Exclusive: Tyga Speaks On Chris Brown’s Alleged iPhone Theft

Posted on March 30th, 2012 at 9:58 am

"Rack City" rapper Tyga is far from thrilled that his buddy Chris Brown could be facing legal trouble for allegedly stealing a Florida woman's iPhone. Tyga was with Brown in Miami last month when he reportedly snatched the smart phone from a fan who tried to take his picture.

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Because the value of the phone is more than $500, Brown could face a felony theft charge if state prosecutors decide to press charges.

RumorFix caught up with Tyga and asked him about the incident, and to no surprise, he wasn't feeling cheery about the looming investigation. "All for a $20 iPhone? 20 racks, f*ck you," the rapper told our photographer.

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We're not sure what "20 racks" means, and chances are he doesn't either -- and something else he doesn't seem to know much about is the value of an iPhone, since they don't retail anywhere in the world for $20.

Still, at least Tyga is humble. Before leaving us, the rapper made sure to show off his one of one gold plated Audi R8.

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  • 6 Responses

    1. Guy121 says:

      Wow, what a douche bag moron. Don’t his managers and publicists train his mouth and the stupid a** sh*t that comes out of it? iPhone’s are NOT $20, AND the majority of America can’t even afford an iPhone, what a pathetic piece of crap!

    2. Anonymous says:

      he said ” he got an all gold iphone, 20 racks, f*** u.”

    3. janet mills says:

      No talent douchebags!

    4. Vaughan Masawiey says:

      He doesnt mean the phone is literally $20 !! All he’s tryna say is chris brown wouldnt want to steal an iphone that he can simply afford. $500 is nothing to him

    5. MeEe says:

      dude theres companys selling them for 1cent!

    6. n/a says:

      she  probably hates chris brown and throw the phone at him in the car to hit him. My she could have kill that boy by pointing a gun at him just how she had the access to throw her phone at him. chris simply needs more body guards around him.  You see how those ladies was looking at his neck chains in that clud like they wanted some thing from him  they look like the devil picking their target.  do not even go to places where people are out get at you. she probably wanted a pay off and since she did not get it she is holding on because this must be her life time achiviment. to get some thing from a person with money. it like winning the lottoryt for her and her family. may God almight deliver people from from a crab mentality of pulling each other down.  just like the justin beveer situation only different.

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