a cool single professional but at the same time wants to be the perfect mom. This marriage is bound to end, unless she changes. Bethany tries to force her husband to get treatment because she is so screwed up. She treats Jason’s parents like crap because she doesnt know how to care about family members that love her. Watch everytime they interact with eachother, Bethany grabs her child and ignores the parents. This poor guy had no idea that he was getting involved in a relationship with someone that will never be a life partner. Good luck Jason.

      • Suzanne. says:

        Of course she doesn’t know how to treat people that love her, she has been rejected for 40 years. It’s not something you learn how to accept overnight!!!!! Love takes time and trust. She was abandoned and people with ‘fear of abandonment’ issues find it hard to love and accept love.

      • Rebecca says:

        He totally knew what he was getting into and now he has to deal with it.  If he is berating her in private (as she alleges) and playing Mr. Nice Guy in public, he has problem.

    8. Guest says:

      I hate the way she treats Jason and i watch the show every week he seem like a great guy and if i was him i would never put up with that crap im at the point where i might just stop watching the show i love bethenny from the other show but it seem she got worse since her new show

    9. gwen0007 says:

      well for a woman who breaks down at just about anything due to the trauma of not being loved as a child, I find it interesting as she tells ellen that she does not care about what is written about her. that she is tough and she can take it. Really, I am not buying it. First off, she knows that people gienuinely like Jason and his family and that has to really bug a woman who is narcissistic. Bethanny isn’t a woman who has no issues to saying exactly what is on her mind, she is rude and classless and that is what comes out of her clownish mouth when she speaks. She went to Jason’s hometown and acted like she was on another planet when she herself admitted that she didn’t always have a luxious life. She just wanted to act like a diva and be tweated like she was delicate and confused as to how others live. I don’t think i am getting my exact point across but come on, she knows small town and how they work but she acted like it was all foreign to her. She is phoney and god helpl that wonderful husband of hers. He didn’t deserve what he really got in this marriage. beth got lucky and Jason got screwed.

      • Marisae says:

        Wow, you must have had a rosey assed upbringing. TRY and live a lifetime not a day in the shoes of a child who was abandoned as young as her and then perhaps pass the judgment. ‘Phoney’ would be the last word in the dictionary used to describe Bethenny. She is HONEST, BLUNT, and straight to the point.
        As for going to Jason’s hometown – Darling it is called ‘humour’.

    10. Bee57_2000 says:

      Yes, I think Bethany’s fame and fortune has affected her.  When I listen to her show, all I hear is how unhappy she is, crying with her therapist, her voice drives me crazy and I think her husband is in trouble beinh married to her.  It’s all about her and I think they married too soon!
      Really they married only because of the baby!

    11. Unsatisfied says:

      Bethenny is a horrible role model for the young girls that watch her show. She over talks, is wildly inappropriate and displays no real business ethics at all aside from over talking anyone within 5ft of her. She is a total fame whore who 1/2 wanted a husband and a child but definitely wanted fame. Bethenny should shut her mouth and eat a sandwich or realize how rare it is to find a husband as good as hers with a family that is totally accepting of the fact that she is an icy bitch to them.

    12. Julia HawkinsEnterprises says:

      Hello is anyoneshuprised?  After leading that poor man around by his b    s, who knew?  She has a problem with her mother so she makes sure that her Mother in law is put in the same place as her mother and wa la, what happens with her daughter is going to be what happened to her.  No love from anyone other than friends to spend birthdays, Christmas, oh sure, two days after, they should be greateful for the time they get.  I feel so sorry for Jason’s parents and Jason, their daughter, mostly I feel sorry for Betheny who doesn’t understand  what a family is and how important parents are supposed to included in her hubands, and grandchildrens life changes, Birthday’s especially.  That was so cruel.   Because you didn’t have Jason’s childhood of love and nurturing. please don’t deprive your daughter from it unless you need her to become
      you. You are destroying your marriage because you don’t want to be happy.   Go ahead, there are plenty of women who would love to be a wife to him.
       Poor Betheny

    13. MLH says:

      Is her marriage worth losing for fame?  No matter who is at fault or what issues need to be worked out between them, airing absolutely everything about their relationship is just not healthy.  They met, became expecting, and married in an extremely short period of time.  It is very normal that everything will not be great all the time.  During the hard times, they need each other, not putting it out there for discussion by everyone.  For this couple, marriage must not be sacred.

    14. Rebecca says:

      Dump him, Bethenny, you don’ t need him.  If he wanted some little housewifey he could’ve gone back to PA and found one.  He knew who you were going in and jumped on your coattails anyway.  Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out.

    15. Stellafrench says:

      Stop with the therapist segments, that’s so last season and doesn’t fit in this season, besides which, people just don’t empathize with bethenny anymore because her childhood wasn’t that bad – no abuse, hunger, homeless, rats, roaches, poverty, so on.  

    16. Rita says:

      Bethenny gets upset at every little thing and can’t let anything go. She is controlling and comes across as a horrible human being. I think she is trying to make Jason look bad on the show- but it’s not working as far as I’m concerned. Jason still seems like a genuinely nice guy.

      This season the show is awful. I don’t even know why I am watching. Clearly Bethenny has made up her mind to dump Jason and she is trying very hard to get America on her side when it happens.

      • Dawn says:

         I would think maybe like alot of us  we can’t seem to not watch just to see how much she is doing DAMAGE to a wonderful patient man. That is the only reason I can come up with that I watch it every week.

    17. Dchil1956 says:

      Betthany was asked by Anderson Cooper guest if she had to choose between family and career what would she choose … She said she could not choose.
      Jason is a dream guy. How did he end up with this narcissistic self absorbed diva?
      I feel for Bryn as she will more than likely lose her adoring father in the inevitable divorce.
      Bettheny does not deserve Jason.

    18. Rgreenville8 says:

      Bethany hates herself, and has decided to sabotage everything and everyone in her life that loves her.  

    19. Rgreenville8 says:

      It really is sad, it seemed as if a black widow has surfaced.
      But I am hoping against hope for her.

    20. sherr says:

      I bet she is a crappy mother because she has lots of issues. She is all about herself….no time for anyone else…..feel pity for her child

    21. sherr says:

      good luck Jason….you deserve much better than her.

    22. sherr says:

      Bethany doesn’t have a heart!!!

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