EXCLUSIVE: William Levy Nude With Nothing But Mesh

Posted on March 23rd, 2012 at 6:30 am

It's official, William Levy is one confident fella.

PICTURES: William Levy In See-Through Underwear

The new hunk of Dancing with the Stars did a nearly naked photo shoot for N2N underwear in 2004, and he was wearing nothing but mesh.

You know how some women love a little mystery -- well, ladies (and some of you men) there is no mystery left in these photos.

PICTURES: William Levy Gets Ready For DWTS Practice

If you have any questions about what's going on below the belt -- they're all answered here. Let's just say he probably wouldn't be embarrassed to go to a nude beach or undress in a locker room or pose in Playgirl!

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  • 112 Responses

    1. Suz1999 says:

      Ohhhhhhhhhh Baby~Baby!!!

      hmmmmmmmmmffffff~~~~~~~~rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!    awhhhhhhhhhh!

    2. Anonymous says:

      See the uncensored pics http://markatlarge.com/the-latin-hottie-on-dwts-takes-it-all-off/

    3. Snow Horton says:

      He is just so ugly, I don’t get it. He looks like he needs to shave and find a real job. How is this attractive to women? Because if its just the body, try going to a gym ladies. At mine half the guys look like this with their shirts off.

      • Aacspoiledbrat says:

        Every less attractive guy says the same thing you are saying. This guy is beautiful. Every heterosexual woman and gay man that reads your comment will laugh hysterically at you calling him ugly.

      • kim says:

        Those women who says he is ugly, I will like to see what their husbands or boyfriends looks like  but maybe they like fat, short and bold guys, maybe thats their type of men, I respect that.  I speak for most women when I say he is good looking men with beautiful body.

      • kissing says:

        OK please post your pic and the we compare you with him and we make that call…?
        I bet you are much uglier… so allow me to laugh and your comment–hahahahahaha

      • Serdelp says:

        Wow, you think this guy is “ugly” ? I wonder what your conception of beauty is? Even if he does need a shave, so what, it only adds to his sexuality. Your comment about… “how is this attractive to women”, you got to be kidding, this man would be attractive to anyone with a plus….women, gay men, anyone with an ounce of taste! Besides those pictures are tamed compared to the ones with him modelling sheer see through underwear.

    4. Monica Edith says:

      I’m a straight young hormonal woman and I don’t even think he’s THAT attractive. There are better looking guys to me.

    5. Eigram69 says:

      C’mon Monica, he’s HOT.  I only wish he would have dispensed altogether with the tidy whities in these pictues.  Oh yeah!!

    6. TJ says:

      I’ve seen bigger bulges on infant boys.  I don’t there is much more to flaunt.

    7. Barb. says:

      Looks good, but how does it perform when it is driven??? LOL!

    8. Mickey says:


    9. Osh219 says:

      america is causing a scandal over these harmless photos?  nothing left to the imagination?  this is reverse discrimination because the models on victoria’s secret advertising leave nothing to the imagination when they pose for tv commercials.  here the poor guy is standing still, not touching himself, and meanwhile victoria’s secet stuff is just rife with sexual innuendo and not so innuendo.  talk about double standards.  and who was offended by those photos of william?  once again, just trying to stir up a lot of drama where none exists.  welcome  to the real world.

    10. Fortuneguy69 says:

      Thats not nude

    11. Stylingrose8 says:

      yummy im happy

    12. Mary says:

      I don’t think these photos should discourage him from competing in DWTS. He’s judged to dance, if folks vote like most do for favorite or most appealing, what can you do? Same as American Idol. Folks vote like they do. If he can dance, what the hell, it’s another thing he can use to his advantage to make the mighty dollar like so many stars do.This dancing is one tough thing to do, much less in front of folks who critique you like those judges do. I wish him luck

    13. Putchy23 says:

      So whats wrong with this? Hes modeling mens underware. Doesnt  matter when the dancers have a bare back , asplit up the front and next to nothing on top. How about Brooke’s yellow dress? That’s okay though. Sure changed our opinion of her. She had herself packed in that dress so tight it created cleavage she doesn’t have normally and we were discussing that we could see her “circles”. Shame.

      • Heidi60558 says:

        Agree! The “circles” – absolutely unnecessary. 

      • Richl3060 says:

        Apparently you don’t remember her as a contestant.  She has an outstanding figure, top to bottom.  As far as seeing her “circles”…… tell your husband to stop doodling on the TV.

    14. Jane says:

      Burno the judge wore little more, than William Levy does in these ads, when he was a featured backup dancer in Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” video.

    15. Laura Restrepo says:

      this is some one who looks like william levey and they could have croped the picture

    16. Laura Restrepo says:

      ew u could see his pubes i one picture

    17. MJP says:

      Ummmmm….someone needs to look up the definition of nude…although I do not mind THIS either

    18. Catian71 says:

      XXX pics??? I don’t think so. They just show enough to make this girl happy. =)

    19. Kban221 says:

      This is not nude ..I  have his see through pictures that are more revealing  but who cares modeling is modelings in 2012 —those pics are not porn.. Why is the HuffPost making a big deal .perhaps because he is CUBAN???.

    20. Bearsmom7 says:

      I see no nudity here…maybe someone has an overactive imagination or is just dreamin’

    21. Tesat says:

      He used to be thin. Now look at how big he is

    22. Cartier says:

      He’s a total juicehead

    23. Chrismarks says:

      Even the originals cannot be considered porn. They are simply a very attractive man modeling see through underwear. When are American’s going to get over their childish prudishness about simply nudity. There is nothing dirty or obscene about the naked body.

    24. pc says:

      These undies are too obstructive. Lose them at once!

    25. Lila says:

      no big deal this pis he looks great

    26. Anonymous says:

      Yeah baby, that`s what i`m talkin about.

    27. Pinelsart says:

      I am a man and I wish I had half the body he has…..Wow, hopefully he is as nice a person as his body is great!

    28. diana mora says:

      very nice, I don’t see why the whoop la on this pic, I get the same images via the newspaper, Macy’s Ad underware

    29. Leapy60 says:

      Hey, he’s a model, a great looking one at that, and he really isn’t showing more than any other model, male or female, would show modeling underwear.  Gee…they make a big deal out of nothing.  It’s not like these people didn’t have a life before Dancing…even one of their pros, Katrina, did Playboy.  They leak these things just for publicity.

    30. Mznana1 says:

      Wasn’t  Brooke Burke, the now hostess former dancing contestant, a playboy centerfold?  Sandi

    31. Gdhjr says:

      Nude=NO CLOTHES at all.  It’s like the republicans who see PORN in DISNEY MOVIES (i.e. the sultan with an erection or the Lion King nonsens…)  Watching Disney movies to LOOK FOR PORN (to use against democrats) is SICKER than actually viewing porn.  Seeing porn where it is NOT is an INDICATION of a sexual disorder.  After all republicans damn all others to heck, yet they get caught in the same scandals they condemn.  And the ‘holier than though’ preaching from the pulpits are the ones getting caught with young male prostitutes from some escort service or posing nude to show their muscles (while in the bathroom) off on Craigslist in the M4M section and telling everyone that god will forgive THEM for their perpetual indiscretions Lol! 

    32. vegasssss!! says:


    33. LuckycHances says:

      Kim K had worst …hello

    34. yummmmyy says:

      gorgeous(: I’m not sure why this is such a big scandal if he is modeling for a company. He isn’t ”Sexting”. back off people

    35. Marina8999 says:

      Seriously? He’s in underwear, what exactly is the controversy? There’s nothing obscene here.

    36. the real truth says:

      DAM N that’s what I’m talkin’about.

    37. sara says:

      Brooke Burke is one of the hosts  and she took many raunchy bikini shots, as did Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Sherzinger. Not to mention the fact that the women on the show are dressed in barely nothing every week.

    38. Murgen says:

      Oh, but you made a selection of photos because the ones that have been around are WAY racier than this.

    39. La_travesura says:

      This isn’t new! These photos have been around a long time. William has been around a long time as well. It’s funny how the English-speaking world suddenly “discovers” someone who’s been around on television and magazine in the the Spanish-speaking media/world for years. Of course ABC knew about these photos and they count on this irrelevant “scandal” do drive up the ratings of their lame show. 

    40. Richard M. says:

      There is an old saying,”If you got it-Flaunt it!”  He has it!  He flaunts it!  Lucky him! 

    41. Sagittarius19 says:

      no big deal here. he is doing a job. he is a paid model. he is an adult. stop the gossip. let this man be. dance to the end i say . he is a healthy married man too.

    42. ALBAPR21 says:


      • Liagmai says:

        ditto… im sure Cheryl is hot for him since every good looking guy shes danced with she seems to get the hots for…lol

    43. Robbjmc says:

      Yeah, this is a total non-story. He looks great, he looks beautiful and you can see the same thing at any seaside in America (and even more so in Europe). Calm down, ya sanctimonious freaks.

    44. Danojetman says:

      Incredible how stupid some people are.  These are not the photos that are creating a stir.  Any brains and about 20 seconds can find the nude photos. gdhjr/osh219/marina

    45. Fabio says:

      Mario Lopez was just modeling his new own line of underwear and the photos were about the same as these are. No one was making a big stink about him and he is better built everywhere.
      These ARE NOT porn pictures! Didn’t any of you grow up with brothers that walked around in their underwear?!?! Mine did — and even when he right after he woke up, if you catch my drift.

    46. mielymar says:

      Please give me a break, IS UNDERWEAR PEOPLE, what is the problem? at lease he wears one, bet some of the judges in the panel might not wear one, typical of idiotic make something out of NOTHING… 

    47. Abdullahmamun1990 says:

      There is nothing wrong about being a underwear model . Its not like he has committed a crime or anything like that . He is  a very sexy and independent men , and its his choice with his career and his life . So whatever he does its his choice and no one should have any problem with that .

      • Liagmai says:

        i agree…too bad some ppl have to make those choices to move ahead with their careerds.. and they poor sexy souls end up with so much unhappiness at times..

    48. i already saw the pics when i was still in college… hello net underwear…

    49. gypscat says:

      This is an absurd discussion issue!  Why shouldn’t men strut their stuff when women do all the time and men love it?  This is an opportunity for equalization and for looking at the sexualizing of all adults and not just females as the debate goes.  He is hot, why not?  What is good for the goose…  Dance on William!

    50. Serdelp says:

      Folks, those pic’s are nothing compared to the ones, this “Cuban brad Pitt”, modeled a while ago . In those pic’s he is modelling sheer see through underwear and believe me you see him in the all together. Let’s just say he is truly a “complete” package!

      • Liagmai says:

        PLZ dont compare him to Brad Pitt he way better looking and hotter.. seen Brad lately … looks like crap.. use to like him but when he got together with that character he lost any sex appeal he had…

    51. Annegemini says:


    52. Liagmai says:

      i thought the show was about dancing not what the person looks like in undies … as usual everything is blown out of proportion….geez

      the man is handsome been blessed..he may be an idiot for all we know (i hope not)…wish i were his lol..

      FOCUS DANCE SHOW …dancing talent… not what persons personal life is

    53. Joseph Wilson says:

      I think he just got all the gay male viewers to vote for him. I would rather look at these than see Nancy Grace’s nipple. Americans are so Puritan when it comes to nudity. It would barely cause a ripple in Europe.

    54. Lostboyjim says:

      So, the claim is that UNDER THOSE CLOTHES, he is nude?!  Wow!

    55. Anonymous says:

       This is racy? Good god… traditionally stuffed underwear model stuff…. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    56. Pbuddy says:

      Soooooo what – this is a ridiculous beat up!  The photos aren’t even racier than a normal underwear catalogue.  What a crock!

    57. nbe says:

      The more people talk about the pic of William Levy (bad actor in Novelas), the more people will vote for him, just because people are talking, like what Osh219 said: get real and continue to go ahead with more interesting topics..

    58. Guest385 says:

      What’s the big deal;  he’s not even good looking. Why is he on DWTS? That should be the real story. DWTS is mostly washed-up people trying to get some attention or a career. Like the old washed up singer, who is she, Gladys Knight? And Bristol Palin whose claim to fame is getting knocked up at 17. way to go republicans; great message to send to American teens: if you get pregnant you can get on TV too. And you claim to be prudes all about “family values” and “morals” when you have the loosest morale in the country, suppressing people into marriages that runi people’s lives, passing judgement on people, telling them that they deserve to die and burn for eternity because of YOUR pinhole beliefs. Keep your hateful beliefs to your self and let LIBERTY aka, Liberal, personal FREEDOM exist instead of making this country a theocratical Taliban-ruled country with all women pregnant, cleaning house for their “masters” (husbands) and baking cookies. 

      In other words, get educated, lighten up and stop telling others how to live when your own lives & families are a mess, you hypocritical GCB’s.  Or in Jesus’ words, “Take the log out of your own eye before you try to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” In psychological terms you’re engaging in avoidance behavior to ignore or deflect from your own problems and/or shortcomings. 

    59. barbarac says:

      He was a model and he could model anything he wants. stop being haters. Is it because people don’t want a latino to win dancing with the stars? what does race have to do with it. The people that want to make these harmless pictures into something negative, are jelous or they really have the need to ruin people’s life. Well guess what, those starting rumors have no life and will never amount to anything good if they don’t stop PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BUYING THOSE DUMB MAGAZINES TO STOP ALL THE UNTRUTHS.

    60. xxx says:

      wow he is awesome and Hot..
      Check his more hot photos at http://hotwilliamlevy.blogspot.com/

    61. Chattanooga Bill says:

      These photos are NOT pornographic! Mr. Levy’s physisque is a prime example of male beauty and should be shared with the world. These are all in good taste, even artful in their presentation. He has been blessed with a near perfect body, and we are the lucky recipients of being given a visual treat! Thenk you, Mr. Levy.

    62. PriusJ says:

      Underwear models model underwear, and some are translucent.  America is so prudish.  In Europe the feminine hygiene body spray commercials have naked women getting out of the shower!  Geez

    63. Anonymous says:

      Great, another Republican candidate for Senate.  Scott Brown, move over.

    64. Susie Kirk says:

      more please! I LOVE the m&m commercial..I want to be milk chocolate on the inside!

    65. ola soy gay nokiere anu gay ajja

    66. Injectbyme says:

      These photos are a disgrace….he should  have totally anked…then we would have something good to talk about…OK, OK, lets face it, the man is so handsome we all talk about him all the time anyway….Who cares about these foolish pictures from an underwear ad..I wish he was butt ass naked and showing us all his junk… This man could sell anything he posed with…from a garden hose to a tea cup…he is just simply hos and gorgeous…and that is why he is famous…leave the guy alone and let him concentraite on his rea, I MEAN CAREER…

    67. Rainy says:

      I came here to see his nude photos not a fucking pink censor.

    68. Joel Trevino says:

      These are old pictures of his salad days in the industry. Before these, one could set eyes on his awesome and totally hot body in the go-go bars of Florida but he is now an “established” latin actor in many Latin American soap’s. There are much better pictures of him in mesh underwear that leave NOTHING to the imagination. Hell, the boy works hard to have and keep such an amazing body, so he shows it off. He is still young enough to do that and all the more power to him. At least he hasn’t taken a selfie of his penis like Favre, T.I., that idiot politician and on and on. I hope he makes the cross over into American films and t.v. shows. He just has to practice his English just a bit more and I volunteer my services!!

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