EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Vanderpump Says Camille Leaving Is “End Of An Era”

Posted on March 27th, 2012 at 6:35 am

Lisa Vanderpump is only talking to RumorFix about Camille Grammer leaving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

We caught up with the restauranteur coming out of Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills Monday night, where she joked about Brandi Glanville saying Camille was given a pink slip -- "at least it was pink," she says.

PICTURES: Lisa Vanderpump At Sur Lounge

BTW: Camille denies that she was fired. She says she decided to leave the show on her own to focus on her family.

Lisa says, "It's the end of an era." As for her own fate, she says, "I don't know. The jury's still out ... It's up to Bravo."

Lisa and her husband, Ken, were dining with designer Tommy Hilfiger.

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    1. Daphne says:

      They are ruining this show!! Bring Camille back and get rid of Kyle!

    2. Mt.Cito says:

      Gosh maybe Kyle was right about Lisa’s super sized ego – ” END OF AN ERA” – maybe this little reality show has given Ms. Vanderpump a shot in the arm of fame and a major head rush.

    3. Poppopmcg1915 says:

      “End of an Era” ….wow, this just proves how very Stupid Lisa is….two seasons is hardly an era!
      Lisa is known in Beverly Hills for having her Publicist “tipping off” the paps of where she is!
      Lisa is so Fake & Egocentric….it is just hilarious to me, as this old woman takes herself way too seriously!!

      • ana says:

        No, it wasn’t stupid, what she said was total class. Perhaps you forget but one of the few times Camille was not performing for the camera she made some pretty nasty comments about Lisa. This was at Camille’s home with some other girls, sorry, forget which girls tho. 
        So knowing that Camille was not her friend and may have even been working against her behind the scene (with that awful Adrienne) so wouldn’t you expect that Lisa is happy to have her go? She could have said that, or she could have lied and said she was so sorry to see her go but that’s not Lisa. Lisa was as honest as she could be while staying within the realm of politeness and class. As she always does.

    4. Abeninati8 says:

      I’m gonna miss camille. The first season I didn’t like her. the second I liked her and Adrienne!

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