Dick Van Dyke, 86, Marries 40-Year-Old Makeup Artist

Posted on March 9th, 2012 at 7:00 am

RumorFix has learned exclusively that Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke, 86, married to his makeup artist on Leap Day.

The Mary Poppins star tells RumorFix he met 40-year-old Arlene Silver six years ago at the SAG Awards, “I was in the green room and she passed through and I was bowled over by her beauty.”

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The octogenarian then hired her to be his personal makeup artist and they became friends. “The last couple of years we kind of fell in love,” he tells us. The healthy TV and film star says, “She keeps up with me.”

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Then on February 29th, the Diagnosis Murder star decided to make the plunge, “Kinda on the spur of the moment, we just decided Leap Day would be the best time to do it.”

Arlene tells RumorFix, “He’s the happiest person I ever met. He’s got an infectious spirit.”

Dick, who couldn’t stop smiling during our interview,  says being a newlywed in his 80s is “Wonderful. Wonderful.”

The actor/dancer/singer, who has been in committed relationships since 1948 confesses, “I’m not a loner. I have to have a life partner. I found the perfect one.”


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    • Kamasutra

      omg this is precious!!!

    • Carol111563

      He was 46 when she was born. Ewwwwww

    • aemish

      awwww!  Finally an older gentleman you can genuinely feel happy for

    • Sdc

      aemish, not your business, or your concern

      • Sdc

        sorry aemish, I meant Carol

    • Jess

      My ears were bleeding but them being cute compensates for it!

    • Vfd

      Awesome. All men should have a wife 46 years younger, obviously.

    • Carol Mattingly3

      People marry for different reasons.  If they have found happiness together, it means that each one is giving the other something they need.  People are different as are marriages.  God bless and be happy!

    • guest on this planet

      looks like her grandfather

    • Anonymous

      Marriage is a contract to give your “mate” access and ownership of HALF of your assets. And, there is NEVER a reason to do that in the new millennium.  Don’t do it! You will wind up in court, fighting for your life if it doesn’t work out. And, the mate, most times a female has the upper hand because the court system is corrupt.

    • Strooper33

      his makeup looks like crap

    • guest

      She has daddy issues she needs to fix.