Who Sang It Better? Amber Riley, Jennifer Hudson Or Charice?

Posted on February 15th, 2012 at 1:04 pm

No one can come close to Whitney Houston when it comes to singing her hit song, "I Will Always Love You," but boy did singer Jennifer Hudson, Glee's Amber Riley and Charice Pempengo do an admirable job.

The American Idol alum sang the song as part of a Grammy tribute on Sunday night and two days later, Amber ignited Glee with Whitney's signature song.

And 17-year-old Charice, from the Philippines, recently cried during her personal tribute.

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"I Will Always Love You," which is written by Dolly Parton, became an international hit after Whitney performed it for the 1992 film, The Bodyguard.

Who do you think sang it best?

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    1. Anthony says:

      The only ones comparable are Jennifer Hudson and Charice performances.  Glee performance was taped and a studio version with all the cleanup , auto tune and  effects done to make it perfect.  Live performances  have no room for error.

    2. LUISM says:


    3. Anthony says:

      Also, to be fair, you have to include Jennifer Hudson Video for people to compare

    4. i go for charice…the best singer..

    5. SurfsUp says:

      There is no other than Charice.

    6. Fogh says:

      Charices best performance of this song imo is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46eyLImsiRE .. Its the hole song and really a perfect arrangement, vocals and orchestra

    7. MJ4Ev3r says:

      Charice–she did it LIVE and while in TEARS!   She managed to LOOK AND SOUND GREAT  while crying—TOUGH  act to follow!

      • Williams_shaneka31 says:

        Yes she did! I totally agree! All natural….I do not know Charice but I personally would like to give you my vote! AWESOME!

    8. Estrella says:

      Agree with Anthony, Glee  performances are auto-tuned. Not LIVE performance. JHud may not be auto-tuned but her tribute wasn’t close to Whitneys’. You may not have to copy the artist but as tribute you stay as close to the artist style and Charice did that.

    9. LishaLove1 says:

      Thanks Anthony.. I was going to say the same thing.. But with that being said, she did an amazing job, but in my opinion, no one comes close to Charice with this song.. Especially with the shear emotion that emanates from Charice when she performs.. She is a consummate performer and her live performances are exquisite, Live is the Essence of Charice, which is why she is unmatched..

    10. big dog says:

      JH is great but Charice is just too amazing…

    11. LeeYo says:

      Why you don’t include Aretha Franklin tribute? and where’s Jennifer’s video to compare with?  Mercedes aka Amber is good too, she should done the Bodyguard medley though like Charice did. Anyways, Charice is feisty young lady!

    12. Cita says:

      Charice has this powerful voice to sing whitney song … the one and only charice.

    13. Anonymous says:

      All three did great with the tribute to Whitney may she RIP.. Jennifer Hudson’s Grammy performance was great, but was missing the goosebumps affect. While Amber Riley’s performance is a studio version also lacks that goosebumps affect for me. Now not to be bias. Charice’s performance Live while she was crying, is really difficult to do. You can ask any artist how difficult it is to sing after crying. I bet you they will all say it’s really hard. Not to mention Charice did back to back tough songs. She sang these songs with so much power and emotions, that one can’t help themselves from having tears watching it. The power and soothing of her voice gives you that tingling feelings throughout your body. Charice has been giving tribute to her idol Whitney seen she was of a very young aged. She was discovered in YouTube singing Whitney’s songs. So for these three performances, I have to choose Charice’s. Whitney would be so proud of all three of these young performers.  Kudos to all three!! Peace!!

      • Rosanna Wilson says:

        Who is this girl,? she did the goosebumps, tears and all, i really did’nt think any one could sing it like whitney but she sure did .Good luck to Charice with every thing you do.

      • Natz says:

         The problem with Charice is that she’s so good that she’s a threat to US music industry. If she were to be mega-popular as a singer in this generation, she would be raising the standard for other singers to follow. But we all know that this generation lacks good singers that can compete with each other. Unlike the 80’s and the 90’s, there were a lot of good singers that are competent, so there was no problem raising the standard.

        So here’s the formula:
        -> Raise the standard, customers or music lovers would ask for great songs by great singers. Competing good songs and good singers must be supplied.
        -> If the music industry fails to deliver to that market, more people will be frustrated. With frustrations, people might look for alternative from other countries, or maybe loose interest in buying songs.
        -> The higher the demand for quality music standard, the higher the pressure for music industry to supply the demand; otherwise, they will lose market.
        -> So if there’s scarcity of good singers, don’t create a demand for high standards, so you can still sell sub par music.

        So I think, it’s not a proper time for Charice to Shine.

        I’m just a student of economics and I hope my analysis is wrong and I hope the music industry does not really work that way, because I’m one of those people who are mesmerized by Charice. I lover her. My night isn’t complete without hearing her sing.

    14. Bluebell_262000 says:

      CHARICE the one and only singer who Can give justice to whitney’s songs. 😉

    15. xbass02 says:

      I agree… to be fair, there should be a video of Jennifer Hudson included here.  Also, for proper comparison all performances should be under the same live conditions.  They’re all good and I’m sure each has a “best” performance of this song that may not be included here.  I think Charice takes it with this David Foster “shortened arrangement”, but I also think the Japanese version mentioned by Fogh is the most “accurate” cover.

      What REALLY impresses me is Charice’s versions of this song when she was only 9 or 10.  I dunno where this little 4’11” powerhouse gets it… but if it’s for sale, I’m first in line. 

    16. Bella says:


    17. zen58 says:

      Charice is so amazing! She did great even while crying and performing live, still manage to make it perfect.

    18. siz says:

      hope charice can sing at Whitney’s funeral…….i go for charice….as she always does great!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. sun888 says:

      the only singer that close to whitney”s voice is charice 

    20. Nuktemp says:

      Charice gives me goosebumps.

    21. Rey123tom says:

      for me the closest rendition next to Whitney Houston is Charice she got the powerful voice to belt it out those insane hig notes of those songs from Whitney, to Celine Dion. Check it out in You tube allthe great performances of Charice from Ellen De Generes to Ophra to Madison Square Gaden with Celine Dion. Love her voice so much …it’s insane  out of this world

    22. The true essence of a TRIBUTE is for us to be able to recall and re-live the memories of the person being given a tribute. When you hear Charice’s version, you don’t hear Charice. You hear WHITNEY. It’s like Whitney is still singing to us. And to be able to do that requires a lot of talent to imitate the artist so that the tribute can be given enough justice. As much as I admire both Amber and Jennifer, only Charice was able to do that to me. I heard her version, and honestly, that’s the only time I cried. Because I am hearing Whitney all over again. And I will never hear nor see her again. RIP Whitney. May God be with you.

    23. jerry says:

      charice is out of this world.  she was first discovered in youtube singing a cover of whitney song. this pave the way for guestings in starking korea ,ellen show then ophra. she is great in recording but is incoparable when singing live. there is magic when she sings live

    24. Anonymous says:

      Even though Charice performance is good, I do not like how she interpreted the song,  it sounded angry.  It is like she is telling someone I will always love you with an angry tone.  Amber rilery sounded good but I have to admit it is a studio recording.  Everything sounded better if recorded from a studio.

      • Mel says:

        LOL! I don’t know where you got “angry” from. Could it be that you just don’t like Charice and therefore are biased against her? All three of them are great singers but Charice gets my vote. She’s the only one who gave me goose bumps.

    25. Anonymous says:

      amazing Charice

    26. Maximus_7777777 says:

      ok all the three of them are good but my $10000 goes for Charice

    27. rlee says:

      charice… you can surf you tube and watch her performances live; she just blows you away. the girl can make grown men cry. i think the best version of this song was the one in japan.. it’s so exquisite. she is the most underrated artist amongst her peers. it’s sad that the media just ignore this kid and magnify the mediocre ones. she is a nice and decent kid.

    28. they are all great singers, but i love charice’s style and voice.

    29. Anonymous says:

      All of the singers are great but when live performances are concerned, Charice is second to none.

    30. Rainne says:

      all are great except that.. honestly that charice gaves me chills i cant explain.. its creepy.. its so damn incredible!

    31. Hmmmm…. I wanna see JHud and Amber kill the song while crying so it could all be a fair judgement, hahah!….Anyway, they are all very very good singers…. but goosebumps and aftershock effect is on Charice.

    32. Mary says:

      RIP whitney.. I go for the asian girl.. she gain her popularity from whitneys songs.. whitney is whitney but i have to give credit to that girl.. shes so good that one time i have mistaken its whitneys that I am hearing but to my surprise its that kid.. im a whitney fan and i thought i can tell a difference to copy cats but.. o well.. she caught me off guard.. but i gave her credit.. shes so close to whitneys level in my opinion..

    33. ^_^ says:

      Charice, and this is her best rendition imo


    34. brown__sugar.♥. .♥. .♥. says:

      all  3 sang  great  to me

    35. Just_a_three says:

      all did a great job . charice has the best voice. but that version is from two or three years ago at the end of the tour and she was gonna miss her friends.

    36. go charice you are more good and you are the one that makes the people remember whitney 

    37. Buziness2015 says:

      Wow, Charice is really amazing. I didnt knwo she can sing this good. I am blown away!

    38. Justdoit says:

      They all did their own thing in their own way. Thank you ladies for the tribute and thank you God for sharing Whitney with us. RIP

    39. L Bee Johnson says:


    40. Anonymous says:

      Charice is just WOW!

    41. einna says:

      Charice voice is very unique you can hear the melody in every word that come out to her mouth.. She’s an amazing singer

    42. annilay says:

       No one can sing like Whitney except Charice!

    43. luvcha4infinity says:

      Definitely it’s CHARICE!!! She is THE BEST SINGER who can give justice to any Whitney Houston song…search her on youtube…she is truly AMAZING!!!

    44. definitely charice… 🙂

    45. Kukki Cal says:

      Undoubtedly Charice!

    46. Alchaselthzer_2415 says:

      I go for Charice… she did it well…

    47. Gary de silva Dagdag says:

      Of course Charice are much better than that 2 singer in terms of vocal power and to interpret the song , charice much more on emotio when she sang the song everytime , watch all her performance here in you tube , always a big goosebumps hehehe go,go.go Charice

    48. David says:

      you should not even mention the other two in the same sentence as charice. charice is miles better. not even close

    49. Iyanadonelly says:

      charice , sing much better the song of whitney 🙂

    50. jiancarlo says:

      As the saying “music is the windows of our soul”.  Music  has to be therefore express with all the power of feelings and emotion. I think only Charice on this era can relay the legendary Whitney musical icon. She is also the only artist I know who has the complete package with global fan base from age 8 to 88.  RIP Whitney.. and wish for the continued rise of Charice..  

    51. A_danabar says:

      im proud to be a filipino we love u charice!

    52. Nicholas Bussa says:

      Just to let the author of this blog know. You say “I Will Always Love You” is Whitney’s song, The song was not Whitney’s song. It was originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton. Now admiditedly, I think Whitney did the song better then the original but credit where it’s due. The song wasn’t hers.

    53. Ijennings48 says:

      theres always someone to hate & make negative comments about someone how has past. we arent talking about dolly parton & whitney made that sing famous. say something about the national anthem thats not whitneys song either but, that was the best national anthem every sang. they all did a good job charice was awesome JH has a different style of singing & amber was in a studio. to compare it the closes it would be amber. but charice killed it live.

    54. dave says:

      charice is the best among the resttttt period ………………………

    55. Zzandy says:

      Ya’ll need to be shame of yourselves.  Clarice is the underdog in this showdown for the very simple fact we don’t expect a soulful voice coming out of a pale body.  And, of course, we love an underdog.  But, Jennifer is all over this one.  Jennifer is a rare talent that won’t be denied!

      • Anonymous says:

        Jennifer has no competition because she is in her own lane when it comes to talent. Therefore asking who is better is a redundant question if Jennifer is included because she will ALWAYS be the best.

        • Can Jennifer sing Alone live by Heart and My Heart Will Go On and I’m Your Lady and The Power Of Love by Celine and The Climb by Miley and No One by Alicia and Earth Song by MJ and Listen by Beyonce and If I Were A Boy by Beyonce and Angel by Sarah,etc?

          • Fredpatlovejao says:

            do dumb…. protecting charice like this isnt making her a better singer. i love charice, but, we make her look dumb when are being forceful about who is better.

          • Anonymous says:

            Jennifer Hudson could sing those songs easily, probably while she’s asleep too!

    56. Pityoung says:

      Only Charice can give justice to Whitney songs. RIP Whitney

    57. Elchiquitonino says:

      If you REALLY want to see the BEST performance – as judged by WHITNEY HERSELF – check you-tube for JENNIFER’S singing it to WHITNEY LIVE at the 2009 BET awards & watch WHITNEY ……..

    58. Brian_bri2000 says:

      I love Amber and Charice gave me chills which is amazing

    59. Anonymous says:

      Charice wins all open popularity contests for a simple reason – her fans are more dedicated. I know because I am one. 

    60. Anonymous says:

      Jennifer Hudson did the best of course; hardly any time to prepare and mountains of pressure on her. Jennifer was the only one talented, elegant and classy enough to do the tribute which is why the Grammys producers called her and not the others (Amber is still great though!).

    61. AmberRileyArmy says:

      Amber Riley ALL THE WAY! XoxO

    62. Linda says:

      The difference between the three, Amber recorded it the rehearsed it before taping and lip-synched it, Jennifer Hudson changed few bars and tried to make her own version while Charice sang it live and sticked to Whitney´s version as much as she could. My question is, can Amber sing it live?

    63. Linda says:

      It´s not the question who sang it better. The comparison will always end up whose singer you really like the most. I like Charice better cause she sang this in different version “LIVE”. I prefer the way she sang it. I remember when she was a guest in Italy. I think “Lo canto…” is the name of the show. She sang the whole song and really sticked to Whitney´s version. And if you will close your eyes, you will think it was Whitney herself who was singing. That´s why she got a long standing ovation.

    64. The Mad Samcedian says:

      Y’all knowwwww that Amber would sound just as good as either of them live. If you don’t believe me, watch her live performances. Her IMPROMPTU live performances. The Anders probably don’t have to autotune her at ALL. 

    65. Linda says:

      This is one of  Charice´s many version, I want to share with all of u. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqqWTtHaASU

    66. Kat says:

      I’m sorry, I love Amber Riley, I do. But I have to be fair here and the truth is… Charice is not just the best person to sing Whitney, she may just be one of the greatest singers of ALL TIME. And it peeves me how there is not more focus on this girl. 

    67. AmberRileyBiggestFan says:

      Amber is simply the best Charice is seeking love over everyone on the Glee Cast and everyone is saying wow Charice is the best Glee Cast Member but she is only a GUEST STAR NOT A SERIES REGULAR!!! Also if you just listened to all these versions without knowing who it was or seeing them you wouldn’t say Charice, now would you, you would say AMBER!!!

      • Dimples0208 says:

        Ummm…no I would still choose Charice’s version.  Sorry but her live version still SOUNDS better to me than Amber’s recorded version. I would honestly love to hear Amber sing this live…hope she does perform it live soon ;-).

    68. Gleek101 says:

      I was in so many tears after watching Amber I couldn’t stop crying for like an hour!!! R.I.P Whitney and I hope you think Amber Riley did you justice!

    69. Shaunda says:

      I will go to the Asian chick. Boy she has big pipes

    70. Musicfan101 says:

      why are we all debating about this we should all just be thankfull that these great singers honoured Whitney in their own way! The all had their aims while singing the song, Jennifer was trying not to put the song on herself and put the song on WHitney instead so she toned it down a touch for example!!!

    71. Jpmail34 says:

      Jennifer HUdson is FLAWLESS!

    72. Sherps23 says:

      Amber –sang it in studio of which can be altered and improved over and over again!!!!

      Charice sang it live——to perfection!

    73. Sharisu Fan says:

      i will always vote for a LIVE (or will not vote for a studio) version. Thus between JHud (where is the vid here? got to hear it again in another site) and Charice, you close your eyes and hear which is better….got goosebumps with Charice, so my vote is CHARICE!

    74. they all are great singers,but i think jennifer and chanrice was doing too much and over doing,i think they were showing off their voices..where as amber song it like how it was supposed to be done…she wasnt trying to sound like whitney, cause we all knu nobody does it like whitney…they all did a great job though.

    75. peanut gallery says:

      I voted for all of them.  At this level, its like splitting hairs.  They’re all awesome.
      On the other hand, comparing charice only to herself, i’d say the utube version with japanese translations at the bottom was the best of all.

    76. Tedwaston says:

      Hi, I believe everyone did a good job on the song; Jennifer Hudson did it for me. When she preformed the song for Whitney when she was alive is what I am comparing. The performance she did on Sunday was soft sweet and classy. There will never be another whitney

    77. godina says:

      CHARICE………. her rendition is much much beautiful to hear

    78. Justine says:

      All three tributes were wonderful and would’ve have made WH proud. Personally, I feel Jennifer Hudson’s version was alright, but her tone was too low. That said, she made it her own and it was probably the appropriate tone for the atmosphere she was in and the acapella version. I think Amber did brilliantly with hers, she hit the notes perfectly but I would say Charice did best simply because it was live and she was emotional and that note on the ‘And I…’ reminded me so much of Whitney’s version.

    79. scottie says:

      this is not Charice best performance of this song but still amazing.

    80. jaycee says:

      Charice has my vote. She gave me goosebumps and chills and I ended up watching this video atleast 10 times! Wow.. AMAZING! 

    81. charice charice charice!!!!

    82. charice is nice so i’ll keep voting for her

    83. george says:

      How disrespectful to make this a competition.  Jennifer sang a tribute to Whitney on behalf of the industry.  It was never meant to be a cover of the full song.  If had had to be a competition, then all three talented young ladies would sing under the same circumstances.  

    84. REIMOND TEOPACO says:

      Reimond Teopaco- US NAVY RETIRED FROM HAWAII-
      It is really sad that Whitney Houston passed away,but her achievements in musical/movie industry will be forever, just an amazing singer. I like all her songs and movies. BUT FOR ME THE ONLY SINGER WHO COULD SING HER SONGS SUCH A HIGH PITCH AND BEAUTIFUL VOICE IS NONE OTHER THAN  CHARICE THIS GIRL SHOULD HAVE BEEN INVITED TO Grammy’s to sing Whitney Houston smash hit medley song” I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! CHARICE IS TH BEST CHOICE!!

      • Ruth Bannink-Gonzales says:

        Yes you’re right Charice should have been invited to grammy but they didn’t. Is that not so unfair that Charice who has a tremendous talent was not even no-
        minated nor invited  to any major US awards? Why are they kept on ignoring the talent of this girl?Do you think her Asian background has something to do
        with this? In my opinion she even has a better voice than Adele but Adele got more Grammy awards & Charice has nothing. So unfair really on Charice side!

        • Mharice says:

          Yes, you’re both right Ruth and Reimond ! It feels like there’s a vacuum … with Charice not getting anything even a nomination … seems unfair ! …
          who are responsible ?! Perhaps the good people are not doing anything enough to make it happen !!! We should do something now …

    85. Charice is by far the best singer of all time and she is still 19 yrs old.

    86. Nmurot says:

      Charice did it best.

    87. Phelpss81 says:

      Charice did it best, no doubt about it. Indeed, the song was written and firstly sang by Dolly Parton but “I will always love u” never became a song until Whitney sang it…

    88. Rosette Antopina says:

      WH songs Live On. As Charice said to her interview about one of her idols Whitney will never be replace. But Charice you bring her to life by your powerful and soulful voice. YOU’RE THE BEST!

    89. Chealse says:

      all three of them deserves to be recognized for singing  Whitney Houston’s song. But Charice did the justice of the song. She sounds just like Whitney. OMG! I couldn’t believe it. Simply amazing!

    90. Tiffany says:

      Sorry guys I disagree with many of you! Amber is/was the best.We are influenced by the audience with Charice and because of her ethnicity. Jennifer is as usual out of control and over rated.

      • rlee says:

        charice and her ethnicity on the contrary, is a drawback. she is a better singer than most and yet she is still widely ignored by the media in the u.s.– amber is a really good singer but charice sang that song live and almost crying. amber’s was pre-recorded. when charice was in glee they edited her voice so much so that she sounded like a chipmunk. you can watch charice in you tube and see her vocal prowess. she always  all her songs  live unlike most singers. in glee they gave her the song as long as you’re there because she is the only one who can sing that song. i’d love to see amber and lea m. take a shot at that song. 

      • xbass02 says:

        I also think Charice’s “ethnicity” works against her in the North American market.  All three of these singers are exceptional. so why aren’t ALL THREE of them more or less equally popular in the US?  It’s all about popularity and personal preference, not talent.

        The radio stations simply refuse to play Charice, even though she exceeds by far many of the popular “singers” today.   She refuses to pander to the lowest common denominator listening public with gimmicks and special effects.  Ethnicity indeed…

      • Anonymous says:

        Jennifer is in control and underrated. I think people keep repeating the lie that she lacks vocal control in the vague hope that it will come true. Not gonna happen, folks! Jennifer’s star will continue to rise regardless of the haters.

      • Cal says:

         You don’t know what you are talking about. I’m not against you disagreeing, I’m against your unprovable judgement!

      • Hmbsns2011 says:

        Tiffany, admit it. You just don’t like Asians.  My goodness!!!  Charice version is definitely the best. 

    91. Bob says:

      As a musician for many years it has got to be Charice. The other two may be able to hit higher notes but Charice’s natural register is lower. Although this has nothing to do with who is a better singer. Conversely, Charice has a better overall range than the others. My aggravation is why she is not being promoted more aggressively by the main stream media as she is a really great  singer with alot of emotion. What also impresses me is you do not see / hear her out at clubs getting drunk and wasted. She has values and morals which is rare today in performers. She can sing anything and her talent is God given. YOU GO GIRL !!! 

      • Sluh69 says:

        I agree with you Bob I guess the public would rather appreciate auto-tuned singers now a days. And have u seen Nikki Minaj’s performance recently ? I just hope and pray that Charice will not give up.

    92. Sksh76 says:

      Charice is the only one who can really give justice to this song.

    93. Jhunmacaraeg says:

      Man, this will be no contest..,just close your eyes you will see whitney himself reincarnation in the body of charice..no contest…just charice all the way.

    94. Patrick says:

      Charice the best 

    95. Charice has IT!!! Perfect! luv her voice! come on – no doubt.

    96. Philippines says:

      I saw the performance of Jennifer Hudson in the Grammy kinda disappointed. I have seen and heard Charice Pempengco performs Whitney’s medley and I feel the justice of the song. She gives me goosebumps. She’s the best. I do not know why Grammy’s producers did not take into consideration and at least give Charice a change to sing Whitney’s song. U

    97. precious says:

      I love rendition of Charice to the fact that she did it live …not recorded…

    98. Tuck Julalaxsananukul says:

      LOL, why is this article comparing LIVE performance to auto-tuned. Even worse, the LIVE performance by Charice manage to be better than auto-tuned performance of the others. That says something right?

    99. godina says:

      CHARICE your the only one!

    100. whitneyfannowCharice's says:

      Charice’s version connects with me emotionally like no other singer does.  I’ve heard this performance a hundred times and each time I am blown away. goosebumps all over me…..
      We will miss Whitney but her songs will live on- thanks to Charice!  I love Amber and JH as well:)

    101. Erlindaaz says:

      Charice makes me cry, She can sing this like it is her song. Whitney will be happy looking down at you kid.  Always take care of your gift and be Charice all the time…

    102. Cal says:

       Charice just blows me away with her emotional and vocal prowess.  She is stunning, and has never faltered in her performances.  I’ve watched her in the last couple of years, and she takes my breath away.  She performs Whitney’s renditions, with such care and rawness.  Goodbye Whitney. Now if the GRAMMY’S would only start to recognize this young ladies talents, she deserves to be recognized…..period!

    103. Perry pc says:

      Charice rendition below is much better. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=charice%20i%20will%20always%20love%20you%20japan&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCQQtwIwAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D46eyLImsiRE&ei=kE1BT5K5CIrNtgfWuOHfBQ&usg=AFQjCNFS384xnqc0t3KMhS7-4IKGFLgfGw


    104. Shujin51 says:

      charice sings with all her heart in every song! not like the others that only sings for fame or money. U would notice that asian music is alooooot more emotional (most is about love, dead and live)and thats why she can sing like whitney and can imagine her feelings.And the part “don’t make me close one more door! always makes me cry and i cant explain why ;( 

    105. Mscaseylopez says:

      no doubt.. Charice blew me away

    106. Thomas James Norman says:

      I am a fan of Amber and Charice. I’ watched Jennifer Hudson sang the national anthem in one large sports event, and boy she butchered the song. Inconsistency seems to Hudson’s problem- a hit and miss. After watching the above YT uploads of Charice’s & Amber’s performances of “I will always love you,” there is no doubt that Charice delivered the better rendition. Amber toned down some high keys, which made the song so powerful. 

      Now, I am becoming suspicious of Charice’s departure in Glee. You don’t have to be a scientific genius to connect Leah Michelle’s to the way Charice has been treated quite unfairly.I have not seen Hudson;s interpretation yet.

      Amber was good but could have done better,

      Charice was simply ethereal and darn powerful.

    107. Chacaroy says:

      In YouTube there are at least 6-10 videos of Charice singing this song. This video is not by any means her best performance of the song. Check this one out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=1qO1jiNVPqA. There is no one past or present that I know of who can perform live like her. Her voice and her singing are just 1/4 of her greatness. The rest are 1/4 her stage presence and 1/4 her looks. Put all these parts together and she just blows you away!

    108. Beth234 says:

      Damn they both good. Bravo!

    109. AC says:

          I won’t be taking Jennifer Hudson into account simply because her
      performance wasn’t that good. She’d have never make the cut at the
      “American Idol” audition with that performance. Don’t get me wrong here,
      she’s got a good voice and she can
      sing, but she doesn’t have the pipes to compete with Amber nor Charice.

         Also let’s keep in mind that Charice has been performing live for many
      years despite her young age, so she knows how to connect with the
      audience, and that’s a huge plus compared to Amber Riley whom, I
      believe, we hear only “Glee’s” performances. I’d still would love to
      hear and see Amber sing live though.

      I’d say the best versions are those of Charice and Amber. Still I would
      definitely vouch for Charice’s as the best, even thought this video of
      hers is from the final leg of her performance in the “David Foster &
      Friends 2009 US Tour”.

         First, the fact is that Charice’s (who was 17 years old at the time
      of this recording by a fan, thus, no gimmicks) was live and not
      prerecorded (Autotune, studio spec FX., etc…) as amber’s “Glee”
      performance. I know, some people may not like Charice’s vocalization
      towards the end of the song, then again, this is a live performance, and
      in live performances singers do that, the great Whitney herself has
      done it numerous times in the spur of the moment, therefore some
      glitches may occur (larsen, mics distortion, some mics aren’t good at
      reproducing lows, the mic battery may be low in power, etc…).

         Second, for whatever reason, Charice’s voice seems to have far more
      intensity in any register she sings in, either low or high or anything
      in between. The emotions I feel/perceive with Amber’s version aren’t as
      clear nor as powerful as Charice’s take on that song. Also Amber isn’t
      expressive at all in that video, it looks like she’s not really feeling
      the meaning of the song.

         Third, and there is no doubt about it, Charice’s voice is goosebumps,
      bordering shivers, inducing especially when she hit those super high or
      supra low notes… Hear her sing live and you’ll definitely be
      subjected to it. Those are so intense you can almost feel the goosebumps
      just by watching her you tube performance, then again that’s just a
      small percentage of what you’d be bombarded with in one of her live

         Of course it would be easier to exact an opinion if the three of them
      were singing the same song in, the same venue, in the same conditions,
      and with the same allocated rehearsing time.

         Until then my vote will go to Charice first, Amber a very close
      second, and then Jennifer Hudson third. This is just my humble, personal
      opinion, anyone has the right to disagree…

    110. Kevin says:

      Charice…has the best rendition and so powerful that you can feel it same with Whitney…she gave the best in emotion while singing it and while crying..oh goosebump..still the best for me and the stunning tribute for Whitney..RIP!

    111. Chesfernando says:

      Nobody can ignore the awesome talent of Charice.

      The truth is, nobody comes close to her as far as Whitney’s songs are concerned except Whitney herself.

    112. Hakunamatata4260 says:

      charice is the BEST! im speechless!

    113. Anonymous says:

      CHARICE probably the most talented singer of her generation.

    114. rome says:

      There’s only one that can do justice to this song,one who started competing at 7,one who by age 14 had gone throu over 100 singing contest,and this is how she live,by winning the grand prizes to help her mother and younger brother.The “Bodyguard medley” is her number one contest piece.
      Here she is ….now at 19   Log in to YOUTUBE.

    115. Vlim2007 says:

      Don’t listen to Charice song first, because if you do, you would not appreciate Alum and Hudson rendition of Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You”… it goes this way… Alum = good, Hudson = great, Charice >= Whitney.  Can’t get any better than this.

    116. rome says:

      Don’t you guys wonder why her Glee episodes were cut short? Don’t you wonder why they made her look less appealing on her last Glee episode? After watching this link below…you’re know why.

    117. rome says:

      Charice’s rendition posted above is not D best rendition.
      D best one of all is this.I  guarantee it.

    118. John Wong says:

      It is hard to judge Amber fairly because Glee autotunes everything you hear on tv.  Amber did a good job – she started out sounding like Dolly Parton in the movie “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and then she ended the song sounding  like Whitney in the Bodyguard.

    119. John Wong says:

      To be truthful the Charice video was done in 2009. Charice was crying because Vancouver was the last of a 10 city tour. She had grown close to the other members of David Foster’s entourage and was sad at the parting. 

      As far as the glee version is concerned it is hard to judge because they autotune everything you hear.


    120. V.V says:

      Winner of Finnish Idol 2012 sing “I will always love you” in the final


    121. Susan says:

      I will tell you who did it best Kurt(Chris)
      then Amber(Mercedes)
      Charice yells her songs

    122. Addie says:

       Charice has the soul and the voice perfect for this song. Gives me goosebumps when she sings and nails it. Perfect.

    123. Hank0425 says:

      When Charice cried everybody was like Awww……..
      Don’t cry
      She was such a sweet girl

    124. Hank0425 says:

      And I think Charice’s ending of the song isn’t she trying to showoff
      It’s because she was crying while she sing,so at the end she struggled to finish the song

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